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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Ocellar quartz
Ocellar quartz
Ocellar quartz

Ocellar feldspar - quartz mineral from the group. Formed when silica in the form of fibrous and dense masses includes a massive light-colored fibrous material. Variety: Cat's Eye (includes asbestos fibers or epidote), falcon or hawk eye (includes fibers rhodusite and crocidolite), tiger eye (includes crocidolite). Silky luster, hardness 7-8 on the Mohs scale.

Ocellar quartz or spar - one of the most unusual species of the well-known quartz differ, however, from the traditional amethyst or citrine as day from night. This opaque iridescent stones, the depths of which shines after cutting vertical "pupil." Distinguish them by color - Tiger's Eye has a striped yellow-brown coloring, like a falcon's eye galleries skin has a bluish-gray and blue shades of the cat's eye's light, it is green, greenish-yellow, honey tones, really resembling cat's eyes. When heated, tiger's eye becomes brown cherry color - these minerals are called bull's eyes, bloodshot eyes resembling a bull. They are known from ancient times, and were loved by both large empires and small indigenous tribes, hidden in a jungle of tropical forests. In India and Sri Lanka ocellar rocks, especially the tiger's eye, considered along with rubies and diamonds. In the Hindu tradition, they are associated with the holy trinity of gods: the cat's eye is dedicated to Vishnu, falcon - Brahma, brindle - Shiva. In excavations in the ruins of ancient cities found many charms of a cat's eye with this cat's paw - scientists believe that they were talismans clairvoyants and seers. Ocellar quartz mined in India today, as well as Russia, South Africa and the Czech Republic. The most massive in the world of crystal cat eye weighing more than sixty-two pounds belongs to the British royal house.

As members of a "family", "Scout" have similar properties. All of them treat inflammatory processes in the body, blood disorders, bone and lymphatic system, improve immunity, improve the thymus and spleen. They all help with colds, but is especially good cat's eye - it will help in chronic tonsillitis and even asthma, as well as treats and prevents mental illness, soothes, relieves depression and neurosis. Hawkeye, like all blue and blue minerals, especially good for the tired eyes and is recommended for people who have been working with the computer, and also help with kidney disease, low blood pressure, facilitates regular bleeding in women. Brindle is effective in diseases of the digestive system, relieves insomnia and nightmares, helps restore the body after major operations, litoterapevty impose it on the sore areas of the body for psoriasis.

All ocellar rocks are primarily defenders - probably the best of all huge semi-precious palette. At the approach of danger they seemed heavier, alerting the owner, a ring or a bracelet start to "squeeze" the hand. Cat's eyes, anticipating the problem becomes different to the touch, falcon may darken after a meeting with the undesirable for your plans and wishing you evil person. Craps should be only in silver, like any amulets. Areola of the very large - they protect the owners from accidents, physical and mental attacks, diseases, troubles. I must say, "Scout" picky and only help to worthy people, but selecting the host, are extremely devoted to him. Should not wear them to people with "dual" point of view on things, not able to cope with them, because these stones are clearly trying to do your mental "order", and flour a doubt, when you yourself do not understand what is the harm to you, and that - good, they can crack. Each of the eye of the stones is responsible for the field of activity: the cat's eye keeps your personal life - prevents family disorders, involves mutual love and sympathy of others, protects against cheating tiger helps around the house and makes you zealous owner, store wealth, strengthens the will to win , helps entrepreneurs to get rid of competitors falcon helps to fight the enemies, protect against slander, protects against the adverse effects of the astral, the evil eye and spoilage. Astrologically cat's eye most of all cancers and shows a Pisces, falcon - Aquarius, Capricorn and Scorpio, Tiger - Virgo and Gemini, but you can wear them all the signs of the Zodiac, without exception.

"Scout" - stones, as if to stand apart from all other gems and power influence, and his strange appearance. Of course, no relation to the real animals do not have the stones, but still looking at them, we are reminded of the truth of living in black and green iridescent pupils predator intently watching the victim or just contemplate the beauty of nature ... And it seems that, just watching us ocellar crystals - carefully - for their masters, with fear and cruelty - for those who planned to cause any harm to the host. And involuntarily feel secure, like a little shining "glazik" actually hides a spark of life, as if watching us watchful eye of Destiny.
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