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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Beryl

Beryl - silicate of beryllium and aluminum, which has many kinds of different colors. Hardness - 6.5-8 on the Mohs scale, density 2,61-2,91 g/cm3, fragile, oily sheen, glass, clear plehroizm. Other names of the mineral and its varieties: emerald, emerald, aquamarine, morganite, Vorobyov, Heliodorus, Bixby, Goshen, Australian emerald Shfela, verilos, belir, chrysoberyl, alexandrite, tsimofan.

Examples of such "families", which are beryl, among transparent gems are not so many, but here beryls are radically different: if topaz or tourmaline ultimately differ only in color, wearing, as it were, a common "name" (blue tourmaline, yellow topaz), and proper names are used rarely and mainly by connoisseurs, then that beryl close to each other, on the contrary, is not easy to guess the usual jewelry connoisseur, because each has its own different from and often known name. Beryl - one of the few stones that have entered into human history from its very origins and accompany us on this long and thorny path, and, perhaps, there will be no age or country of beryllium in one form or another is not "participated" would . Gems and cameos from the ancient world to tiaras and crowns of European kings, from the pagan idols decorated with emeralds to Christian icons, treasures from loose Indian rajahs to luxurious necklaces and earrings jewelry modern haute couture - the pace of beryl was victorious on the ground from the start.

Strictly speaking, the actual Beryl jewelers usually called only light varieties on the other hand, the mineralogy is usually determined as a "group of beryl stones" of any type of such gems, leaving the individual names for blue and green stones. In the narrow sense of the term as beryl - the mineral light or dark bottle-green look easy, but we try to define - what "family members" Beryl deserve the most attention?

First of all, it is certainly Emerald - one of the most popular and most expensive stones are bright and deep green. In front of him could not resist nor Cleopatra, who wore two rings with emeralds and precious stones adorning these even door or Roman emperors, or the Great Mogul, the turban is a huge emerald adorned with the sacred text. Adored emeralds in medieval Europe, and the conqueror Cortez took out of the conquered America first placer unique emerald Peruvian Indians worshiped a giant emerald, like God, and the Holy Grail was allegedly set into emerald, has broken away from the crown of the fallen Lucifer. Emeralds, the most valuable of beryl, there are often more expensive than diamonds, and on the rarity of finding far outweigh their desire for him is so strong that they "forgive" even cracked and muddy, which in any other stone would serve as a sign of poor quality.

For the emerald should aquamarine, named by Pliny - he wrote that these blue-green beryl 'clean green reminiscent of sea water. " Despite the fact that aquamarine strictly speaking not a gemstone I order, its popularity has always been extremely high - along with an emerald, it was used for jewelry and amulets, as well as the crown jewels, for example, in the Armory kept the scepter of the Polish king Stanislaw solid piece of aquamarine, and another large, weighing under 200 grams, stone adorns the crown of a British Empire. In medieval times, sailors always put to sea aquamarine rings - this stone was considered a talisman for travelers "waterways" shall be protected from storms and shipwrecks. Another symbolic aquamarine - faithful lovers in Europe before it was decided to exchange rings or pendants with aquamarines before parting.

Heliodorus at first sight difficult to be attributed to "the usual" beryl - it is clear as a tear and pale golden, like streaming through the green foliage of a sunbeam. Originally called golden beryl gem, and only in the last century it got its name, which means "gift of the sun" - on the Greek legend of the sun god Helios, every day we go round the sky in his golden chariot. Heliodor are quite rare, and most recently in response to emerging fashion for unusual and maloupotrebimye stones used in jewelry has become de luxe.

The same can be said about Morgan or Vorobyovy - pale pink with lilac tint beryl, which has become a frequent visitor to the most expensive jewelry jewelry houses. It is even more valuable than Heliodorus, and loved by women for the wonderful, romantic color is interesting that in the ultraviolet morganite glows pale violet rays, which helps to distinguish it from imitations. Should remember that the pink beryl, and many stones of the same scale, has unstable color - fades in the bright sunlight.

