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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Cacholong

Cacholong - of porcelain opaque mixture of fine-grained chalcedony and common opal white. Other names: beautiful stone, Kalmyk agate, pearl agate, petrified milk sacred cows. The hardness of 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale, density 2.1 g/cm3. Glitter - pearl, glass.

Name of the stone comes from the Turkish word "Cage" (river) and "Ha" (stone). Cacholong was known in ancient Egypt, where he dedicated the bull-god Apis, who represented the forces of fertility, abundance, wealth and health. Did not escape the attention white opal and Romans, who used the stone to build vessels, sculptures, wall and female ornaments, the benefit of old stocks cacholong significantly superior today. Mongolia has identified cacholong with lotus - the most sacred flower of Buddhism, the symbol of purity and innocence. In Russia and Europe 18-19 cc. cacholong was a popular material for vases, cups, bas-reliefs, table sets and figurines, home decorating nobles. But the most prized cacholong long in the East. Thus, in the vast expanses of Central Asia from Kazakhstan to Turkey cacholong today revered as the stone of motherhood - that the union was prolific, the stone for the month newlyweds put to bed, and prepared from the powder potion cacholong with sheep fat to increase potency and enhance the libido of both spouses . Opal is mined mainly in Central Asia, as well as in Siberia, Baikal, Iceland and Armenia.

Secular cacholong range of use is very wide - from furniture and inlaid mosaics to create sculptures, decoration, and variety of women's jewelry. Stone lends itself perfectly jewelry processing, and milk-white or white-and-blue color with a slight pearlescent suited to any outfit and is appropriate in any situation, especially beautiful cacholong combined with gems deep bright colors - lapis lazuli, shungite, malachite, rhodonite, jasper dark beers . Cacholong should be protected from contact with cosmetics, it can not be cleaned with ultrasonic or steam treatment. For cleaning the milk opal used dry or damp soft cloth and soapy water is very useful from time to time to put a stone on a couple of hours to clean water or wipe with olive oil - it will protect it from the adverse effects of prolonged sun exposure.

Basic medical meaning cacholong - is every assistance expectant mother. Jewelry from him in the East give the bride before the wedding, and in order to get pregnant as soon as possible, it is recommended to drink spring water, infused Cacholong. It facilitates the pregnancy, promotes quick and easy delivery, helps to quickly recover just given birth and provides copious lactation in nursing mothers. In the last months of pregnancy litoterapevty advised to wear jewelry with white Cacholong or simply crystal stone in the pocket in the abdomen. Opal is useful for getting rid of female genital diseases or recurrent pain relief. Favorably affects white opal and the nervous system - it soothes, softens character, removes stress, drives away melancholy and to prevent hallucinations. Constant wearing jewelry with white Cacholong helps cleanse the body of toxins, and for the speedy recovery of the patient is placed in a stone headboard. Pale blue and white and yellow cacholong which are much less common than the white, help get rid of the gastro-intestinal diseases, and prolonged contemplation blue cacholong lowers intraocular pressure and visual acuity returns. Men cacholong deter excessive violence of hormones and sexual dysfunction, increases the potency, enhances fertility.

Cacholong - Talisman-assistant, who is happy and sad with his master, and whose influence extends only inside, directly on the character and energy of the owner. It is recommended for people whose employment is related to the management of the fate of others - politicians, doctors, teachers, lawyers, it will help them make the right decisions, make nice to others and protect against excessive egoism and selfishness. Especially useful cacholong doctors and healers - it helps to thoroughly understand the situation and to "feel" the slightest problems and inconsistencies in the patient. Has long been considered cacholong stone of love that can bring a woman heart desires men to finish the job and a happy marriage, to protect the home from any troubles and worries. In addition, it multiplies and increases the well-being available in family savings. Interesting rules for wearing cacholong - wear jewelry with it continuously without removing it is not recommended, it shall be deemed useful for the day disguise Cacholong ring with one finger to another. The best day to wear the stone, when his power appears in full - Friday, the impact on the media will be more powerful in the winter and fall. Astrologers recommend cacholong all signs of the Zodiac, Aries and Scorpio apart - it is especially useful to Libra and Taurus, which attracts wealth and success. Women born under the sign of Pisces, cacholong can give the gift of healing. Energy rock associated with sexual and throat chakras.
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