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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Aquamarine
Aquamarine - transparent variety of beryl, color is due to the presence of traces of iron (Fe). The hardness of 6.5-8 on the Mohs scale, density 2,61-2,67 g/cm3, glitter glass. Dark blue, light blue, light blue, blue-green, blue-green.

Many years later, in the XVII century. AD stone this was the final name - the words «aqua marina» became aquamarine color of the mineral recalls clear lagoons of the Southern Seas, where the water is clear and bright, though there are stones darker and dull, as if a storm surge. Aquamarine is known since the days of ancient Rome and ancient Greece, where he was considered a talisman of the god of the ocean Poseidon (Neptune) have survived carved images of emperors, gods and mythical monsters on a blue-green aquamarine gems. In the ancient world of aquamarine, like other varieties of beryl, even cut lenses for those who can not see the course was made of this stone and jewelry, and encrustation. Aquamarines are different in that you can often get quite large and elongated crystal - the world's largest aquamarine was found in Brazil in the XX-th century, and weighed over 100 pounds! From a single piece of aquamarine, both ends framed in gold, it was the scepter of the Polish king Stanislaw stored in the Kremlin Armory Museum, and in 1867, in Paris, sold bust of Napoleon III from a single aquamarine weighing 6 lbs. One of the most famous aquamarine, weighing approximately 920 carats (182 g) adorns the crown of a British Empire. Aquamarines all the early Middle Ages were very popular in Europe, being familiar accents in royal regalia - they were in the magnificent "Hats Giselle" daughter of King of the Franks Charles III, and in the tiara of Pope Julius II.

Public opinion is aquamarine symbol of true love - in French legend, the most famous lovers medieval philosopher Abelard and his young student Eloise, who are separated puritanical society, before parting wearing identical rings with aquamarine, and later in the letters referred to them as "a reminder of happy days" . Another "appointment" was aquamarine help sailors - each captain or king pirate ship until the XIX century wore a ring with aquamarine, considering that it is the protection of his ship from storms and storms will arrive safely at your destination and bring, what would this team no trades , a good catch, pulling its owner patronage of the Master and Commander of Neptune.

Aquamarine today - one of the most popular gemstones, used mainly in the form of inserts in jewelry - earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, cuff links, etc., as well as to create an exclusive sculpture especially love the stone buyers and jewelers for being easy to work, often large defect-free absolutely transparent minerals that look like pieces of glass or frozen water. First aquamarines come from India, but now it is produced mostly in the Urals, Russia and Brazil, started development in Ukraine.

Aquamarine, like all gems blue shades, a beneficial effect on the state of the eyes - treats eye diseases, reduces inflammation, helps with astigmatism, reduces pressure in glaucoma, improves vision useful to look into the crystal of aquamarine in the evenings to support the tired after work eye and calm the nerves. Cool blue stone like "cool" with a cold sore throat, when wearing it around your neck helps to fight various infections larynx, mouth, gums and teeth. Closely related to the influence of the water element, aquamarine establishes exchange body fluids, fluid and electrolyte balance, swelling, successfully challenge violations of urination. In addition, its high impact on important internal organs - it improves the condition of the thyroid gland, spleen, kidneys and liver.

Aquamarine - the true stone of love and flirtation it helps to become more active and articulate in communicating with the opposite sex, promotes new beginning "right" relationship, and then for cleanliness, honesty, mutual affection and fidelity - especially it work if you give aquamarine jewelry your beloved one. In addition, aquamarine - and even stone of true friendship, the lonely people it will help to expand social circle and find good friends, keep free from treachery and deceit. Aquamarine is especially useful for students - it makes people more industrious and lively, promotes a surge of creative inspiration, sharpens the mind, and the challenges are "transparent" to understand.

Best aquamarine "action" if you wear it in the ring on the little finger, forefinger and ring finger, and on the neck and chest, pendants, necklace or necklace. Properties of stone are more severe if it is framed in silver, but this gem is also unique, combined with virtually all metals. Energy corresponds to this gem chest and the throat chakra, Anahata Vishuddha. Astrologically pale blue aquamarine is suitable for all water sign, darker aqua - Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra, the October and January Aquarius. All the other signs of the Zodiac stone should not be worn at all times, and take a break for a few days, it is contraindicated in Aries and Leos.
Some properties of aquamarine simply defy logical explanation - the stone changes color when the weather or depending on the mood of the owner, like sea water. If the window or in your soul is raging hurricane, aquamarine become more green, as if the waves wash away the surface of the algae in the storm. If the court of rain and sleet, or against you trudge intrigues, or the heart is sad - stone turbid, as water, Troubled tropical downpour. However, aquamarine - not just indifferent to you "barometer" of the mood: like the beautiful sea, this stone can wash away melancholy and sadness, calm the dull pain of separation or loss. Jewelery with aquamarines can be worn in the most glorious sunny moments, and poignant moments of experience, so he dissolved the burden and help you to go to a new voyage to the far horizon, and yet unexplored shores.
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