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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Opal

Opal - amorphous variety of quartz with variable water content (6-10%). The hardness of 6.0-6.5 on the Mohs scale, density 1.9-2.5 g/cm3, fragile, shiny greasy.

Other names of the mineral and its varieties: the eye of the world, gidrofan, opal-Mutter, harlequin, Vidra, Hyalite, pearl opal cacholong, Müller glass dzhirasol, tseazit, firestone.

Unique coloring opal, on whose surface is continuously play, then flashing, then disappearing, colorful patches of all colors, due to its unusual structure: as a part of the stone a lot of water, and in fact is a kind of gel inside which move tiny balls - rock particles. It is this constant movement of the eye and gives flowery modulations that occur in this case, in the literal sense of the word inside the stone. All types of opal over 130, and opalescence - specific diamond play of light - and rainbow iridescence fully differ only in some of them, called "precious opal." The most accessible of these milky white opal with diffuse opalescence in addition, there are the black opals basic "background", which turns bright fairy purple, red, blue and green flashes, harlequins, whose primary color is orange-fire with mosaic inclusions of yellow, blue and emerald flashes and dzhirasol - translucent pearl-white stone with pink, sky and golden highlights, and a royal opal with a thick mixture of colors, based on the red and green tones. Also interesting lehos-opal sea green, fiery opals, almost transparent, hyacinth blue, orange, cherry and blue opaque opal. Precious opal family of these minerals are not limited to: hyalite fairly well known, clear as glass and shimmering like a pearl, yellow wax opal, milky opal pastel-colored, opaque white cacholong honey. Gidrofan, a third of the water, when immersed in water becomes transparent as glass, in the normal state is white and porous to Durga name - "Eye of the World", and it is believed that in turn gidrofany precious opals, wear out over time. It should be noted that the disgrace - really quite fragile stones, which are often simply "dry up" and lose their beauty - but you can try to recover by holding the mineral in the water for several days. However, if handled with opal carefully, avoiding prolonged his stay in the bright sunlight, heat or contact with cosmetics, dirty water or chemically colored liquid, the brooch, ring or earrings opals, which, to reveal the full multi-colored iridescence, usually treated as cabochons, faithfully serve for many years as they served many powers that be.

A love for opals come from ancient times - the name itself dates back to sankritskomu word «upala», which means "precious stone." Pliny called it "paydoros" - love the child, and wrote of him: "Some of its shining colors argue with an artist's palette, the other - with the flame of burning sulfur or of fire, which podlito oil." The story of the ring the Roman senator Nonniya, which was inserted into precious opal valued at current cash rate of about 100 thousand dollars - Mark Antony, the ruler of the eternal city, determined to undercover proscription, confiscation of property from unwanted citizens to take away the coveted Senator opal. Nonniyu given a choice - to leave a stone the size of a hazelnut, or with all his wealth, and he, surprisingly, chose to censure, poverty and exile of losing a loved jewelry, which in Roman times was a symbol of hope.

Magnificent opal called "orfanus" - "orphan" - shone in the crown of the Holy Roman Emperor Constantine, who publicly stated about the miraculous qualities of the stone, its ability to protect the power, the honor and the life of the owner, glow in the dark and do his master, if necessary invisible . As a result, Opal became popular with the representatives of the dark corners - thieves and robbers, but the aristocracy sharply opals fell out. And has contributed to the fact that, according to Scandinavian mythology was forged Opal smith of the gods of ... eyes of young children. Thus, in the early Middle Ages, opal has become a symbol of witchcraft, evil Eye, a fixture in the arsenal of a witch or an alchemist, part of the dark and mysterious potions.

Later, however, opals are in vogue again - spread belief that the alleged opal jewelry fueled beauty blond hair, and European blonde XVI century begin to wear opal necklace. Popularity gradually returned to the stone - but still love the royal personages, such as French or Italian Medici Josephine Bonaparte, possessing opal "Burning of Troy", weighing 600 Opals adored Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, always wore opal jewelry after Queen Victoria of Britain Opening at the end of XIX century rich deposits in Australia. Today, more than 90% of the opal mining accounts for this country, and opals are often used as inserts in various decorations - for example, the last few years, many jewelry houses such as Cartier, de Grisogono, Carrera y Carrera, producing a ring and earrings with a fashionable milk pink or white opal Cacholong.

It should be noted that natural defect-free opal - a great rarity, whose cost is astronomical. So many stones and elevated before the sale, in order to improve their external quality. For example, to increase the strength and durability of opal impregnated with colorless oil, wax or resin. Often you can find on the market and grown opals, which cost ten times lower than those found in nature - and should not be afraid, because these stones are the result of simulating the natural conditions in the laboratory birth of opal from the same natural particles. "Outside" ennobled and raised opals are no different from the "natural", and is available at a price and the average buyer.

Opal energy comprised the seven colors of the spectrum and, thus, is very strong as a healer. It improves the condition of internal organs without exception, protects against infections, headache and toothache. Especially good opal displays the body of any toxins, thus purifying the blood system, vrachuya kidneys, stomach and intestines. With a weakened, post-traumatic conditions, in the postoperative period opal indispensable - he quickly revives the body, promotes cell regeneration. Heart disease is also subject to favor, as the unstable pressure, insomnia, impotence. Pregnant Opal is recommended to ensure a quick and painless childbirth. At the same time, if a girl at that time did not want to give birth to children, the Opal will prevent conception and restrain the growth of hair on the hidden parts of the body, thus helping to improve the appeal. Influence opal cover pituitary and pineal, so on brain activity, growth, balance of sexual and intellectual activity. Those whose work is related to eye strain, opal is also useful, since ancient times believed that it improves vision.

Magee advised to wear jewelry with opal only successful and bright periods of his life - he quickly gathers himself and concentrated emotion. For the same reason as the only appropriate mascot Opal confident and optimistic people, weak and limp it will cause harm, repeatedly reinforcing their own shortcomings. He does not like opal and too selfish and self-centered - everything else it gives success and victory in any case, because in fact it contains a wide variety of quality stones, and can serve in any enterprise. For example, opal protects the owner from the adverse impacts of magic machinations of enemies. Creative people in the living room for creativity and imagination, Opal gently leads to life, protecting from trouble developing their spirit and talent - with such a person can be a simple servant, fit to work "with a twinkle." Fire Opal - money amulet good businessman or worn on its own or spread out inside the office or shop to attract customers. Good wear opal doctors and healers - he would send them the right way, will help to establish the diagnosis and lead the patient in order. Love opal brings reciprocity and personal happiness.

By the way, do not wear the opal on the same finger - ring would be better to "work" if you do during the day will be constantly moving it from one hand to another. Straighten it in a silver. Astrologically Opal fits all, most of all - Cancers, Pisces, Scorpio Fire Opal is suitable for Sagittarius, cacholong - for cancer, Libra, Pisces and Taurus.
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