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Guardian Stones


Natural stone (mineral) has a complex energy structure, which when it comes to wearing Bioresonance to energy in our body, acting on the mind, body and aura. Such knowledge could boast ancient priests. On their knowledge of today is based astromineralogiya all - area of ​​esoteric knowledge about the properties of minerals, their relationships and the impact on people. Of course, only pure natural minerals get into the circle of attention astromineralogii. Do not wear artificial and synthetic gemstones, as they do not have the necessary energy and can not be compared with the world-patrons.

In contrast to the knowledge of the ancient priests of our modern ideas about the world widened understanding of the possible direct effects on bio-informatics material objects and their ability to remember and store information transmitted mentally (by thinking) as well as the ability to direct the flow of energy. Minerals best results store bioinformatics impact. Because of this, under the influence of directed flows of intellectual activity and energy of the human aura charms of stone are beautiful charms against the evil eye, damage, curses, omens. Warding can impede attempts to break bioenergetic protection (aura) from outside and write negative information on a subconscious level.

Stones like lightning rod to protect us from lightning protect workers from adverse environmental effects, taking the hit. Stones-keepers guarding its wearer from bad influences, protect against disasters, diseases, evil eye, evil spells, etc. Stone gives its owner the confidence by acting on the subconscious, giving a minimum of psychological protection. If before the stone was considered more than a talisman amulet, today the stone is seen not just an amulet or talisman, but also a powerful amulet of trouble, misery and magic. As an amulet - a stone gives strength to its owner, as a talisman - reassuring and positive charges, as guardian - protects against all evil.

The best mascots are stones, donated or inherited in families, of course, if they were not linked any tragic story. The stone, purchased at a store or a jewelry salon, need time (sometimes several years) until the stone is "akin" to the owner. Stolen stones, considered ancient, can never be mascots, they are more likely to exhibit negative characteristics.

Tarnished Stone - a sign that he was "tired." Place the stone in a few days to clean water and let it rest and gain strength. Some stones can even change colors in response to the physical and spiritual condition of the owner, to be provided from outside the negative impact. Stones - is also living matter, life flowing with its own laws, slowly and quietly. If the stone began to form dark blotches or is dimmed, it is best not to wear it more, and not be considered a talisman.

Mineral kingdom, as well as all the world, has some connection with the cosmos and each mineral can be compared to a match, one or more planets, patronizing people with a particular sign of the Zodiac. This unique horoscope. That's why we can talk about the astrological compatibility of man and of the mineral. The most favorable stones are those that are associated with favorable (good) planets in the horoscope: Jupiter (good fortune), Venus (small fortune) and the Sun (in the European astrology, as in the South, where its influence is redundant since it is not good identified), stones, also associated with the "evil" of the planet, should be avoided: Saturn (very unfortunate), Mars (small misfortune), Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Mercury and the Moon - neutral in its effect, that is, if they take on the good side of the planet, they are good, if the evil - the evil.

Mascots traditionally tried to distribute to all the twelve signs of the zodiac. But precious and semi-precious stones much more than twelve. Therefore, neither in the past nor in the present, among astrologers no consensus on the distribution of rocks according to the zodiac. Also, in ancient times there was a system of esoteric knowledge (for example, in Egypt, and India), available only to the priests, the initiates and magicians.

At the moment, along with the traditional (ancient Egyptian) distribution of stones according to the zodiac there is a distribution, adopted by the International Association of jewelers trust that or not - is a private matter.

Astrological compatibility of people and stones

  • Sign distribution Ancient Egyptian traditional view current view
  • Aries chalcedony diamond, sapphire, ruby, turquoise
  • Taurus sapphire emerald agate
  • Gemini ruby ​​agate rhinestone
  • Cancer hyacinth ruby, emerald, carnelian
  • Leo diamond sardonyx sardonyx
  • Virgo Peridot amethyst jasper
  • Libra aquamarine beryl, opal, amethyst
  • Scorpio Beryl Topaz Topaz
  • Sagittarius Chrysoprase Chrysoprase, sapphire, turquoise, turquoise
  • Capricorn carnelian onyx hyacinth
  • Aquarius Topaz Amethyst Chrysoprase
  • Fish aquamarine aquamarine emerald, pearls
The choice of stone talisman to do slowly. It is extremely important to eliminate various defects, such as cracks, black spots or blotches, turbidity. Note the rim of the stone: minerals interact well with the noble metals. But some of the stones show their valuable property is in a frame of silver, the other - from gold. The frame has a closed shape, like limiting the influence of stone only by its owner. Also can serve as a signaling device mounting negative impact when, for instance, a stone falls out of the frame.

It is believed that the charms of the minerals is better to give than to buy, especially shown to give diamonds. The reason for this is that all of the minerals are very sensitive to all the human senses, including to the test before buying greed. Not many are willing to easily part with a considerable sum of money in exchange for a small piece of stone. In response, the stone can "offend" and find mutual understanding with the owner. Therefore it is better to stone was given as a gift, because then the owner will experience positive emotions and cheering gift. And who is not nice when you admire? But if you decide to buy, try to pre-prepare yourself mentally for this, think about what you are buying a product that even undervalued. Over time you will see that the purchase was successful. Often recommend buying charms of stones at once, and the next day after you have carefully examined it, touched not emphasizing the price. This period of time will understand the feelings and emotions makes you rock.

