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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Heliodor

Heliodor-yellow variety of beryl. A golden, golden-yellow, green-yellow and orange-yellow. Glitter stone - glass. Hardness - 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Density of 2.6 - 2.8 gsm3. Synonyms: golden beryl, golden beryl, Davidson.

Quality and value is determined by the Heliodorus transparency. Most often encountered in nature opaque stones, and of course the price is low. Most strongly valued as examples of exceptional purity. Most of these stones are yellowish-green, lemon-yellow and golden yellow with a honey tinge. Sometimes there are very large transparent Heliodorus, which are excellent for jewelry work. One of these unique crystals colored young foliage is stored in the Mineralogical Museum of the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg. The crystal was found in the Urals, its length is 25 cm His most major one found to the present day heliodor stored at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. He faceted baguette, has a golden color, and weight of 2054 carats.

Leading suppliers of industrial and jewelry heliodor - are India and Brazil. Although deposits with smaller crystals are also known in Madagascar, in Namibia and Russia. And we are mining a rare and very beautiful crystals, known as a bright golden beryl Transbaikalia. The price of these stones start at $ 20 per carat.

In principle, all considered beryl stones, sharpens the mind, helping to keep in shape and keep the good spirit of the owner. It is also believed that they help in the fight against the enemy, seek justice done in the trials, increase your luck on exams, and most importantly - awaken extinct conjugal love.

Heliodor is not only very beautiful golden luminous stone, as if filled with warmth of the sun, he is able to help people find peace of mind and become wiser. This mineral gives joy to the heart of its owner, gives him a sense of peace and serenity. Heliodor will help create an atmosphere of relaxation at any place and in any environment. Heliodor women not only helps the light of joy inside, but it makes much more attractive features of her face than the number of fans increases. Some sources heliodor referred to as a "good companion wanderers" because travelers wore it as a talisman, guarding their lives from any disaster.

Heliodorus - a very nice stone, holding it in your hands you feel the concentrated heat energy. His kind and warm nature, he is able to help the weak and insecure people. On "Ayurveda", in Beryl includes elements of ether, air, fire, and because it stimulates all the vital processes in the body. Also, this mineral is one of the main stumbling seventh chakra - Sahasrara, and strengthens its wearing protective aura. Asians believe that heliodor great for meditation, and best of all, if the crystal is not limited. As a best jewelry to wear a pendant or a ring on the index finger of his left hand.

Astrologers believe that the most patronized heliodor Gemini and Libra. It helps them gain life wisdom, inspired by scientific or creative research, provides them with an optimistic view of the world. He has a great influence in the treatment plan, improving overall health and preventing nervous exhaustion, which is so characteristic of the air signs. Also a good influence on mineral Lions. It tones and prevents emotional overstimulation and nervous breakdowns. Pisces is heliodor avoids depression. Air signs better choose the jewelry with Heliodor set in silver, for the signs of fire preferably gold. On the other signs he did not have a negative impact, but does not work so hard.

As already knew each of us, heliodor very kind and helpful stone covering his positive influence many important areas of life, helping him, and of course, decorating it to their incomparable luster and appearance. But do not forget that the magic solar stone like as noble men, repeatedly reinforcing their good quality, others will not support.
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