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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Hyacinth

Hyacinth - transparent, manganese jewelry jargon. Hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, shiny glass, diamond.

Other Name: Hyacinth, yakint, jargon, hyacinth blue topaz, peradol.

Traditional colors of hyacinth-plants - blue, blue, and purple is the most common color of hyacinth-stone - brown, orange, red and pink. The blue zircon, hyacinth, though found in nature, but it is extremely rare, and the color is usually produced by baking brown hyacinths. The secret? In the error is not clear from the undertaken ancient authors, who believed that "Hyacinth" similar in color: as Pliny calls it a light purple. Clearly, for Hyacinth took a different gem, perhaps, sapphire, quartz and topaz, and then it turned out error, but elegant name was not in vain - they were designated red zircons, possibly similar to the color of clotted blood ...

Popularity hyacinth in all ages was huge, considering that this was not part of the gem and not one of the most expensive and rare stones like ruby ​​or sapphire. In the IV century AD, Epiphanius, rewriting the ancient stones list Chest high priest of the Old Testament, noted its lack of hyacinth - deciding that such an outstanding mineral worthy of mention, he simply replaced the hyacinth ... one of the stones, Liguria: hence the matter is another misconception that it was synonymous with hyacinth. The same Epiphanius Hyacinth attributed miraculous properties: do these stones do not burn in the fire, extinguish the flame, being thrown into it, and give substance to which they turned, refractory properties! In Europe, the hyacinth was recognized as "cure" for blindness - for example, the prioress of the monastery British Gildegarda in XII century, wrote that the hyacinth should be heated in the sun, wet with saliva and applied to the eyes, so he took swelling cured cataract and visual impairment. To restore sanity to the one who has gone mad from the effects of witchcraft or evil ghosts quirks, recommended she spend hyacinth on freshly baked wheat bread and give it to eat a sick heart patients should cross the chest, holding in his right hand hyacinth. Talked about this rock and other strange stories, for example, said that wearing jewelry with hyacinth protects against lightning, and in the case of defeat ensures that the victim will survive. Recognized for hyacinth glory "semi-precious sleeping pills" - large specimens of good quality sleep catching up on their owners. In the Middle Ages in the pharmacy, you could buy "Hyacinth mix" - the composition of dozens of components, which included plants, milled minerals and animal products are the main ingredient, of course, was the hyacinth. So elixir treated in XVI century Pope Clement VII - two weeks of precious stones, taken by mouth, spent 40,000 gold coins.

Of course, the hyacinth used in secular life - from the Renaissance and up to the XVIII century, they were very much in style, worn in gold along with diamonds, emeralds and topaz chrysolites. In one of the comedies of Lope de Vega's character says, "spend my wealth on hyacinths, pearls, coral and gold" this clearly shows how great was the status of the red-orange zircon! Sometimes Dodgers burned hyacinths to transparent state and sold with diamonds - good luster they have very similar in its rainbow iridescence. In Russia, the hyacinths were held in high esteem and wealthy people, and among the simple peasantry - thread "Bechet" as they called subprime hyacinths, wore every girl. Today natural hyacinths - a rarity, they are still used for inserts in the rings and rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, and look best against the yellow metal.

As a healer hyacinth keeps the body in good shape and prolongs youth, gives its owner fresh forces, improves sleep, banishes nightmares and hallucinations. He heals the disease of the bone marrow, spleen, heart and circulatory system. Hyacinth well worn in times of stress and overwork, with melancholy, sadness, depression. Hyacinth helps women avoid conception, stops the growth of hair on the hidden parts of the body - but the pregnant better not touch the hyacinth, because it can cause miscarriage. It is believed that the hyacinth can cure wounds and ulcers, improve appetite, balance the digestive process.

Hyacinth was a talisman of old merchants and entrepreneurs - it promotes good trade increases wealth makes one prudent and sagacious, learn to recognize a lie. Creative individuals, especially artists and actors, hyacinth is also useful - it opens in its new owner faces is the talent and their associates, brings recognition and fame. If you - the average person, the hyacinth make you interesting, you will find yourself in uncharted creative abilities. Hyacinth is useful for travelers - it protects against injuries, infectious diseases, lightning strikes, deception, easy way, ensures that at any hotel you will be welcomed with open arms. On it you can even predict the weather changes: before the rain and bad weather, and he loses luster dims.

In general, the stone should be worn in times of severe emotional drama, surviving break or fail - then it will help you gather the courage, soften the grief and sorrow, give happiness, transforms the surrounding reality advantageous to you properly. However, in the light in life hyacinth bad assistant vice versa - for example, it may alienate fans of 'under search "women make unpopular with the opposite sex unmarried men. As soon as the hyacinth "did the trick", that is to return you from darkness to light and sadness and hope, it is necessary to remove away, at the right time, he again distinguished himself. But astrologically hyacinth is best suited Lions, Aquarius, Sagittarius, although it can not consistently wear and other signs of the zodiac.
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1 Tatiana  
Good information - very bad translation into English.

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