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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Agate
Agate - variously zonal variety of chalcedony with a pronounced striped and textured. The hardness of 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale, density 2.6 g/cm3. Layered structure, alternate transparent, translucent and opaque wavy stripes of different colors.

Agate - one of the first gems that became known to man. A role in this was played by its prevalence: agates are quite common and are mined in various parts of the world, from Russia to Australia. Agates are not always hidden under the ground: a lot of surface placers, for example, one can still find agates in the Crimea. Thus large agate - a rarity: one of the largest in the history of the agate craft a dish with a diameter of 75 cm, made in Trier in the IV. BC and is now stored in the Museum of Art History in Vienna. A first reliable historical information about agates come to us from the ancient world - the rock in the second millennium BC, was the most popular material for jewelry, cameos, intaglios, interior decorations and small vessels. Special art processing agate reached the ancient Greeks and Romans - then run a glyptic, body carving and agate carved medallions depicting individuals or entire figures of gods, heroes and prominent citizens. Ancient masters loved agate for its layering: light layers used for the face, colored - for clothes, dark - for the hair. The Romans came to the stone-cutting business with the invention, for example, slightly colored agates they Pliny the Elder boiled in honey for seven days in order to give the stone purity and brightness. Besides, agate was dedicated to the goddess Pomona gardening - planting plants, buried near the small agate balls. Agate eyes of the statues of the gods were to scare away the dark forces. In ancient China, made of brown agate amulets in the form of cicadas, which were put into the language of the dead, in the belief that the stone is not only resurrect a dead man, and make him like the chirp of cicadas. In ancient Egypt, agate mascots seen as the protector against lightning strikes. Agate and attributed mystical properties to quench thirst in the old travelers who had to cross the desert, they took with them agate plate and began to suck them when started thirsty.

In the Middle Ages agate was popular decoration: I think that it makes one smarter, nicer and more visible in the community, especially as agate seen as the protector of all kinds of poisons, including a snake - for that purpose, ground into a powder and used as a Wash from snake and scorpion bites. Agate in Russia not only used for beads and jewelry, but also for the manufacture of ceremonial and charok Stavtsev. A new wave of popularity brought agate Renaissance, when in vogue ancient motifs: beautiful women again began wearing carved agate cameos and brooches. Thus he considered agate from Italian masters talisman-giving success in the applied arts. Catherine II collecting antique cameos, and in her era collection Hermitage received placers agate and chalcedony products. Actively used Agate Florentine mosaics that decorate the table tops and furniture. Very fond of agate for a variety of shades famous jeweler Faberge, who was making a sculpture out of it, printing, bottles, small fancy details - buckles, pens, umbrellas, buttons ... Today Agate - still one of the most commonly used in jewelry stone used to manufacture not only necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants, but also mosaics, small sculpture, jewelry boxes, powder boxes, stands.

Agate - one of the most diverse number of colors of the stone. The only thing that unites the various agates - it is always a clear and patterned bedding while if onyx, agate, which is often confused, strip lines, then they are asymmetric and agate volnistye.Kolichestvo layers agate huge: in the area of ​​area of ​​1 cm may be present 7000 layers! That is what makes this interesting agatam heterogeneous color, the more that different bands and shine in different ways. As a rule, most agates, there are two or more types of bands similar tones. Very interesting neyasnorisunchatye tube agate that before treatment is a cylindrical crystal, laid layers of different colors from dark to lighter ambient interior, in the middle is also a pass-through "pipe", whose walls can porasti crystals of quartz or chalcedony. They are rare and are usually sold in its raw form, as geodes. A cell neyasnorisunchaty agate - a beautiful blue-gray stone with dark trim, also located in the middle of a blue-gray chalcedony inclusions in the form of "hundreds." Concentrically banded agate, in which the layers are arranged in concentric circles, are stacked white, red-orange, black and gray, with gray stripes. Are particularly unusual bastion agate, in which different image angular shape resembling a bastion, and moire agate pale color, the middle of which is composed of light-colored quartz and chalcedony fibers to the periphery like a twisted, as moire fabric. Belt agates - stones that alternate strips parallel to each other, such stones are pink, pale yellow, gray and blue hues. It is mottled agatam ruins - this blue-gray translucent stone like frozen red, white, yellow, green and gray rock fragments. In the cloud layers and agate bands like overlap and blur, creating a gentle "cloud" pattern. Dendritic or moss agate - a translucent, with inclusions of manganese oxide or iron, reminiscent of moss, the branches of plants, algae in water kolyshaschiesya it is called "the flower agate." In zvezdachatom or frost on a white agate chalcedony swirl background "stars." The eye agate, which is called "owl eye" forms with the help of colored concentric layers of similarity eyes. In rainbow agate great many layers (up to several thousand to 1 mm), which, when the sun raying give iridescent sheen. But the most beautiful - landscape agate, in which a variety of different colors, layers and inclusions that form a bizarre and often very "realistic" paintings: what remains of the castle, the forest pond, the mountain ... These stones are used for jewelry, and often insert in the frame, like a picture. Russian Urals famous another unusual variety of agate - Shaitansky perelivtom, which was not formed of chalcedony, quartz and fine-grain and multi-colored stripes is frozen in a complex pattern, like a rainbow - red, blue, yellow, white, brown, green, crimson, if vzvihrivshiesya verdant Shaitansky dance of colors ...

