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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Ofiokaltsit

Green marble or ofiokaltsit - limestone veined serpentinite. Mineralogical Class: rock, fine-grained marble serpentizirovanny. Crystals - opaque. Glitter - silky glass. The hardness of 5.0-6.0 on the Mohs scale, density 2.6 g/cm3.

Ofiokaltsit, translucent green mineral, which in ancient times was considered a kind of green marble, is far superior to the latter in terms of hardness, and even a fall will not bring him harm. This is an interesting semi-precious gem from a marble base and precious inclusions Ophites - iridescent, like opal, precious species notorious in Russia serpentine stone. If natural serpentine like snake skin, then pale green or yellow-green blooms ofiokaltsita surface mesh or striped pattern of diverging in different directions olive, swamp or brownish streaks that resemble small snakes crawling in the spring grass - no wonder the word "ophite" in Greek means "serpent."

Ofiokaltsit was extremely popular in antiquity - from Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, where, in fact, it was first opened, the stone moved to the center of the Christian world of Byzantium, where for a long time to decorate palaces and temples. In the Islamic world ofiokaltsit came with bloody wars against the infidels, as a result of which, together with gold and jewels, and the winners got a beautiful green stone, which came to the court of eminent Muslims adoring green color in the interior - now in the green patterns harem beauties frolicked and ate powerful twitter sultans. Ofiokaltsit loved in ancient China, also known predilection for eye soothing color effects of leaves and grass. Lost popularity and green marble in the Renaissance, when the wave of interest in all rocks the ancient Italian masters began to revive the ancient mosaic art and old facing materials - marble white and green flowers in bloom now in brilliant residences European kings. In tsarist Russia to the discovery ofiokaltsita the Urals in the 18th century, the stone was imported from Greece, whose mines began working BC, at the time still languish - stone is widely used for cladding and interior design, manufacturing vases, table tops and decoration items.

Today ofiokaltsit still popular - the degree of resistance to abrasion, resistance to temperature and wear is perfect for finishing stairs and floors, even with a large volume of traffic. Due to the low permeability and it is often used for finishing wet areas - pools, bathrooms, saunas and steam baths. Of course, modern masters use stone and to create jewelry and small sculptures - you can find necklaces, beads, bracelets, charms, vases, boxes, statuettes and other ornaments of ofiokaltsita. Often it is found in exclusive paintings and stone panels done in the technique or bulk Florentine mosaic. Ofiokaltsita mining is still going in the Urals, in addition, it is mined in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Ukraine.

As the coil ofiokaltsit has excellent medicinal properties, but its impact is wider scale, as it contains two interrelated principles: Marble (Yin) and ophite (Yang). Therefore litoterapevty use balls ofiokaltsita for manual recovery massages, restoring energy balance and harmonizing the whole body. In addition, ofiokaltsit improves circulation, promotes the resorption of hematoma, reduces fatigue and stress, helps with nervous exhaustion, muscle cramps, and shaking. Stone can prevent the owner of the impending disease: it gets warmer, with health improving, and if turns cold when approaching exacerbation. Like all other types of coil, it is believed that ofiokaltsit a powerful talisman of various poisons, poisoning and problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Stone energetically connected with the heart chakra Anahata, which suggests that it is useful in diseases of the heart and for the normalization of the cardiovascular system.

Ofiokaltsit - powerful cleaner space, so it's good to have a home item or piece of ofiokaltsita that will be filtered by passing through that any negative impact will be neutralized. It strengthens the character, has the will and self-control, smooths emotions and emotional outbursts. A talisman for pharmacists, doctors, healers, homeopaths and massage therapists - it feeds their energy, gives strength and skills activities to help people, feeling the essence of their physical problems. Ofiokaltsit - stone for inquisitive explorer who dreams know itself, unlock the mysteries of the world and the universe, who never tires of learning new things - such a person will successfully gem gnaw granite of science and raise the curtain on the most exciting mysteries of the universe. Ofiokaltsit guards and magical intervention in our lives - corruption, evil eye, love spell. In his personal life ofiokaltsit helps preserve confidence and attractiveness to partner attracts mutual love and protects from bad choices. Astrologically ofiokaltsit shows Aries, Gemini, Pisces and cancers, as well as people with II-nd group of blood.
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