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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Morion

Black or dark brown quartz, silicon dioxide (silica), opaque. Hardness on the Mohs scale - 7.0 -2.6 g/cm3 density, luster glass. Other names: black quartz.

Morion - a black quartz, which used to be called black rock crystal, as well as a variety of smoky quartz. Such a rare color in minerals morion acquired by radioactive radiation, which is subjected in the host rock, such as granite. Experts disagree as to the origin of the name "Morion" some believe that it comes from the Greek marrosys - «gloomy" or morysso - «Black», others - that the Latin mormorion - «The Dark Crystal." In Europe, this mineral is also called morion, in the U.S. its name - smoky (smokey) quartz - smoky quartz, which is not quite true. The Urals, where Morion always accompanies topaz, beryl and amethyst, rock nicknamed "Smolyak" and "Gypsy" for the characteristic shape of the fracture and its luster.

Morion crystals, similar to the Egyptian obelisks pointed upwards can have zonal coloring: the core is a transparent milky quartz, which consistently grew rock crystal, smoky quartz, citrine, and then to morion. The boundaries between the painted areas may be abrupt or gradual, barely noticeable to the eye. Like other "relatives", Morion loses its color when overheated and becomes transparent, brown, or yellow color, and with strong heating is absolutely colorless. This property is used in jewelry for morion of yellow quartz, which can easily be confused with natural citrine, and rock crystal. Back in the XVI century the Arabs burned morion in special clay forms, Ural miners morion crystals baked in pastry. Quite unfairly this remarkable mineral considered a material for a more "noble" stones. It is beautiful in itself: a strict, deep and pure black, cast, like precious stones, glass glitter, gorgeous, and cut, and balls, and in the pyramids, and in crystals and friends who are generous nature has scattered around the world . Morion location is in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia and the former Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Bashkortostan), Ukraine (Volyn) and Madagascar, as well as in Brazil. Not surprisingly, Morion has long been known and in different cultures. Back in the XVI century BC the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun had a kind of sunglasses morion of the plates with bronze shackles, as morion at first glance is not transparent: faceted, it shines through the edges, and thin plates transparency. Medieval alchemists in Europe used morion experiments in the manufacture of gold and the search for the philosopher's stone.

In Russia, black quartz has been known since the beginning of development of the Urals is known that in 1787, the Princess Catherine Dashkova, the first director of the Russian Academy of Sciences, sent from Yekaterinburg to Mineralogical Cabinet of the Academy of black quartz, covered with transparent crystals. Weighed more than 10 tons of crystals from pegmatites (igneous rock) Volhynia in Ukraine and Kazakhstan found morion crystals weighing 70 tons! However, the use in jewelry, he found only in the second half of the XIX century, when it became popular mourning jewelry made of black stone, and Europe is an epidemic of "sick" mysticism and spiritualism. These were mostly brooches and rings, which can be cut out symbols of mourning: sad female faces, weeping willows, broken columns. In the 30 years of the 20th century, the development of morion was conducted in Volhynia, but he is not extracted for the jewelry industry, and as piezoquartz - regulator of radio waves.

In our time of morion made not only jewelry, but also actively used as an ornamental stone: carved figures out of it, handles for decorative stamps are used for inlays.

Here is what the morion in Russian Lechebnik XIX century: "Who is on the neck Morion, he will not suffer from melancholia, and if it has epilepsy, he will get better." Made to believe that morion able to cure of drug and alcohol abuse, and the stone, though not accumulate negative energy in itself, but it should be cleaned regularly with cold running water. It is believed that the plates or articles made of black quartz, superimposed to the affected area to help in the treatment of joint diseases, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system and blood disorders. Morion called stone of dreams, as it is believed that it helps with insomnia. Perhaps, looking at his smooth polished black granite-like dark waters of Styx, and really want to relax and fall asleep.

There are many superstitions and legends associated with the morion, most of them have alleged connection to world beyond the grave, the ability to summon spirits of the dead during the seance and even the ability to contain a demonic entity. These legends were fixed, most likely, at the time of mystical enthusiasm, as well as associated with his rare among minerals, black, associated with people with all mysterious. With this black quartz stone is considered magicians and mediums and use them in rituals and séances.

Morion protects Scorpio and Capricorn, less cancers and Libra.
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