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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Almandine
Almandine - cherry-red with a purple hue variety of the mineral garnet. Hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, density 4.3 g/cm3, transparent, shiny glass. Other names: carbuncle grenlandin, Adelaide ruby, garnet Ceylon, Siberian grenades noble Vinica, Bechet, anthrax, bidzhazi, karfukelshteyn.

Was common on the origin of these rocks is a legend: that lives by the sea viper women-snake, and instead of her eyes - like a luminous star of the huge blood-red carbuncle on his forehead. Swimming, it leaves a stone on the beach, and the brave that he could sneak up and take away gem, gain power over the demoness, which opened to him the secrets of treasures stored underground. But how many heroes may try to steal the emerald - all failed because the viper always overtake the thief, how fast he ran.

Of course, this is fiction, but there is a fairy tale and a little hint of emerald, as in the old days was called almandine, really been the subject of desire, and get (ie buy) them from the eastern merchants was not easy, so accessible quality pomegranates were a rich and noble : boyars, princes, the higher clergy. Wore them in high gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings adorn almandine "Crown of Kazan," the crown of Ivan the Terrible, and the king's barmy-Mantle, and weapons - shields, helmets, quivers and hats princesses and queens. Often used red pomegranates in incrustations salaries and Gospel icons, crosses, chalices, monstrance and other religious attributes of the largest Russian cathedrals.

The "second wave" of almandine started when in the XVIII century stone deposits were found on the territory of the Russian Empire - along with other precious stones II order, on demand going right after the rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, almandine were actively used in fashionable jewelry - pin up to dresses semiprecious "bouquet", brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants and medallions, diadems, and also in the manufacture of snuff popular then, on top of which spread a "mosaic" or "pictures" of various minerals. It should be noted that in Europe at the same time, red garnets are also in great demand, but for the most part they were pyrope mined in the Czech Republic and Germany - they are kin to almandines, but the last are the most valuable of garnet red scales due to its high hardness, resistance and a beautiful shades of purple, brown and red raspberry-cherry. However, there was a place and almandine in the trunks of European fashionistas - decorating them dressed normally at carnivals and costume balls, and is sometimes called the "rock masquerade", considering that the almandine uplifting and promotes ease of communication, the happiness and activity.

"Third Breath" almandine in Russia - this is the era of modernity and times of Faberge, which is returning to the roots of the Russian jewelry art has used the stones from the "raspberry" and "cherry" glow - tourmalines, rubies, almandine - very often, especially in the subject of a cult : pectoral crosses, Panagia, icons, images, triptych. At the same time made of almandine and secular decorations in the form of flowers, leaves, stars and other "naturalistic" motives. Bracelets, brooches, pendants and earrings were made in a special way when the frame is almost invisible to the eye and faceted gems are gleaming solid "ribbon" - a tack was typical in the late XIX century, it is for the garnets, which are sometimes combined with white pearls.

Of course, almandine were known in other countries - they came from Asia Minor, from a place called Alabanda were popular in ancient Greece and Rome, where women are not neglected solid gold necklaces with inserts of the cherry stones, which are beautifully combined with bright yellow gold and green beryl. Many hats, studded red garnet, found in the burial mounds of the Scythians. However, it seems more like almandine always been here in Russia - here appreciated his thick, "delicious" color, reminiscent of cherries ripening in gardens, the sun nalivshihsya berries ripe raspberries. Today almandines again returning to the market, but are relatively rare use them mainly for inserts into rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, faceted or cabochon or faceted cut - and recover traditionally, in yellow gold. By the way, is often difficult to distinguish from almandine ruby ​​on the eye, so in the past century by unscrupulous jewelers often secretly replaced one stone on another, because the buyer could not see the slightest difference, which, in fact, is only slightly lower hardness.

Almandine well as physician to the reproductive system, impotence, frigidity and infertility, increased libido. It enhances blood circulation and stabilize the cardiovascular system, improves the complexion. It is believed that almandine speeds healing, so the effect on the regeneration of tissues and organs - his well-worn after surgery. In addition, almandine evens metabolism and metabolism, strengthens the immune system and is a good addition to drugs in pediatric infectious diseases. It is believed that this stone can be useful even in paralysis or loss of memory.
Energy almandine associated with the element of fire - so it has long been attributed to its ability to bring joy, to bring the passion and attraction to the opposite sex, to increase virility. This mascot who wants to turn his life into a continuous feast - almandine not give you miss, run melancholy, loyal friends and bring happiness in his personal life, shield them from betrayals and failures, give a sincere disposition of surrounding light and view of the world. Almandine is not suitable misanthrope, philosophers and overly serious person - it is a stone of entertainment that does not tolerate boredom and depression. But his master, he will inspire violent activities, give inspiration and enterprise at once - it will be a wonderful amulet for risk and active business for the representatives of creative professions, who dream to combine the high material and material benefit. Almandine - stone, grants wishes and gives success in their chosen path. Almandine woman will safely carry and give birth to a child, multiply the vital energy. By the way, it is useful to travelers almandine, which protects against surprises and challenges along the way, making the trip enjoyable and exciting. By the way, do not combine it in one ornament with green grenades - uvarovite, grossular, demantoid, or they mutually "neutralize" each other. Wearing a ring with almandine best on the ring finger. Astrologically almandine suitable Aries, Leos, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.
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