Medicinal properties of agate are varied, however, than his species. In this case, it is necessary to wear agate closer to the affected organs, if sore throat or naughty thyroid, help of agate beads, with toothache and headache - in earrings. Agate ring with the ring finger of his left hand normalizes heart function, on the middle finger of his right hand - soothes, treats insomnia, relieves hysteria and fear. Agate bracelet is useful in diseases of the skeletal system - gout, arthritis and rheumatism. Agate brooch saves from lung disease and asthma. It is believed that green agate improves vision bears, and red - improves blood. Even in ancient times in Georgia believe that if agate grind and dissolve in water, and then wash the wound or insect bites, then they will recover quickly - in recent years, scientists have confirmed that the water infused with an agate powder or simply agate really cleared and becomes healing properties. Depending on the color of agates impact on any Chakra.

The ancient Greeks believed agate "muses peculiar" stone: he gives oratorical talent and makes the wearer charming and compelling storyteller. Besides, agate protects against envy and slander, reduces irritability. He is especially good for men who brings success with the opposite sex and enhances libido and sexuality. Moss Agate - the mascot of gardeners and farmers, he brings a rich harvest contributes to the successful management of the economy, help has been breeding cattle. Stone can be as wear a while working with the earth, and set in a garden shed or to hang on the tree branches. Agate has long been considered a protective amulet, it is especially good for children - here helps gray, white or yellow ribbon agate. Black agate more powerful defender, but it can be used by adults only, because it can cause depression and melancholy. Yellowish-brown agate brings success in any new business, it is a talisman of wealth and blagopoluchiya.Krome of money attracts also moss agate, which among other things gives new friends. Agate businessmen advised to wear in a moment of hesitation - the stone will tell what is the cause and the best to do, and what action to take. Agate blue hues return to the family of peace and tranquility and good fortune. Red agate affect the scope of feelings - contribute to the birth of a new love, strengthen relationships, increase attractiveness. Astrologically agate most suitable earth sign - Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. Blonde agates can be worn as Gemini, Cancer and Libra. But Sagittarius and Aries agate is better not to wear - it overexcited them, making nervous and fussy.
Since Agatha entered the life of man in ancient times, the origin of the name of the stone, as is often the case, is difficult to define. Many assume that it comes from the ancient name of the river Dirillo in Sicily - "Ahates." But others say that the word "agate" came from the Greek word "agates," which means "happy." And looking at this striped colored stone, so different and yet united in its diversity, do come strange associations - it is no wonder people are saying that our life is made up of light and dark bands. And this is, perhaps, its charm - in fact imagine agate from which removed all the black stripes: it will be totally different, featureless and pale stone. And if something does not sparkling iridescent shine of happiness - then we just have to look at things from a different angle, to find the layers of feelings and events that the strip itself, so that your actions have been cut for centuries - or, perhaps, carved by hand Heavenly Master on the quaint "stone of happiness."
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