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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Emerald

Emerald - transparent variety of beryl, color is due to the presence of chromium (Cr). The hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, density 2,61-2,67 g/cm3, glitter glass. Color from dark green to light grass.

The exact date of the "birth" of emerald is unknown, but this beautiful dark-green with a tinge of blue gem never went out of fashion, and in the history of ancient civilizations, we find mention of emeralds. The Bible Emerald - one of the twelve breastplate stones of the Jewish high priest. In Muslim legends paradise - beautiful garden, studded with emeralds. Stone was popular in ancient Egypt that housed the earliest emerald mines - the Egyptians believed that the green color symbolizes his eternal youth and eternal life, and the famous Cleopatra emerald-encrusted furniture and even doors unizyvala emerald rings on her fingers, one of which, the color grape leaf, read his loving mascot. Romans and Greeks were very fond of emeralds, which are called "emerald", often carved with gems spoke highly about the emeralds Pliny and Herodotus, and the Emperor Nero had a large bulge emerald through which to watch the battle of gladiators. Great Mogul, the legendary Indian ruler, whose wealth became a legend and is expressed mainly in large placers jewelry, wore a turban emerald weighing 218 carats, on which was engraved the sacred text. When the Spaniards came to South America, the first thing that they noticed was a huge amount of gold and emeralds, which were caught in a variety of local mines - especially famous five selected emeralds that Fernando Cortez brought the gift to her niece around them dreams of Queen Isabella each had a bizarre shape - one had the shape of a rose, the second fish with golden eyes, and the third - the horns, the fourth was dressed as a bell with a pearl instead of the language, and the fifth cut in the shape of the foot from the cup of gold. The Indians of Peru was an emerald the size of an ostrich egg weighs about 3 kg, they worshiped as the incarnation of the goddess Umino, bringing "a victim" placer smaller stones - conquistadors have long tried to find this "mother of emerald," but did not find anything.

In Russia, the emerald has long loved, even when it was imported from India and Egypt - uncut emeralds posted salaries of many icons and Gospel held at the Armory in Moscow, of which distinguishes the "Virgin of Vladimir" with two rare 100-carat emerald. Emerald is present on the cap of Monomakh, the Diamond hat regalia Mikhail Romanov stones these richly embroidered ceremonial dress decorated armor, and household items. With the opening of Russia's own Murzinskih emerald mines love of green stone only increased - especially tied to the jewel Romanovs, who had a lot of beautiful and large emeralds in frames and without. The most unique product - it caravel, carved from a single emerald weighing more than 100 carats, and is stored in the Hermitage, square emerald "Big Table" weighing 136 carats, part of the historic Seven Stones Diamond Fund of the Russian Federation, and the golden horse harness Anna Ivanovna with 115th emeralds.

Ancient Lapidarium attributed emerald many healing and even magical properties. For example, in the Czech book XIV. stated that the emerald cradled griffin - winged lion! Property emerald detect infidelity was elevated to myth the legend, when the Hungarian King Bela IV embraced his wife without taking off a finger ring with a huge emerald, the stone immediately split into three parts. Epiphanius argued that this gem is able to predict the future, but in the old armyanskihrukopisyah said that snakes go blind at the sight of emeralds, and man with it can survive after being bitten by a snake or a scorpion. All authors agree on the fact that the emerald "cool mind" makes its owner more fair and just, brings wisdom - perhaps these qualities valued in your favorite ring with emerald Pushkin. A thief in the old side emeralds avoided - it was believed that he had stolen the stone, a symbol of purity, bitterly repent.

Modern litoterapevty agree with the ancient sources, which proclaims the emerald main remedy for the eyes: its pure green color really relieves eye strain. In addition, Emerald saves from insomnia and nightmares, and normalizes the state of mind and calms the nerves, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome. If you put in a glass of emerald raw water, then you can drink it without boiling - stone has antibacterial properties, this water cures stomach and bladder inflammation, stabilizes blood pressure. In wearing jewelry with emerald gradually improving all systems of the body, stabilize the metabolism, strengthens the heart muscle, emerald renews and multiplies during the life of his owner.

Without any conditionalities include emerald talisman of absolute happiness, luck and prosperity in all areas of life. This green stone brings to life his master's material well-being and success in business, assisting in business negotiations for those looking for recognition in the works, the emerald will bring inspiration and glory, the attention of the public to scientists and researchers emerald will find wisdom, improve memory and understanding. Works fine stone and with those who are dedicated to the spiritual path: it he reveals the secrets of the universe, attaches heavenly revelations, sharpens intuition. Traditionally, emerald - the defender and at home, and in a long journey, on land and at sea. Seeking love emerald attracts happy long-term relationship, protects from cheating increases the attractiveness of female and male power. And without exception, as it gives the emerald silent advice, as a direct "conduit" between the man and the Universal Mind. Emerald - a gift for the 25th and 30th wedding anniversaries, as well as the perfect gift for a loved one, whose love and affection you want to keep for a long time. Energy emerald belongs to the heart chakra Anahata chakra and the solar plexus of Manipur. Should wear it on the ring finger of his left hand, and on the neck and chest. Astrologically emerald appropriate sign of Cancer and Taurus, and all were born in the 28th lunar day.

Emerald buying, remember that there are very few stones without internal defects (unclear, cracks), so slight defects are not a sign of poor stone - it just is very fragile and suffer more during production. Defects are the most famous emeralds are among the imperial ornaments. To soften the natural defects usually exposed stone Finishing - immersed in the oil or resin to fill the most minute cracks on the surface of the stone. Emerald often contains inclusions or cast a bluish or whitish - but according to accepted standards, it does not reduce the price. Bought emerald requires careful maintenance - it must be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth every few years to cover the new layer jewelry oil in any case can not use mechanical devices, chemicals, heat treatment, exposed stone impact.
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