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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Coral

Coral - a gem of biogenic origin, hard calcareous skeleton polyps living in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Caribbean and the Red and other warm seas. The hardness of 3.5-4.0 on the Mohs scale, density 1.3-2.6 g/cm3, shiny satin. Color - red, pink, blue, white, black. Other names: bead, dragon.

Corals - this ancient legend come to life, because in fact they - skeletons of living creatures, the coral polyps that inhabit giant columns, and after their death remain colorful thicket of "sea of ​​flowers" - coral. Clusters of coral reefs are called - especially famous Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, which stretches more than 2,000 meters. There are both coastal and barrier reefs, located in shallow water next to the "mainland", and coral atolls and "banks" that are in the open sea. Especially beautiful is the atolls - in the blue water suddenly appear the outlines of a snow-white coral rings, inside which is a lagoon uedinennaya ... fabulous gardens of the sea are home to hundreds of species of living creatures - fish, shellfish, algae - it should be noted that the coral polyps carnivorous, and perfect decoration of the coral, which you now hold in your hands, once actively moving and absorb food of course, coral, used by jewelers - only the skeleton of the polyp, but then the human skeleton is an integral part of our ...

Polipy old die, new grow their "bones", and a small reef can grow into a whole island. The view that the only form of coral - is a sort of "branch" is wrong corals can be like balls, mushrooms, be flat or vice versa lush oplesti remnants of a stranded ship so tightly that the traces of human work sink into the thick coral thickets. As for color, then there are different amazing variety of corals: total, there are over 2,500 species of coral and 350 colors, from dark-red to white as snow. There are coral pink, from almost white to dark-salmon, brown and blue, brown and gold ("Golden Hawaiian"), black, orange-red coral ... is customary to call the Italian term, due undoubtedly to the fact that for centuries corals actively mined on the Mediterranean coast. Red "rosso" salmon "second color", dark red "karbonetto" white "Bianco" ... A very popular only a pale pink stones - "Pelle de angel" or "angel skin".

Mankind knows corals from ancient times. Even in ancient Sumer coral used for decorative purposes - known Sumerian vase decorated with corals, whose age is 5000 years. According to Pliny, the ancient Indian corals not valued less highly than pearls, because these rocks were instructed protect property owners from all dangers. In ancient Greece, the corals were a symbol of longevity, in medieval Europe signified purity. Corals in the West and in the East encrusted horse harness and armor, weapons, and covers the sacred books, cut beads and necklaces ... Coral jewelry known and many tribal peoples - Mexican Indians wear coral beads to ward off evil spirits, in many islands of the Southern Seas Local residents use the corals even as decoration but also as a practically useful materials: pieces of gems make spoons, graters, files, water filters.

Interestingly, in Russia or in the Middle Ages, or at a later time, the corals were not particularly popular, oddly enough - it is a very beautiful stone is basically a red-pink, so beloved in our country, color, produced in quantity not less than rubies or sapphires ... But in Europe, especially in Italy, which produces red corals, this gem was a success - even the rough twigs made amulets "Cornett" in the form of human figures, coral used in agriculture - corals were hung on branches of trees to harvest was plentiful. And if the copy was too damaged, had obvious defects and porosity, and process it for the decoration was not possible, the coral was ground to powder "korallium albumin", which is sold in every pharmacy - doctors were confident in its miraculous properties.

And I must say, they were not wrong! It was recently discovered that the coral is particularly valuable is in powder form, which is diluted in water or incorporated into drugs. It is a source of special hormones that affect the proper metabolism of proteins in the body, normalizing the function of the uterus muscles, respiratory and digestive systems. Especially useful is a certain kind of corals, near the Japanese island of Okinawa - its structure and composition as close to human bone. Japanese doctors are made of white coral dentures because argue that such teeth are the most durable and long lasting. And the calcium in corals, being ingested with water, which dissolves in five minutes, instantly absorbed in contrast to "normal" calcium, and, according to doctors, is of great use - leads to normal blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, clears the excretory system, increases the elasticity of the muscles and joints ... But do not forget that you can not just grind freshly bought coral jewelry - as a medicine is only good powder from natural, unprocessed dyes and chemicals coral, and even the most expensive coral insertion always processed for colored wax for resistance to the environment, so the coral calcium buy only from a reliable manufacturer and already cooked.

But coral, like any gem, has a powerful deterrent effect, if you just wear a decoration of it. Thus, the beads of red coral long gave the girls - they improve the complexion and clear skin. In addition, a necklace of red coral stops bleeding, is a warming agent, helps with colds or flu, and those who are easy to "cling" sore throat, it is recommended to wear jewelry all winter for prevention. Coral generally perfectly restores all organs throat and larynx - its good to wear for those who have always a lot of talk and ligament strain, such as singers, speakers. A necklace of coral and pearl save the ladies from the burdens associated with the monthly ailments. Same coral pink - "cure" for a headache, a sedative, which saves its owner from insomnia and nervous agitation.

Coral, being associated with the element of water, is the mascot of travelers who keep the owner from natural disasters, fires, unpleasant surprises in the way particularly evident security features black coral. In addition, any coral - a protective amulet against the evil eye, evil people, violence and poisoning. White and pink coral stones are considered feminine, bringing its proprietress happiness in family life, and the need to wear it as a necklace or earrings, and red - male. It is best not to confuse "sex" stone, because if the gem will give its owner the features of another gender: Men made moody and weak woman - rough and manly. However, the young damsels red coral contrary gives activity and energy. Useful coral art people - artists, poets, musicians - he adds subtlety of perception, develops imagination. Piece of coral in the home will bring you good luck in everything, and put under the pillow of the child to protect your baby from the nightmares and the protection of his health. To wear coral jewelry is not recommended - it can generate in excess man moodiness and even adventure.

Stone needs gentle treatment - it should not get cosmetics, hot water, it can not be cleaned with sharp objects, metal brushes. Coral does not like bright light, so always remove the decoration in the box, clear as corals only with a soft damp cloth. And do not forget - a natural coral can not be cheap, because our market is relatively rare sellers from China and India are often offered under the guise of a "surprisingly affordable" coral forgery of painted plastic or ceramic glass, fused with crushed coral. Contrary to popular rumor, the corals do not fade from the sun or contact with the human body, if it is high-quality, well-treated stones - and still observe some degree of caution. Astrologers say that corals can carry almost all the zodiac signs, especially Taurus, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Pisces; nepolezen coral Lions.
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