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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Flint

There opal-chalcedony-quartz and chalcedony varieties of flint. Coloration of the mineral can be white, light brown and dark brown (almost black) with different shades. Glitter - glass. The hardness of the mineral is 7.0 on the Mohs scale, with a density of 2.6 g/cm3. The place of production of flint scattered around the world and are one of the most common mineral deposits.

The name "Flint" is derived from the Latin word «cremare», which means "to burn", because in addition to its durability, this mineral is used for carving sparks and fire-lighting.

The shape of the stones is very diverse. There are round, finger, plate and other shape instances. Interestingly, the flint appears in nature as pearls around some pebbles or sand. This black pearl often has a build-up, holes and voids filled with small crystals of quartz.

Silicon is the main consumer of the abrasive production and production of ceramics. Of this mineral make sand paper, and used in road construction.

In addition to domestic service man flint still performs and therapeutic functions. Traditional healers believe that water, infused with silica opal-chalcedony has amazing healing properties. Such water has antimicrobial, haemostatic and antiseptic effect, in some countries it is used in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Prepare a flint water is not difficult. Before first use, wash enough flint running water and infuse for 2-3 days. The bottom layer of water covering the rocks, it is desirable to merge. Periodically stones have running water to remove the impurities deposited on them. For the full effect, it is desirable to change the silicon every 6-8 months.

Mongolian medicine men believed that if you make a product from silicon to the solar plexus, it can cure some gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, if you have problems with digestion, put something on the neck of flint, most importantly to make sure that the product was hanging at the right level. In Europe, amulets and pendants made of flint worn for the prevention of colds.

Perhaps because of its ability to turn into a fire, a flint stone with a very strong energy. With this power supply, it makes its wearer brave and strong and enterprising. Remember, primitive man had no other friends among the rocks, and boldly went into battle with the animals, which were sometimes several times more of hunters. Flint and help if you have depression or melancholy, as in these states, people often sluggish and lazy. Stone will make a person feel a burst of energy, activity and performance. These qualities are quickly dispersed gloomy mood.

Since ancient times was considered a loyal assistant flint travelers. It is believed that it protects the individual against any obstacles encountered on the road, protect from possible violence, warns of fraud and deceit. If you forgot to take the flint on the road, put it in a pocket on the left side. In addition to guarding mineral exposure will have a positive impact on your heart and help restore power faster.

There is one little trick that may be useful to you in your life. If someone set up a negative to you, then go to that person so that stone lying in your pocket, turned on his side, and a stone rethinking his temper justice with mercy.

Wearing flint neck also has its advantages. Located so it gives people the ability to firmly defend their opinion, to convince people that he was right, and develop the gift of eloquence, enlightens minds and helps to quickly make the right decisions even in the most difficult situations.

As guardian of the house, he also indispensable. This seemingly simple, the stone is a great keeper of the hearth. He pulls all the negative energy coming into the house, and keep the confidence. So do not forget to wash sometimes stone cold running water, so that he was able to clear.

Astrologers believe that this stone is good for the all the signs of the Zodiac, the same caution should be exercised only Pisces. If you are born under this sign, and bring with him guardian of flint, follow him, did not you too irritable and aggressive. If so, then try for a while to take off the stone. And if we are talking about the charms, the flint is the most suitable people to military occupations, as well as lawyers, teachers, doctors and politicians. It helps to improve professional skills, makes them honest, fair and courageous.

Everyone knows that sometimes looks are deceiving. The bird with the fluffy tail disgusting singing nightingale and gray and tatty. Perhaps, just sometimes joking with us by nature. Flint good proof of that. Nondescript frequent mineral has a very useful medicinal properties, and the whole life of a person can have a very positive impact.
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