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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Hematite

Hematite - a mineral, iron oxide. The hardness of 5.0-6.0 on the Mohs scale, density 5.3 g/cm3, shiny metallic or semimetallic. Other names - bloodstone, hematite, iron kidney, red iron oxide, red glass head.

The name hematite is derived from the Greek word "hemo" meaning blood - literally translated as "Bloodstone." Surprising property of hematite - though the mineral has a metallic luster with iridescent dark-gray color, but it is worth pound piece of stone, and the powder is brown-red, like clotted blood. Even if you wash the stone with water, it turns pink, as if it drop fell a drop of blood - and these qualities have not been for the ancient people undetected. Hematite immediately acquired a special status - it announced a magic talisman, a symbol of the gods of war and victory, as well as rock occultists and magicians.

Stone known to man for a long time - it is actively used in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, where hematite was given a truly sacred significance. Stone adorned themselves supreme priestess of Isis during ritual practices, believing that the amulet protects the goddess when she is down to earth in order to talk with their maids. Magical quality hematite observed in one of the oldest works of precious stones, written in Babylon scientists Azhaliem to King Mithridates of Pontus in the 1st century BC - Hematite proclaimed one of the most powerful protective talismans. In a similar quality hematite used in ancient Greece and Rome - the Legion, going to the military campaign, often carried a carved figurines hematite household gods, so they gave them courage. Another role of hematite - use it to get the powder of red paint (red ocher): Indians of North America, which has always had large reserves of hematite, applied to the body of the intricate patterns of the paint goes on the warpath. In medieval Europe, where the desire for mysticism and superstition combined with earnest spirituality, hematite, also came to the court - the alchemists and occultists did not do without the ring with a bloody rock during urinating mysterious rituals. Philistine same fashion hematite, as opposed to the spiritual, rather fickle - so, today, the stone is not very popular, and even thirty years ago was one of the most frequently upotrebimykh. And perhaps rightly so - because hematite on inner qualities belongs to the category of the most powerful stones and wear it constantly and unthinkingly as meaningless thing, simply dangerous.

Hematite - the strongest military mascot, who had not even sewn into clothing soldier, it makes one invulnerable, brave, restrains flash misplaced anger. Its not for nothing called the stone wizards - Hematite helps its owner to store energy, and then use it in the desired direction for themselves, affecting the people around them, and the events with personal gain. This stone helps to open up the future, it is recommended to those who are engaged in divination and philosophy. At the same time the owner hematite protects not only from the physical effects, but also on the astral attack, so it is recommended as a protective amulet in occult practices. It is dangerous to wear hematite those who are weak and soft inside, because otherwise the energy, this hematite, "off scale", and a person's thoughts suddenly begin to "materialize", including the darkest desires. Enhances hematite and sex appeal - but remember that this money should be practical, because finding no way sexual overvoltage will destroy the owner inside. But hematite is useful not only for men but also a strong, confident woman, whom he supported during the start of a new business or learning.

Men wearing hematite best in the ring on the index finger of his left hand, women - on the index finger of the right. Hematite pendant allows you to hear your own inner voice, increases intuition strap improves hearing, and beads - vision. In this case, with the latter two types of jewelry, be careful - hematite, worn in large quantities, can greatly reduce the blood pressure. Metals, it is best to exhibit the properties of hematite - silver, copper, brass and bronze. Astrologically hematite suitable Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries and Cancers, he nepolezen Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. The remaining characters can wear this stone only from time to time, or energy engaging in occult practices to increase their spiritual power.

Healing properties of hematite on the unmatched doctor - not so much by the number of treatable diseases, as by the power of influence on people. This is primarily a means for blood purification, recovery of red blood cells, bone marrow regeneration, functional recovery krovoochischayuschih organs: kidneys, liver, and spleen. Stone also normalizes blood pressure and heart. This makes it able to ease or even help to reduce any cancer, treatment of anemia, and anemia. It is believed that bloodstone useful and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as very good for impotence. Recommended for a while to put a piece of stone on the parts of the body, in which the circulation is weak and languid. Nursing mothers make sense to wear a talisman of hematite on the chest - it promotes an abundance of milk. Hematite is good and to harmonize the hormonal system to neutralize the effects of stress, get rid of sleep disorders. It is believed that the stone can even dissolve and excrete bladder stones. In any case, the owner of hematite improves energy, promotes a rush of new energy and keeping the body in good shape.

Buying hematite, note that in spite of its high prevalence, there are many fakes - we just have to purchase a stone from a reliable manufacturer. Under the guise of hematite sometimes sold "stones"-metal, and created a synthetic analog of hematite - hematin, which is virtually indistinguishable from the original. However, hematin, unlike natural stone, attracted by a magnet. And to find out if you have not bought the product-metal, run a piece of stone on the uneven cleavage fragments of ceramic cups and saucers: hematite leave the red line, metal-ceramic alloy of course not. If the one with the power to conduct the unpolished stone on another, there is also a blood-red streak. Things natural hematite should be stored carefully to avoid shock or friction can not wear jewelry with hematite to the skin under the bright sun - hematite can overheat and burn the skin.

A few years ago, scientists have made very curious discovery: American probe found hematite on ... Mars, the mysterious "red planet." And it is not strange that the name of the ancient Mars was the god of war, who have devoted Bloodstone long time ago? Perhaps our ancestors knew - or guessed intuitively - on much more than meets the eye in the old legends and the lapidary can get information more valuable than in purely modern scientific research. After all, science is only the external properties of matter - and the stone is multidimensional, and the most important secrets hidden inside, like magic hematite, which carries the red glow of new great victories.
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