You can give charms purchased recently and talismans that are passed on from generation to generation, the main thing that he and I were related only positive memories, his story should not have a negative trace. The longer history of wins, the more strongly positive effect on the mascot of the owner. Mascots, passed on from generation to generation, becoming relics.

Before you decorate yourself talisman stone necessarily neutralize all the information on it is, unless it is a family heirloom. To do this is quite simple: it is necessary to hold the stone under cold running water. The stone from which you first owner will be sufficient. But in other cases, you may need help and psychic, to remove the accumulated negative and zero information about the previous owner. Without this stone is not able to properly tune for you. This can be understood by the appearance of characteristic features: a bad dream, the discomfort of wearing the mascot of stone falling from the rim. In extreme cases, perhaps even self-destructive energy structure of the stone.

Carefully inspect the stone and in the period of his service for your good. If you notice cracks or cloudiness, it means that your quarterback is no longer able to effectively counteract the negative and probably absorbed a lot of "bad" information and energy from which you want to get rid of. This will help the water or take the mascot was joined by a good service to places of natural forces (forest, grove, park, river, sea, etc.) and leave it there. Nature can eventually neutralize any negative. But in the case of destruction of the most energy structures of stone, it loses its effect in whole or in part.

For all its diversity, and precious and semi-precious stones (gems) must have some benefit to the person or property of a set of properties. At the same time, we can not say that they are acting only as an additional source of strength. Add or strengthen a positive impact on anything in stone can damage certain qualities inherent in the individual. This is not always a drawback, and given the right stone talisman can adjust the nature of man, his health, way of thinking, that is, have an impact on the fate of the whole. It is noticed that the harder the stone, the more he contraindications.

The stones act as a certain bioinformatic transformer capable of transforming one biopotoki to others. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, a person may try to strike a balance between them, or to reach an even greater imbalance. Using stones mascots can become less strong in one or more strong in another. Not knowing the properties of stones and can cause harm instead of good, adding, for example, power to where it is already enough for the weakness, which will become even more pronounced.

Still more complicated and the fact that the stone can be used and biopotoki people that communicates its owner. Thus he is able to influence the events that occur as a result of human actions. Therefore it is desirable to know the signs of the zodiac and the people with whom you communicate to avoid being hurt them, because it is likely that some of them your talisman may adversely effect. Skillfully using the power of stones can benefit from any situation, emerging victorious in seemingly hopeless cases.

Generally, it is not recommended to wear the stones with them or myself. As soon as the feeling that there was some expected correction, the stone can be postponed for a while in a secluded place, so as not to cause harm to themselves any further intensification of quality and cutting others. But once again feel the imbalance, the stone will again be ready to help. It is no coincidence stones are usually used in the form of jewelry: necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, etc. - It allows you to motivate people to change periodically Stones (Jewelry) and do not wear them all the time.

Interesting, but minerals can not influence each other. This property allows them to retain their identity in any conditions. There are those stones which should be used in conjunction with any other, as able to neutralize the negative properties of rocks, in this respect interesting stone plasma. Taking advantage of by several minerals, carefully review their properties, so that the stones do not conflict with each other. This requires a deep knowledge of astromineralogii if you do not have those, limit the use of only one stone at a time. Signal that the stone does not suit you can serve as a fall out of the frame, beads may crumble.

Astromineralogiya is a science, it's not officially recognized, and how to recognize officially that allows you to actually influence events. All the impact of technology on people's carefully hidden and protected by the state. And perhaps rightly so, if anyone, so anyone. Resist the temptation of the State to manage people invisible and does not feel the way? Hardly. All esoteric knowledge tend not to be available to a wide range of people, and the minerals we do not know what people know dedicated to the mystery of magic stones.

Why stones attempt to match with any sign of the Zodiac? This is not surprising: people have found that a person's character, his susceptibility to disease, his sense of the world and in this world, are based on the date of birth of the astrological influence of the cosmos. Zodiac can tell a lot about a person, including its strengths and weaknesses. And if a person wants to change, it will be able to do it with stones. Stones attributed to a particular zodiac sign from the point of view that allows us to consider a stone as a tool to restore the harmony of man and the cosmos.

Can not categorically state that this man can not be selected in such a talisman stone. It all depends on whether he wants to change a man. It often happens that under the influence of the negative qualities of a person change so that the stone was assigned to the Zodiac is no longer able to help, but it would seem from absolutely incompatible stone comes salvation.

Some of the stones do not associate with any of the signs of the Zodiac. Their properties are useful in cases of correction qualities, are not characteristic of his zodiac sign. These stones can be called complementary, but their number is quite large. So, among the stones you can always find one that will definitely help in certain situations, with certain conditions.

Not all stones can become talismans against the evil eye, damage, curse, of course, if only you did not make a mascot charm. The stone, others are better able to protect from negativity are the following:

  • agate
  • diamond
  • almandine
  • emerald
  • coral
  • jade
  • carnelian
  • tiger's eye
  • chrysoprase

Naturally, one can not say that the stone is guaranteed to neutralize any negative forces. It happens that even the stones can not withstand impact and not crack, and sometimes just fly apart. Do not be lazy to check frequently a talisman and a positive impact on him. Stone many times increases the level of security of the person from the evil eye, damage, curse, but can not remove damage or a curse. If the defense was breached, it will record harmful information on the aura of human life and change the code. In this case, unfortunately, the stone is not able to help and will have a destructive effect taking place. To remove damage or break the curse will need mental effect, which may have only a man - a psychic. Whammy is not as dangerous as it does not change the standard code and generally stones can help get rid of it.
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