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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Heliotrope

Bloodstone - opaque variety of chalcedony. The hardness of 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale, density 2.5 g/cm3, the brilliance of glass. Other names: blood jasper, Oriental jade stone Stefanova, meat agate, plasma.

Wonderful stone heliotrope has become a favorite material for church utensils - chalices, monstrance, candlesticks, vessels, pectoral crosses, Panagia, that part of the dress of a priest in 18th-century Russia became a secular decorations. By the way, in our country the stone objects of worship had the most popular - and, of course, did not forget the heliotrope, because "covered with blood of Christ" gospel with rock "cover" or carved scapular in gold were also very beautiful. However, be aware that the history of heliotrope - far older than Christianity, because this stone was known and loved in ancient Egypt. Many papyri he called "a great mascot," which helped the wearer to "open the doors", contributed to the execution of any request, and brought grace rulers and wealthy Egyptians pharaohs wore rings, seals and amulets of heliotrope. In Rome geliotropovye gems were much in fashion, and many excellent cameos and intaglios, which are stored now in museums, including the Hermitage, carved in green and red stone. In India, which to this day is the main supplier of heliotrope, its very much appreciated, considering the symbol of courage and hidden truths ring with this mineral were magicians, to be able to influence the weather and find great wisdom. Medieval alchemists and sorcerers European heliotrope also loved, certainly putting in ritual speckled bracelet or ring - believed that the stone increases spell power, allows to penetrate the secrets of the universe. Heliotrope is immortalized in the "Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri great - the poet attributes to him quite magical properties, such as the ability to make his master invisible and protect it from the effects of poison.

Since ancient times, bloodstone was used to treat any problems with blood - for example, is that he can stop the bleeding, to accelerate wound delay, enrich the blood hemoglobin and anemia cure: For most of its strong influence in bracelets worn on both hands. Generally heliotrope increases energy and vitality of the body - it shows the weakness, anemia, exhaustion, stress, recovery from surgery or injury, depression. Cold and treatment of heliotrope is placed on the area of ​​the "third eye." Stone is very good from the liver and spleen, poisoning, women's diseases, diseases of the heart and urogenital system. By the way, works great heliotrope combined with healing charms - but here we must be careful, because the mineral is sensitive to any utterance of the words, and it is important not to make a mistake with their choice.

Bloodstone - Talisman workers and workaholics, it contributes to success in work and career in his chosen field. However, before you buy a product with the stone, make sure that your life's priorities clearly separated, and professional goals - defined: heliotrope does not tolerate those who are constantly changing field of activity, and attracts to such owner in trouble, trying to get rid of him. People also solid and strong-willed heliotrope helps improve and develop the skills makes perfect in any business. Not suitable heliotrope and bigoted, overly emotional dreamer, as well as those who wish to lead a quiet, unobtrusive way of life. Heliotrope "vzbalamuchivaet" energy "vortex" around its owner, plunging him into the thick of things, facilitating communication with the powerful, raises the owner to the top, unless he himself wants it. Practicing magicians heliotrope gives the gift of prophecy and the ability to influence the living and non-living nature and the military - the courage, bravery and luck priests and missionaries - tolerance and unselfishness lawyers and "lawyers" - focus and increase alertness and concentration, and talent to develop strategies and tactics to scientists philosophers and heliotrope helps achieve greater intellectual heights students with its "supply" quickly learn foreign languages, psychology, and medicine. By the way, on the love front heliotrope - bad assistant, he can make a man alone, to drive away good luck in matters of the heart, because the tender feelings may distract from the work of the host rock.

Heliotrope should wear bracelets in the ring on the index or ring finger, brooch in the middle of the chest, long necklace or a pendant, so that the suspension can reach the solar plexus. Astrologically heliotrope suitable Leos, Libra and Virgo.

Find a "common language" with heliotrope difficult - it is rather "moody", and not every person will perceive as the owner but if you were able to "earn his trust," that your future is assured: the stone itself will make concealed inside a huge opportunity in order to clear your Torney the way to the target and the desires, carrying any "wall", so you're guaranteed to win in his next "battle." Bloodstone - rock the big winners, and if in your heart you feel like such, then certainly in the present they will become. But at the same time does not give man heliotrope become haughty and arrogant, puffed up achieved - on the contrary, it evokes altruism, reminding us of the old adage, once proven to those who suffered on the cross for the sins of mankind: sometimes sacrifice and dedication are our greatest victory.
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