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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Azurite
Azurite - water copper carbonate. Hardness of 4.0 on the Mohs scale, density of 3.5-4.0 g/cm3, perfect cleavage, fragile, shiny glass, diamond. Other names: shessilit, Copper Blue, Blue Mountains

It just so happened that azurite from ancient times the most actively used as paint - however, his fate was not unique to the Neolithic period, when, and that our beloved malachite also appreciated only as a green pigment. By the way, not everyone can be a mineral paint - it is his baby should also have bright color, while the blue turquoise or red rubies when grinding becomes whitish substance unfit for the artist. azurite went on all counts - it was soft enough, you can view it does not turn into a torment, and extremely rich in lush blue, from cobalt to sky-blue hues. Being a bit cheaper than the lapis lazuli, which also served as a popular color, azurite quickly gained considerable popularity - famous Egyptian murals depicting scenes from the life of gods and pharaohs, were based on azuritovyh and malachite pigments, as well as fading and the time the picture caused once on the walls and ceilings of the rich Roman villas. From Rome, the custom made from azurite paint went into the Byzantine culture, and then - in the ancient Russian icons and wall paintings, where the "stuffed cabbage" as they called azuritovy dye in Russia, was used more widely than any other blue mineral pigments.

It seems to blame was clean, though radiant shade of azurite, which prompted and Andrei Rublev perpetuate this stone in the world famous "Trinity." It is our duty azurite clear blue raincoat medium strokes of angels, however, in this work stuffed cabbage certainly dominates the other colors, combining them with a single idea. After Russian painters generally gave the blue spectrum - a symbol of spirituality and wisdom - a clear preference, and each icon until the XVII century, we see light "heavenly" tone. In Europe, azurite was also in demand in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance - we see it in the frescoes of Raphael and Michelangelo, the paintings of many other recognized painters. The word "azure" in France came to mean shades of blue, while the name "Azurite" consonant "lapis lazuli" and probably comes from the Persian "Lazard" - "blue".

Of course, azurite not turn solely to the original material for the ink - for he was too handsome. As malachite, lapis lazuli and hematite stone that healed "double life" - because natural pigments are used even today, such as to create the best and high quality icons, and simultaneously from azurite made jewelry - necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings . In its natural form azurite highly aesthetic - like lapis lazuli, he has a non-uniform color, woven streaks, spots and strands of white, blue, blue flowers, which sometimes creep into the emerald green malachite on and layers, such azurite called "azurmalahitom" and a large part of azuritovyh crafts. In ancient times, the product of azurite concerning matters of worship, for example, he used the charms of the Egyptian priests, and druids of Ireland sticks azurite worked magic. By the way, the balls and the crystals of this blue stone and now use occultists and mediums for meditation and changes in consciousness.

Litoterapevty indicate that azurite - a great tool for removing negative physical sensations: pain, itching, burning, it is enough to make a stone to where it hurts. Of course, this works well for minor ailments - abrasions, bruises, insect bites, irritation, with severe skin damage "azuritoterapiya" is a supplement to conventional treatment, accelerating the healing of bones and improve skin condition. azurite fights dysfunction and dysfunction of the nervous system - the melancholy, depression, hallucinations, epilepsy, hysteria, paranoia, fear, insomnia. It is useful for hormonal problems, hypertension. Like any "blue" stone, azurite relieves stress from the eyes and plays the role of prevention in reducing vision. Also, when wearing jewelry with azurite is "cleaning" the blood of toxins and consciousness - the unnecessary and painful emotions and stress.

Azurite - stone extending the boundaries of consciousness, it helps to overestimate their lives reveal undeveloped abilities and talents. If you are going through a difficult period in his life, full of anxiety and meaningless gestures, not knowing what to do next, wear jewelry with azurite - it will set you on the right way, calm, show your true thoughts and desires, that you yourself have decided that it is important to you personally. azurite makes a person more spiritual and fair, extinguishes irritability - not suitable for cheaters and liars and can contribute to their disclosure. Honest and objective people azurite help make the right decision, especially if they are representatives of such professions as a judge, lawyer, critic, investigator, prosecutor. People have long been used azurite to expand consciousness, to rethink their way of life, to open in new skills and opportunities. This stone can translate the thoughts and desires of the unconscious into consciousness so that he could really appreciate them, and to see how these ideas are important and useful for him. Azurite is useful to those involved in energy practices, divination and prophecy - it opens the "third eye", gives a look inward. It is best to wear on the wrist in azurite bracelet or necklace around the neck, necklace, pendant or a pendant. Astrologically azurite best suited Taurus, Libra and Sagittarius.
Sometimes azurite, as in the old days, just confused with his "brothers" lapis lazuli, considering only one of the varieties of the latter. Whereas azurite - completely independent mineral that has a much more vivid blue tone, also malachite and lapis lazuli divorces observed. Perhaps, therefore, in jewelry often use cheerful, colorful azurite, one look at that immediately raises the spirits. Let the distance covered azurite over the centuries, has been long and arduous, it is one of those minerals that - implicitly or explicitly - always with us, and it does not matter - in a gold ring, or on the old icon glows bright blue, filling the soul with joy and life - with new colors.
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