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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Onyx

Onyx - a variety of agate, chalcedony variously zonal education, where the layers are distributed plane-parallel to each other. Hardness of 7.0 on the Mohs scale, density 2.5-2.8 g/cm3, shiny glass. Other names of the mineral and its varieties: jam Nogat, sardonyx, carnelian, onyx marble, ribbon agate, eldzhazo.

Today, we meet often in the form of onyx pretty inexpensive trinkets - animal figures, stands for pens, business card holders, ashtrays, candleholders, and other art objects, it is affordable to almost everyone. Therefore, it seems sometimes that this stone - one of those "average", which is absolutely not true. In fact, Onyx - this thing is "double down" on the one hand, it serves as material for handicrafts, the other - to create a costly vase, mantels, countertops and wall tiles. Designers onyx especially loved for their unique qualities - this mineral has excellent light transmission capacity, and to deal with it sometimes difficult - for this board must have a minimum thickness of 3 cm So often made of onyx lamp shades for floor lamps and table lamps, and here it is competition - just try to make a lamp shade made of malachite and jasper! Interesting and floor onyx vessel, which houses the light source, resulting in the room gets a completely unique flavor and sometimes onyx make stained glass or wall panel with concealed lighting.

Fortunately, the onyx, and colors do not hurt - painting it the most diverse, and the only thing that unites the various tone onyx - a characteristic layering of alternating colored stripes run parallel to each other, not curled as in Agatha, in concentric circles, sagging. The most typical onyx called "Arab" - it has layers of black and white in carnelian-onyx combines subtle red-orange and white stripes, in sardonyx - red-brown with white and light orange-brown. There are still onyx with gray and white layers, as well as those in which the collected different shades of gray.

But the green varieties, which are found on the shelves of jewelry stores more often - it's not actually onyx, marble and onyx, which composition and origin nothing to agate, and, accordingly, Onyx, has not. However, onyx marble itself is very beautiful and is not inferior to Onyx "original": it has dozens of marble onyx-colored varieties, which include pink and amber, and blue, and dark blue, and brown, and white, and red, and many other shades. His name is onyx marble, which has essentially the form of marble rocks, received for his drawing, wavy-striped and layered, similar to onyx. However, depending on which direction was sawn stone, marble onyx as distinct from onyx and is spotty, and covered with stripes.

Temple of Solomon - not a single case of onyx in the ancient world. Moreover, the stone was so popular that one of its names in Indian lapidary - "Gemma" - later came to mean generally any gem, and then transformed, as you might guess, the "gemology" - the science of gems. The word 'onyx' comes from the Greek definition of the nail, as a change in the rock strata was similar to the layered nail plate. At the same time the Arabic Onyx was called "eldzhazo" - sad stone it is often used in the decoration of tombs and shrines, such as the mausoleum of Gur Emir in Samarkand, the final resting place of the rulers of the House of Timur. And in the famous Kaaba mosque in black onyx set into the wall - the same "stone Kaaba", to which pilgrims came to worship.

From the black-and-white onyx was cut "Gonzaga Cameo" This is the biggest cameo in the world - the size of its reach 26h31 cm - and the most famous. Established two thousand years ago and more than 20 figures depicting emperors, their retainers and POW, she had time to be in a variety of hands, including the emperor Constantine, Louis IX, Pope Clement VI, Charles V, and finally Napoleon, who called it the "Great cameo France."

Marble onyx also found wide application - it was very popular, for example, in Egypt, where green onyx veneer pools and baths Pharaohs vessels and vases of onyx is widely used in Assyria. In the tomb of Tutankhamun found a beautiful lamp in marble onyx - when it lit a fire on the wall clearly emerges the image of King and his entourage. Onyx in the interior can be seen in the columns of a Moscow metro station "Kiev", as well as in the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin.

Onyx has the interesting property - it pulls like a disease of the damaged organ, so to ease the suffering from colic, pain in the kidneys, liver and other internal organs, Onyx recommended to put on the affected area of ​​the body. It has a cooling effect, so is useful for removing inflammation and other problems associated with the anomalous increase in body temperature, or its individual parts. Very good onyx effect on nervous disorders - depression, insomnia, stress and its effects, suicidal tendencies for this it is worn in a pendant at the solar plexus. In addition, Onyx treat rheumatic conditions, facilitates meteozavisimost, increases the potency. That present on a piece of onyx water reduces appetite and therefore useful to those who want to lose weight, and sits on a diet. And if you always wear the product with onyx on the body, it improves and harmonizes the body works as a whole, enhances memory and hearing.

Energy influence onyx significantly only when its host is sincere and kind person. It is called the "stone of leaders" - it helps to be a leader in his chosen path, to gain power over the people, ideas, and discover the secret machinations of enemies and competitors, gives eloquence. Black Onyx is useful for business and business - it makes one enterprising, gives fresh strength, awakens earnest desire for material wealth and teaches you how to achieve what you want and keep the take "height." Onyx with light and white stripes, in contrast, cool mind, does not allow openly to show anger or to make impulsive and rash acts. Generally onyx - one of the few gems that are particularly recommended for the elderly, he protects them from loneliness and violent memories, brings to life the fraction of healthy optimism, and being inserted into a ring or ring that protects against premature death. Useful onyx and representatives of creative professions, especially writers and singers, as well as dealing with public relations and PR - because the stone has long been a symbol of eloquence and casual conversation. In the privacy of onyx beads come in handy for married women who do not wish to bring to her husband over the reins in the family - it will allow the ladies gradually and imperceptibly "edit" in the house. By the way, you can straighten onyx any metal other than gold. Astrologically Onyx and its variants suitable Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leos, Taureans.

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