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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Chrysolite-Peridot

Peridot - jewelry variety of the mineral olivine, iron and magnesium orthosilicate. The hardness of 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale, density 3.3 g/cm3, transparent, shiny glass. Other names: Peridot, Peridot, Hawaii, krazelit.

This stone - one of the oldest minerals known to mankind. Not surprisingly named him there is some confusion inherent gems with such a long history. The most ancient is precisely the word "beryl", in the literal sense - the "golden stone" it is found in texts from the III century BC There is no doubt that the "golden stone" chrysolite was due to its beautiful golden-green color, reminiscent of the young spring grass, the ripening grain field. "Nickname" chrysolite - "evening emerald": in artificial light green color it becomes deeper and juicier, and the yellow tint disappears. Many believe that chrysotile has two equal synonym - olivine and peridot. On the other hand, sometimes called olivine darker bottle green beryl, and bright stones - actually chrysolite - think jewelry variety of olivine, a peridot, respectively - a kind of ... chrysolite! The matter is complicated by the fact that for a long time chrysolites mistakenly called that have no relation to him stones - such as green tourmaline was "Brazilian chrysolite" vesuvianite - "Italian chrysolite", aquamarine beryl - "aquamarine chrysolite" and demantoid - "Eastern chrysolite. " However, the indirect value is easily read between the lines, a beryl has always been a well-known and popular, prompting traders and miners deliberately or inadvertently distort "in his favor," the name of the other minerals, to "warm up" in the light of his glory.

And it is great - because Egyptian chrysolites were in vogue in the era of the pharaohs. Green stone walls inlaid banquet halls and supporting columns - clear and joyful golden glitter in the light of numerous torches was a truly magical sight. The Egyptians love chrysolite adopted by the Romans, feeding the great passion for jewelry - they were worn in necklaces, earrings and rings, and of the larger specimens are machined little figurines and a magnifying glass, as amber and beryl. For example, in one version of the famous monocle Nero, through which the bloodthirsty emperor looked at the burning Rome and the gladiators, was not made of emeralds and of bright green chrysolite. Like it or not - is unknown, because according to legend, the monocle was lost by Nero in a shipwreck, and no one can say, is not stored in the Vatican today Olivine simple lens of medieval forgery, as has happened with many relics. In any case, the beryl is quite able to replace him emerald, and its highly prized in Europe since the Crusades, actively bringing home from the heretical East. Jewelers combined green stones with diamonds and gold in the most expensive jewelry worn by members of high society. In the Victorian period, peridot again in vogue with other colored transparent stones such as amethyst, aquamarine and citrines - are collected jewelry with naturalistic depictions of animals, insects, birds and flowers, so that the first letter of the stones in the "bee" or " lizards "were the name of one of the human virtues.

Peridot and loved in Russia - here it was used not only for social gadgets, but also for decoration objects of worship. The most famous icon of Russia - "Trinity" by Andrei Rublev - interspersed with scattered gold salary light green chrysolite, reminiscent of a young birch leaves and spring sunshine. Large chrysolites were in vogue in the XVIII and XIX centuries, along with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and topaz - are making bows-sklavazhi, pins, earrings, pendants, rings. Oval peridot weighing 193 carats is one of the seven historic stones Diamond Fund of Russia - it is now on display without a frame, and previously was surrounded by thirty diamonds. Has used a beryl and Faberge in their brooches and medallions depicting symbolically with it the leaves of plants and obviously preferring emerald. Today, the green stone is on the rise again - you can see it in the de luxe jewelry companies such as Bousheron, Cartier, Dior, Pomelatto and MIMI, where its yellow-green glowing hue goes well with yellow citrine, sparkling diamonds, colored sapphires, tourmalines and crimson. Often found in beryl jewelry of the middle class, and best of all it looks framed in yellow gold.

Peridot is very good for mild diseases of the nervous system - the exhaustion, fear, insomnia, nightmares, stress. He has a calming effect and may even contribute to the cure of stuttering in children. Since ancient times believed that the stone is useful for "sick stomach" - healing from pain in the stomach, kidneys, and liver. Peridot also contributes to the stabilization of the cardiovascular system, perfectly removes catarrhal phenomena caused by the consequences of hypothermia. It is believed that regular meditation chrysolite, and to wear it in the decoration can improve vision. In addition, the stone prevents senile insanity and restores the endocrine system and the adrenal gland.

Ring with chrysolite on her left hand protects against the evil eye, damage and negative impact from the outside, as well as fire-related hazards: burns and fires. Peridot in general is a powerful talisman against any force that could be harmful to its owner - from nightmares before the crash, from fractures and bruises to car accidents, from envy to his own mistakes. It brings luck and success in all endeavors, even those who have never been lucky. Single man chrysolite help make girlfriend strengthen its attractiveness to the opposite sex, increase libido. Couples Olivine ornament or figurine will bring happiness, prosperity, sustainable prosperity and peace, the family will protect the boat from the storms. And if you have recently experienced a break, then return you chrysolite joy of life, relieve boredom and sad thoughts, you attract new friends and fans. As a mascot beryl is also very useful for athletes - it increases vitality, gives activity. Astrologically chrysolite best suited Leos, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra.
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