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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Aventurine
Aventurine - rock, a kind of fine-grained quartz. The hardness of 6.0-7.0 on the Mohs scale, 2-2.6 g/cm3 density, luster glass. Other names: zlatoiskr, Taganay, Iskra-ists, Belorechye, jade Indian, sandastros, fuchsia.
The very appearance of aventurine conjures up thoughts of the supernatural fire: in the depths of translucent stone, which is usually red or yellow color, and very rarely green or blue, posverkivayut tiny multicolored sparks, whose mysterious shimmer seems too perfect to be natural effect. Aventurine has been known since ancient times - it was known in Egypt and in ancient India, where it is considered a talisman magicians and snake charmers. Indian traders and aventurine brought to Europe in the Middle Ages, where he became the material for jewelry and crafts. Aventurine deposit were found in the Urals, and then the stone became popular among stonecutters: the most beautiful samples were used for women's jewelry, made of aventurine and decor items such as candle holders, pens, cutlery, vases, seals, and sculpture. The Hermitage has a unique vase of light aventurine height of 146 cm and a width of 246 cm and aventurine countertop same vase height of 125 cm is in Pavlovsk, and another big aventurine vase on a stand of gray porphyry Emperor Nicholas I presented the British aristocrat Sir Murchison, who bequeathed its geological museum in London, where it is exposed to this day.

The origin of the word "aventurine" is very significant: it derives from the Italian word «a ventura», which means "in case", and appeared in the 18th century, when Italian glassmakers accidentally created a sort of glass, looks no different from the stone, named it "Goldstone", and by analogy renamed and known stone. Glass is made of a transparent mass with golden inclusions of copper filings, and are in fact not a new invention: the Goldstone glass were able to do in ancient Egypt, but their secret for many centuries has been lost. Goldstone distinguish itself aventurine glass is not easy - they are identical to each other, the difference may be only in the fact that in excess of aventurine glass sparkling elements. Goldstone glass today - expensive and prestigious material that is used for the manufacture of interior finishing materials and is particularly popular aventurine mosaic, which is offered by many well-known Italian brands. Oddly enough, in fact, in many cases, aventurine is cheaper than its synthetic counterpart, and is used mainly for the beautiful and affordable jewelry - necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets.

Aventurine is known as a remedy for skin diseases. It is useful for rashes, eczema, alopecia, allergic skin reactions, improves skin and reduces warts - this should be a stone massage the affected area or wearing aventurine mascot on the affected body part. Or necklace beads of aventurine will help with bronchitis and colds. Bracelet, ring or pendant of aventurine and improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, treats diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, aventurine harmonizes metabolism, soothes, heals nervous and eating disorders - it is especially good for the above problems by using massage balls of aventurine.

Energy impact of aventurine is primarily due to its name. Named after him - a real favorite of Fortune, the stone shows athletes, professional players, those who make the game on the Exchange, and other people whose work is related to the constant risk and uncertainty, who are acutely dependent on the vagaries of chance and do not count on a long gradual movement towards goal, and wants to get "all at once", a decisive shot. Aventurine is good for small and medium enterprises, especially in the beginning of the case, when the maximum degree of risk. Aventurine general should be people that do not have a great responsibility, who does not occupy high positions and has a mild temperament, he is perfect for young people and teenagers. Illustrates this very stone of artists - writers, poets, musicians, artists, designers - they bring it fruitful burst of inspiration. Called aventurine and "mediator in love" - ​​is that it will cause in your chosen one reciprocal feelings. In this long period of time should not be wearing aventurine, putting it only on the meeting or responsible in cases where assistance is most needed it, or self-confidence, which activates aventurine turn into carelessness and gullibility. Astrologically aventurine fits all the zodiac.

Good luck to catch the tail - this is not a momentary dream, but the eternal, because success is never permanent. The main thing is taught aventurine - a sunny optimism that always helps to keep a balance of black and white stripes of life. And, perhaps, a fresh, slightly childish view of the world will see the situation from a different angle, and finally found his long-awaited happiness, hiding among the monotony of everyday life, to suddenly blind us lighteneth sun gold aventurine spark.

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