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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Malachite

Malachite - water carbonate of copper. The hardness of 3.5-4.0 on the Mohs scale, density 4.0 g/cm3, silky luster, glass. Other names: copper greens, peacock stone, satin ore murrin.

Ironically, malachite appeared at all in Russia - his first steps on the planet were made in ancient times, when people have the Neolithic it was considered not a decorative material, and hand tools: from powdered malachite, mixed with soda, azurite, acacia sap and other natural binders, primarily produced bright green and blue paint. She summed Egyptians eyes, stained glass, painted ritual objects and walls of the brightness of these dyes, unfading after many centuries, is still legendary. However, although the oldest crafts malachite 10,500 years, initially this was not considered a precious stone - in addition to colors, with it also began to mine the valuable copper ore and malachite sparing evaporated to get a little more expensive copper. However, despite it was made of mineral and green beads and amulets, and mosaic patterns. Interesting fact: to smuggle to India emeralds were mined in Egypt, they hid in the Malachite rings. In Greece, the time of Alexander the Great, malachite appears after the last visit of the East results - Greece and later Rome was seriously fascinated as malachite ornaments and decoration of halls and galleries malachite plates. One of the seven wonders of the world - the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Diana - had a huge tiled malachite columns, some sources claim that after the destruction of the temple columns were somehow transported to Constantinople and used for the St. Sophia Cathedral.

By the beginning of the Middle Ages its abundant malachite Eastern countries almost run out, and then the stone quickly turning into a rare & rising in price.

In India, already during the Middle Ages malachite mosaic decorated with the famous Taj Mahal in China Ming colors of malachite pointed hats empresses. In Europe, occasionally malachite rings, crosses, earrings malachite amulet is credited with such fantastic features as the ability to make the owner invisible, or to teach him the language of animals.

But a flourishing "malachite" stories associated with Russia, where in the 18th century, located in the Urals, along with other sources richest deposits of precious stones "copper green." First Russian aristocrats seriously enthusiastic mineral collection, where the leading role occupied various malachite crystals - entire rooms were given a "fashionable disease" from which a fever high society. Then, with the discovery of diamond cutting factories, malachite began making a range of magnificent large-scale products - floor lamps and vases, bowls and lamps, fireplaces, columns, mosaic table tops and that's not counting the numerous small items of everyday life, the creation of which was in the Urals, one of the major revenue sources . Brooches, necklaces, earrings, rings, Easter eggs, boxes, candle holders were cut almost in every home and in big cities, nobles and manufacturers competed for the right to have the most interesting collection of malachite trinkets. Famous collection of several hundred copies of snuff to crest, from watches to lamps, gathered at Demidov - producer and connoisseur of malachite in one person thanks to him a considerable fraction of Russian malachite got to Europe, France, Italy and England also enthusiastic green stone inkrustiruya them sets and silverware, making from it and cameo brooch, supplemented with diamonds and emeralds. Malachite veneer and interior - now in Russia fully preserved only Malachite Room in the Hermitage, richly decorated in the art of Russian mosaic, special techniques devised by Ural craftsmen especially to save precious malachite, obkleivaya based thin plates patterned stone. "Alive" and decorated with malachite Set in a private office of Alexander I in Tsarskoye Selo. However, at the time a lot of sparkling malachite high buildings - an office of the Empress in the Mikhailovsky Palace, the palace and the residence of the Demidov Yusupov and Sheremetyevo in St. Petersburg. The Hermitage is still possible to see a lot of products that previously were the color of the Russian aristocracy - mantelpiece clocks, candlesticks, candelabra, stands a sculpture, floor vases and bowls in particular could decorate malachite cabinet - it malachite paperweight, ink kits, blotting-pads , boxes for papers, pens, knives and more. Church is not left malachite his attention - crosses were popular and homemade lamps made of malachite, green columns and today boasts of St. Isaac's Cathedral malachite huge rotunda, once stood in the Trinity Cathedral of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, now transferred to the Hermitage.

Certainly, as the huge popularity of malachite was associated with a unique external properties of stone - it is the only mineral green, with its own unique pattern. Coloring his calm, soothing eye - from blue-foliage to deep-emerald, and on the stone surface bloom if painted with a fine brush unknown artist unusual patterns, the landscape, the arbitrary divergent radial grid sag. It is believed that the more the stone curls, and the closer it is to the natural color of the greens, the more powerful his magical background. For all its beauty malachite rather fragile - it must be protected from falls, extreme temperatures, and is only allowed to clean with soap and water, and in any case not to use popular ultrasonic or steam treatment.

Malachite gradually become available and more modest customers - merchants, intellectuals, landed gentry. For the consumer made the so-called big and small sets - the second includes a variety of rings, earrings, two necklaces, pendants, pins, hat, bangles, powder and snuff, as well as a tiara the first addition to the above, consisted of malachite framed in a mirror, candlesticks, vases, Bouvard and casket for jewelry. Top seller was malachite box, pasted inside the velvet or satin, with a mirror on the inside of the lid. Buyer, who took a lot of malachite craft immediately, certainly gave gifts easter egg from the same material.

Over time, malachite wealth languish in the 20's. Malachite is mined for export only, after which the stone at all "over." Now the development of mines in the Ural malachite is sluggish - to develop in general, there is nothing, as if the owner of Copper Mountain, the patroness of miners of the Urals, has once again closed its store rooms from prying eyes. Therefore, malachite is mainly used for small fine jewelry - typically, pendants, earrings and rings, as well as of the interior, such as the desktop sets, jewelry boxes, picture Florentine mosaics, countertops magazine and tea table, which is usually made in a classic style, repeating smart products palaces and estates of the past centuries.

Medicinal properties of malachite have long been known, and most of all it is useful for a variety of skin diseases - allergies, hives, inflammation, acne. It is best to cleanse the skin wearing malachite bracelet, but the beads of green stone will help if your hair is dull and split, or you want to speed up their growth. In addition, suspension, pendant or necklace from malachite useful in asthma and colds. Green cross to wear women preparing to get rid of the burden - it will make childbirth safer and easier for them. Bluish varieties malachite improve vision and serve as prevention for diseases of the eye - it is designed malachite earrings, and a large useful product or crystal, in which you will keep your opinion to fall during the day. A rheumatic attacks recommend to impose on the aching body part malachite plate. Stomach cramps are also subject to the influence of malachite. Note that malachite, among other things reduces background radiation areas, remove heavy elements and is useful for cancers, especially cancer of blood.

Malachite was used as a talisman even when his production dropped to almost zero. For example, it was tied to a crib, the baby did not disturb bad dreams or evil spirits. Worn pieces of malachite, those who worked at high altitudes (eg construction on forests) - it was thought the stone protects against unexpected loss of balance and falling today it just can advise industrial climbers, pilots, amateur sport parachuting and hang gliding. Special power of malachite gives an engraved image of the sun - a mascot becomes a barrier from all that can cause a person to harm, including poisonous snakes and insects and witchcraft. For women who dream of a crowd of fans, malachite will draw them in numbers, even excessive, the fair sex should not straighten malachite into gold, or man's attention would be excessive and aggressive. Malachite is good for people living alone - to them it will attract new and loyal friends, will seamlessly integrate into the new company and to establish a common language with any stranger. Malachite is very useful creative people - artists, writers, musicians, especially if he will frame copper. But the artists to achieve the heights of success in their careers, to wear malachite framed light metals - silver, platinum or aluminum. Astrologically malachite suitable for almost all of the features shown he Capricorn, Libra, Virgo and born in May and June.

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