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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Clinochlore

Clinochlore - mineral of the chlorite group, silicate complex composition. The hardness of 2.0-2.5 on the Mohs scale, density 2.6-3.0 g/cm3, perfect cleavage. Glitter - glass, pearl at the break. Other names - clinochlore, Serafini, Sheridan leyhtenbergit, Kochubei.

Clinochlore - an extremely rare mineral that was first described in 1888 by the famous mineralogist NI Koksharov in his multi-volume work, "Materials for Mineralogy of Russia." Clinochlore unique deposit is near Lake Baikal in Siberia. Gem got its name from the Greek word "klinos", which means "bow" and "chloros" - "green." At first, he did not receive wide distribution in the jewelry business and was in demand by collectors primarily minerals - and business is up to the early 20th century, was very popular among high society in Russia. But gradually the usual deposit and "fashionable" gems - malachite, emerald, demantoid and green tourmaline - exhausted by too active use and rough trade, and here on the stone-cutting scene were "gray cardinals", gems, which until now have been largely unknown the general public. Among them was clinochlore, get a second, more harmonious nickname Serafini - he became famous in the late last century when jewelers were actively looking for the "new face" of stones, which have not yet pall biased buyer. Unusual pattern clinochlore, reminiscent of fish scales, the lace, the frost on the frosted glass, quickly made him a welcome guest in the artist-stone-cutters. However, due to the fact that stocks serafinita still small, its use is limited to small-sized interior design crafts - balls, boxes, or table, as well as a variety of jewelry. Buying a product from clinochlore, remember that the low hardness of the stone be treated with care - it is not subjected to ultrasonic or steam cleaning, wash with soapy water and a soft cloth.

Appearing in stores recently, Serafina has already gained an unrivaled reputation and powerful healer. States that this mineral stimulates regeneration processes in the human body at the cellular level, promoting a healing of wounds, burns and injuries, and recovery operations, especially heart surgery. Positive effect jewelry clinochlore on female appearance - a rejuvenating effect is worse than after expensive cosmetic elixir, because energy penetrates into the very stones of the cell structure. Blue-green Serafini helps strengthen and stabilize the nervous system - we recommend a few minutes a day to consider the fanciful patterns on the surface of the mineral, detached from everyday problems. In addition, the stone that makes the headaches and migraines, lowers blood pressure and cures colds. Litoterapevty believe serafinita power extends even to benign and malignant tumors in the body, contributing to their rapid decay.

His second name "Serafina" green stone was from the word "seraphim" - in the Holy Scriptures is the six-winged seraphim angels surrounding the throne in the Lord. Energy serafinita not like other gems - above all it aims to change for the better from the inside of its owner, awakening in his heart all the basic human virtues - compassion, love, perseverance, courage, justice, modesty and prudence. Clinochlore - professional mascot of people whose work is related to charity, using the neighbor, spiritual activities - doctors, teachers, healers, religious and community leaders, priests and monks. It promotes a clear vision and understanding of the life circumstances of the owner teaches how to find peace and harmony, and share them with the world. At the same time, the decoration with serafinitom attracted to his master love and attention of others to bring good luck and happiness. Figurines of serafinita provide your house financial abundance and a constant influx of money in general, any item from this stone your guard the family home and to extend the life of the home, drive away thoughts of envy, illness and misfortune, save by natural disasters and the impact of the environment. This is an excellent choice for those who prefer the benefits of all other wealth, comfort and idyllic family life, who likes to do housework. Astrologically Serafino suit all signs of the zodiac, but it is especially favorable for Capricorn and Virgo - in their life it brings mutual love and affection. Energy associated with a stone heart chakra.
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