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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Labrador

Labrador - mineral from the group of calc-sodic feldspar. Glitter - from matt to glass. The hardness of 6.0-6.5 on the Mohs scale. Density of 2.7 g/cm3. Other names: black moonstone, bulls eye, spectrolite, Cariati.

Right or wrong were old traditions and occult scientists, we do not know. But just look at the Labrador, to feel how it differs from other gems. Unusual property bull's eye - irisation, or the ability to overflow from different angles in different colors - in nature minerals are rare, and have never seen so vividly and clearly in the case of a Labrador is a quality even given a special name - labradorizatsiey. Basic color Labrador, usually gray, black or brown-yellow, but on the surface of the stone, he pours cold green, blue, blue and violet shades, then flaring up like a fire, then dissolving in opaque black sapphire haze gleams - no wonder it in India peacock stone called a resemblance to a colorful peacock dress.

Labradors are and milky white and fiery red, and green - but they all have a beautiful iridescent shimmer, followed by pearlescent, so that it seems as if the stone is lit from within. Mineralogists also include Labrador to a rare category of "solid solutions" due to his strange, full of cavities and heterogeneous cleavage structure.

In Europe, the Labrador has become widely known since 1770, when it was found on the island of Labrador in northern Canada - soon the Paris and London in full fashionista wore rings, earrings and brooches with a "peacock stone." And during the construction of the Hermitage in 1781 in the vicinity of St. Petersburg suddenly found several blocks with eyes Labrador, which caused a surge in popularity gem in Russia - in the royal residences appeared countertops labrador Petersburg nobility loved gold snuffbox with rainbow stone, and even ball gowns to match the decorations were made of iridescent "tausinogo silk" (in old Russian dialect word "tausin" means "peacock"). "Tausinovaya fashion" lasted half a century - in the middle of the XIX century in the Ukraine was found rich deposits of Labrador, and from then on the stone became actively used in interior and exterior wall: for example, it was used in the decoration of the Lenin Mausoleum, several underground stations g . Moscow and many monumental buildings and landmarks. Labrador today - one of the most popular gemstones, and it is used for inserts in jewelry - rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and more - and to create a sculpture for interior and small furniture items. Produced a labrador still there - the deposit is still not exhausted, and in Burma, and in Ukraine, and about. Labrador in Canada, but the availability of its new thing of the past - now the largest item and the more of the facade facing spektrolita can afford only a man whose condition differs truly royal wealth.

Litoterapevty believe Labrador universal healer and helps to improve the work of all the internal organs and the overall strengthening of the body - for this was not only worn as an ornament, but also infused drink water on it. To relieve the pain in the spine and joints are practicing massage heated bovine eye, put a piece of stone under a mattress. Gem has a powerful influence on the problems with the genitourinary system - eliminates infertility and impotence, solves the problems associated with the prostate gland, helps to eliminate kidney stones, increases libido and restores the lost sexual function for the same purpose it is worn around the waist. Rings (which are to be worn on the middle finger) and pendants Labrador can even help the addict to get rid of painful addiction - in addition, they are easy to withdraw from its owner nervous stress, soothe a feverish excitement, will withdraw from the depression and rebuild the body after exhaustion. Statuette or piece of stone around the headboard, get rid of intrusive nightmares and will cure insomnia, normalize "natural clock" of the body.

Magical power gem was not disclosed until the end - but it is known that it is like no other increases the anticipation and the ability to realize the mystical world, helps to develop psychic abilities and has long been considered a talisman healers and magicians. Labrador awakens in man hitherto hidden talents and help develop them, gives vivid dreams and makes his owner to try to "all things to" do what hitherto seemed unattainable - that's the charm, with which you make the impossible possible. He is considered an amulet of creative people - writers, poets, musicians and artists, he brings his inspiration, the ability to "catch the wave", and with it the fame, recognition and protection of patrons. Stone is very attached to his owner and protects it from all kinds of unpleasant situations and negative minded people. Recommend it as a guardian of peace and prosperity in the house - but keep the statuette or crystal Labrador should be in plain sight, in any case, can not put it under the threshold, as suggested in some sources as a gem every day "see" the situation, actively recycle any negative energy into positive vibes.

Labradors specialists gems distinguish between "gender": a lighter blue with golden shimmer considered masculine, dark brown-green - female. Best buy "married couple" minerals - they not only help to competently and diligently to keep house, but will also protect your family home, learn more careful treatment of his "half." Labrador draws its strength from the Moon - recommended in every full moon to spread it on the window sill to see it, absorbing the rays of the moon, with new forces "Getting Started." Keep in mind that you can not always wear the Labrador on himself, and in any case do not let strangers touch your talisman - aimless touch destroy friendly power stone. Astrologers recommend it to all zodiac signs, without exception, but it is especially useful Lions, Scorpio, Aries and Virgo. Labrador energy associated with the heart, sex and throat chakras.

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