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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Obsidian

Obsidian - volcanic glass wool rock. Formed by the solidification of acidic viscous lava. Hardness of 6.5 on the Mohs scale, a density of 2.3 g/cm3, a silky luster, glass. Other names: obsidan, resin stone, royal agate stone bottle, mountain tree, Iceland agate, Wasser-beryl, mountain Jet, persian, snow obsidian, Apache tears, Tokay luxury sapphires, muslin stone, jade Montana.

History obsidian has at least 9000 years - but it is possible that our ancestors knew him before that, because to get a splinter of obsidian, dig it out of the lava, it was pretty easy. Already during the Paleolithic obsidian manufacture axes, spears and knives. Later, with the development of a culture of stone, obsidian became known around the world, but its current name comes from ancient Rome, the legislator Gemstone fashion antiquity - a stone was named after the Roman Obsidiusa, which was first presented to the emperor mineral found them in North Africa, new immediately became material for rings, statues and sculptures. In general, for the most part, in the ancient obsidian knives and scalpels made that were much sharper than the more imperfect iron tools, and ritual objects - knives for sacrifice, amulets, figurines of gods and idols. In Egypt, obsidian vessels placed incense, believing that because they last longer maintain their properties, and make him the ritual masks, Aztec ritual mirrors were made of polished obsidian, and obsidian daggers fought the conquistadors. Because of its colors obsidian many centuries retains the glory of "ritual" stone - so, in Christian times of him began to make clear to the faithful. In India, the obsidian used yoga and mysticism to connect with the energy of the Earth. In some European countries, obsidian is still considered a stone that can be worn only during the funeral ceremonies. In the Caucasus, for example, obsidian came from the very thought of hell and called "fragments clutches of Satan." In the 18th century it was considered good form to wear jewelry with a lot of different stones, whose first letters form words, desire and obsidian always used when the word was - hope or good luck. A new wave of popularity obsidian gave House of Faberge, which at the end of the 19th century began to include it in their products. Obsidian today - one of the most famous gems used to manufacture a variety of products, ranging from all sorts of jewelry and finishing decorative statues, figurines, dishes, vases, writing and desk sets, clocks, and even decorative fountains.

Traditionally, obsidian is an opaque rock of thick black. But in fact, he may have a different color: to be grayish, reddish-brown, black-brown, blue-black, green is also known as snow obsidian - black, covered with lots of white "snowflakes". Rarity - to meet the rainbow obsidian-like labrador color modulations resembling the color drop of oil. Obsidians are "bubble", as if the walls of which are inlaid tiny crystals of gas. Sometimes appears on the surface of the stone image of curved lines, gradually hardens as it moves lava. Contact with the product should be carefully made of obsidian, and especially to avoid bumps and falls, as well as a very high temperature, clean the stone can only cold water and soap.

The healing power of large obsidian - earlier view was that in order to protect against all diseases, we just have to wear an amulet of obsidian. It is a powerful purifier of the whole body and individual organs of the body and it heals the skeletal system, calms the nerves. The problems associated with the genitals - disease, impotence, frigidity, - also subject to obsidian. In addition, obsidian effectively helps with colds that occurred as a result of hypothermia the body heals the gastrointestinal tract, and beads or beads made from this material normalize blood pressure. Long wearing obsidian jewelry enhances immunity and defenses, improves performance and multiplies physical endurance. Besides the use of obsidian products litoterapevty placed on the patient's belly navel or groin for a few minutes crystal obsidian.

Obsidian Energy is closely linked with the power of the fire element. So first of all it is a stone-defender, able to protect them from attack, the negative effects of magic, betrayal loved one. Obsidian, oddly enough, efficiently cools the hot heads, inhibits aggressive, taught to make informed decisions, not to rush headlong into the fire, and develops intelligence and intuition - especially the written instruments and table decorations made of obsidian in your workplace, promote concentration Mind and bracelets and rings with obsidian. This is a great mascot for students, scientists, naturalists. In addition, obsidian - a traditional stone magicians, astrologers, mystics and seers, he helps develop foresight gives power over the unseen, opens his master secret of things. Ball or a mirror of obsidian - a beautiful object for divination, of not less than rock crystal. By the way, the latter is a traditional stone-satellite obsidian in mystical amulets - a child of volcanic fire and stone from the "frozen ice" complement each other, mutually reinforcing effect. But with ruby ​​obsidian contrary "not friendly." Wear a ring with obsidian best on the middle finger. Astrologically obsidian suitable Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Scorpio.

In the strict sense of the word obsidian - not even mineral. However, the dark mass of glassy won the sympathy of man since ancient times, and to this day remains one of Obsidian's most well-known and commonly used in jewelry and gems stone-cutting business. What is to blame - the beautiful appearance, physical abilities, or, perhaps, hot subsurface energy hiding in a nondescript-looking piece of stone? This stone is seen a lot - they fought a bloody battle, it saw the vague outlines of the future, he was worshiped in the mysterious temples and admire the lush balls. And he ... he looks at all is quiet, it's not in his power to change human nature, to stop the eternal dance of life and death. Though our ancestors believed that black stones are mysterious and dangerous - in fact, the black color only the reverse side of the world, and sometimes it was with his help, we can look into the face of destiny - in his own mouth of the volcano.
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