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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Charoite

Charoite - Russian native stone. In 1949 the mine was first discovered the stone, but then it was kind of coil - these minerals are similar in terms of hardness, density and glass shine. All the more so in the landscape also occur charoite green, black and gold inclusions and serpentine rich in variety - and it rarely happens that kind of stone are very unusual color, found a bright green garnet or pink sapphires. It was only in 1964 Charoite finally assessed as a separate mineral, unique in the world does not exist. However, widespread charoite to disturb the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia limit the quarrying of 100 tonnes per year - is a necessary measure that protects against rapid drying out of the deposit. Statistics calculated that one person on Earth is no more than 0.0016 g charoite. That's why every year Charoite uncontrollably rising in price and becoming more rare. Value of similar size and frame ornaments from, say, malachite or jade below at least 3 times. However, for jewelers Charoite still welcome, because its natural fine quality, durability and ease of handling and polishing can be used in all kinds of mineral jewelry - rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, cuff links ... Lilac-purple iridescent color of stone suitable for any skin color, and any color of eyes and hair, to jewelry Charoite is no age or social constraints. Especially because there are more than 100 varieties of gems, different in pattern and color. Charoite and actively used to create furniture items - boxes, vases, clocks, figurines, chandeliers. Due to its widest range of colors, Charoite is often included in the mosaics, in the technique of bulk or Florentine mosaic.

The first products of Charoite IX was the main prize of the Moscow International Film Festival - the globe of purple mineral - its creators got the film "Dersu Uzala". The choice is not accidental - the main character of this wonderful heartfelt film was an old hunter, a deep study of the secrets of the Siberian taiga, and his friendship with a young traveler, student of Siberia. But Charoite and was one of the mysteries of the northern forests, which suddenly opened before the expedition Geoscientists ...

Charoite and quickly gained international market. Western jewelers buy large and small parties charoite to make it expensive jewelry for members of high society, the elite of art and business. Charoite in large quantities in the West - a great rarity, so large items, such as vases, can cost more than ten thousand dollars. The cost of the average size of a table clock starts from $ 1000. A rare product of the 20th century and large odd shaped patterns have become frequent visitors auctions and galleries. According to the most approximate estimates are in Western countries charoite products over the last ten years rose five-fold.

Charoite - not just decoration, set off the beauty of a woman's face, or a decorative accent in the interior. And he has an impressive list of healing properties. Purple color in itself has a curative effect, providing a soothing effect on the human psyche - long contemplation stone relaxes, heals nerve disease, brings peace and peace of mind. Wearing Charoite as the mascot enhances immunity and activates the body's defenses, reduces mental stress and pent-day agitation, improves memory - it is especially useful for those who spend most of his time at the computer monitor. Faceted charoite put on the suffering of the body, that he "pulled" tension and pain - it is a great effect on the liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart muscle. In addition, Charoite relieves chronic diseases - normalizes blood pressure, helps the prostate, diseases of the genitourinary system. He cleans the endocrine glands, promotes the elimination of kidney stones and sclerotic plaques. Charoite is useful in diseases of bones - backache, lumbago, spinal curvature, fractures.

Mystical Properties charoite also symbolically associated with the purple color, which in all ages symbolized spirituality, wisdom and harmony. Charoite - stone philosophers, those who lead a quiet and measured life. It increases the prudence and keep the soul of the owner of the "energy mud." Charoite helps to see the true picture of the world and a sense of unity with all life. Like amethyst, it promotes restraint, calm and restraint, teaches strictly measure the spoken words, developing the spirit awakens intuition. At the same time, Charoite - a stone charm and love of harmony. This is a keeper of the family hearth - if your house is a figure of charoite, love and understanding it will never leave. It is believed that the owner of the jewelry Charoite will never be alone. Charoite helps to survive in any situation, self-realization in art - a great charm for artists. It also helps those who are engaged in charity. Zodiacal Charoite meets Venus and the sign of Libra.

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