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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Amazonite
Amazonite - mineral of the feldspar group, a variety of microcline. The hardness of 5.0-5.5 on the Mohs scale, density 2.5-2.6 g/cm3, shiny glass. Other names - Amazon stone, Amazon spar, Colorado jade.

In fact, it is not known whether amazonite thus mascot ancient Amazons. However, in the excavation of ancient burial mounds from the Urals to the Don, where according to legend lived women warriors often find dark with time amazonite jewelry. And some scientists believe that the roots of the name of the stone are here - because no real connection with the river Amazon in South America, whose name allegedly called amazonite, does not exist, as there are no deposits of amazonite directly in the Amazon, so that the origins of this name is not very clear. The American Indians living in this area, often wear amulets with amazonite! Find out the true history of this stone archaeologists have yet to be - but now we know that amazonite was one of the favorite stones in ancient Egypt, where the blue and green minerals are especially honored. Rings and beads set in silver amazonite found in the tomb of Tutankhamen - and quarried stone here, on the territory of modern Egypt and Ethiopia, found the remains of the ancient mines. Love was amazonite and the Middle East - for example, in Mongolia, a blue stone was a symbol of a strong family and sincere friendship.

In Russia, amazonite became widely known since the 18th century, when in the Ural Mountains Ilmeny amazonite open field - he immediately became a popular ornamental material, especially since the Russian stone-cutting factory then actively started the production of large and small items, such as vases, bowls , ashtrays, candlesticks, lamps and table tops. Amazonite, as solid and beautiful mineral, also not ignored - now in the Hermitage of St. Petersburg houses many fine products amazonite 18-19 cc., Including tops, inlaid Florentine mosaic with amazonite inserts. Amazonite "participate" in the creation of a giant map of the USSR in 1937, made entirely of precious stones in the Florentine mosaic technique. Today, this stone - a fairly popular, though not until the end of the estimated material for inserts into jewelry, as well as for the manufacture of small furniture items - jewelry boxes, bowls, statues, inlays, mosaic paintings, ashtrays.
The color of amazonite extraordinary - bright and clean, reminiscent of the warm waters of the Black Sea in the small coastal bays, where the water so calm, clear, deep-blue, it seems the glass by the way, in the Crimea, according to legend, was one of the cities of the Amazon ... It is not green and blue, and it's not a traditional "aqua", but something in between, violent, fresh, cleansing as a sight and soul. In this case, on a greenish-blue background grow from the stones white veins, forming intricate pattern.

Amazonite energy is very strong - it reveals the hidden reserves in the body, stimulates cell regeneration, promotes longevity and effectively cleans all kinds of toxins, harmonizes the endocrine and excretory systems, increases the overall immunity. Amazonite is good for the nervous, insecure people - it relieves stress, clears complexes, brings optimism and learns to enjoy life. Massage with amazonite recommended for blood clots and varicose veins. Helps amazonite and bone disease - arthritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis. Beads of amazonite traditionally worn by women to maintain youth and beauty - it cleanses the skin, leaving it smooth and healthy, and supports the teeth and hair. Believe amazonite can be useful in epilepsy and headaches.

The magical effect of amazonite is primarily related to the family hearth - a perfect assistant for a woman with a passion for family, husband and children. Stone can effectively run a household, does the woman responsible and far-sighted, strengthens and protects the relationship between husband and wife, to create a strong family ties. Especially good is the product of the work of amazonite, which decorates the house - so the influence of the stone will be extended to all the household. However, to deal with amazonite should carefully - not every owner he complied and will help. This mineral has a bright enough "character", and those whom he does not fancy, amazonite can make lazy, gradually showing all hidden defects in man - which is why it is better not to wear constantly amazonite myself. If to you amazonite supportive, wear amazonite on the wrist or around the neck, in the form of bracelets, pendants, necklaces, necklaces. Astrologically amazonite fits most Taurus, Scorpio and cancers, some sources believe that it is useful as Virgo and Aries, Sagittarius is amazonite can definitely hurt.

Interestingly, the rock, whose origins can be theoretically related to the ancient people of the Amazon, in its influence over the entire show a very different type of woman - calm, gentle and affectionate, living in peace and quiet and prefer the joys of battles and conquests hearth, which Amazon does not had at all. Perhaps the main wisdom woman - to be always different and flexible, today - a wife and mother, tomorrow - a warrior, fighting for what it is expensive. And it is not a sin to resort to using a bright blue-green stone, which surprisingly is able to guess the secret of eternity - the secret of a woman's soul.

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