Chrysoberyl - yellowish-green light stone, rarely found in nature. Green variety of chrysoberyl - Alexandria, named after the Russian Emperor Alexander II is a unique stone is a chameleon, daylight preserving green, and the artificial painted in purple and red colors, and former insanely popular in Tsarist Russia. In addition, the effect occurs chrysoberyl "cat's eyes", which in the form of granite cabochon - for example, in the collection of the famous collector of jewels English banker chrysoberyl Hope was about 4 cm in diameter, which flowed natural painting of the altar, topped with a torch.

The list does not end beryl - there are colorless beryl roster (goshenite), which is sometimes used to simulate an emerald or aquamarine, placing under a rock color foil red beryl Bixby extremely rare Maxis-beryl - deep-blue gem, but easily loses resistance colors ... And about the famous Beryl disputes do not cease just because in the chronicles in confusion with the notation: for example, it is still difficult to say whether her glass of Nero as a faceted lens emerald or aquamarine, the more that jewel was irretrievably lost in a shipwreck. However, the diversity reflected not only in the visual appeal of beryl - it is clearly seen on their energy properties: the stones are universal, as one family actually absorbed all the colors of the spectrum ...

The ancient sages called beryl panacea for all diseases, and pointed out that it is one of the few stones that can be worn or admire him constantly. And in order to heal the diseases of the internal organs, should be sent to the affected area light, passed through the crystal, beryl that color. Wearing beryl then a long and healthy life - Gem multiplies years of his master, at the same time providing a good physical condition.

Particularly powerful effect on the beryl variety of problems related to the nervous system, is removed from the depression, calm, positive effect on mental problems - in particular, you should pay attention to morganite and aquamarine and emerald will promote restful sleep and relieve of chronic fatigue syndrome. For violations of the cardiovascular system is "responsible" as morganite with emerald, which strengthens the heart muscle of the digestive organs and gall bladder - heliodor for intestines - alexandrite. Aquamarine also cures the common cold, for this purpose it is well worn around the neck in addition, aquamarine stone as the Water element swelling and any problems related to the water-salt balance. Emerald along with aquamarine - the perfect remedy for eye diseases and vision loss water, infused with emerald, bladder heals and stabilizes blood pressure. But heliodor increases blood pressure and metabolism, and improves potency.

Energy beryllium - a "key" to the fulfillment of all desires, bringing their owners happiness and tranquility, bestowing good luck, wealth and favor those in power. All beryls attract mutual love, making a person more attractive and sociable, and protect family home from lies and unfaithfulness. Heliodor and aquamarine help finding new contacts and friends, flirt and more active communication emerald shows those configured for long-term, serious relationship. Heliodor and Morganite also enhance self-confidence, and aquamarine and emerald is good to take to the road to prevent any surprises. Beryl - talismans of creative people who need to be recognized and inspiration in flight at the same time business beryl bring wealth and wisdom. Spiritually, beryl - conductors of energy higher powers, with such a stone man is cleaner and brighter, with him that "washes out" accumulated "dirt" and insults, beryl help understanding of reality and knowledge of the world. Of all the beryl alexandrite, as the most "distant" relative, has the most contraindications to wear: it only shows the strong spirit of the people, the leaders of the reception of the nervous system. But he, like aquamarine, responds to changes in the mood of its owner the most unusual way - changes color.

Astrologically beryl not contraindicated to anyone, but it is better to wear them according to the color separation: heliodor more suitable Leos and Geminis Morgan - Libra and Taurus Emerald - Virgos, Leos, Gemini, Taurus and Cancers aquamarine - Pisces, Cancers, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius , Libra, Gemini, chrysoberyl (alexandrite) - Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemini.

What is more important - the whole or a particle, a microcosm or macrocosm, a person or company, personal or objective? Do concentrate on details, or to consider the problem from all sides at once? These seemingly abstract and philosophical issues are particularly difficult to answer when each species so different from others, that the names of them - the Legion, and tie them together is not easy. But perhaps this will help us to another belief - that beryl draws its strength from the constellation of the Great Bear, and because they know all the secrets of the universe - from the time of the Garden of Eden to the present day. And beryllium, as a distinct, yet form a single constellation, where each "star" - in its place, as it should be, and perhaps to ensure they are given to us mortals - so we got a fraction, if not the universal wisdom, even stardust.
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