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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Pomegranate

Grenades - silicate mineral group class. Can be any color except blue. Hardness - 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Density 3,4-4,3 g/sm3.Prozrachny or nearly transparent, shiny glass or resinous

Garnet - a stone of passion, though a fire hardened human heart - was loved and respected, not only lords of medieval Europe, who wore it in rings and adorned their armor, in order to protect the march of the poison, injury and loss of blood. In Ancient Egypt, grenades were inserted into the eye socket of statues of the gods, and in the ancient world, emerald, garnet as called in the old days was the mascot of pregnant women and was designed to provide favorable resolution of the burden - they wore necklaces and cut them cameos. In Persia, pomegranate is a symbol of power - it cut out silhouettes padishahs. According to biblical legend, during the flood Noah was a huge lamp red garnet - in the ancient sources of evidence can be found of a mysterious "inner glow" garnets. Red Garnet is a sacred stone of Mongolia, where the fire is revered as the most important element - the earlier Mongols believed that if you find a piece of grenade yourself, then you use it to open all the treasures of the earth. Garnet loved and in the East, where the soldiers are still sometimes take the battle decorations with grenades, and in the West, where the crimson-purple pomegranate has become a symbol of the Romantic era of the late 19th century, and was the most popular strip for jewelry. The great Goethe, in his later fell in love with 18-letnyuyuyu girl gave her famous garnet jewelry set containing 460 large stones.

Pomegranate - one of the favorite stones in. It is actively used in the early Middle Ages - a violet-red stones inserted into rings, earrings, hats, encrusted in armor, clothes trimmed court grenades can be seen in the famous "Cap of Monomakh". Interestingly, the love was grenades and among the common people - the peasants wore necklaces of Bechet (red garnet) and threatened each other with tales of what's grenade on his forehead sea monsters, vipers that the top woman, but from the bottom to get a crocodile, an emerald, it is necessary was supposed to wait until the viper will remove it from the forehead during a bath and put on the sea shore, and daring thief got through this grenade access to the underground treasure ...

One of the largest garnet inserted into the Order of the Golden Fleece Saxon kings and weighs 468.5 carats - though these stones are quite common, but large crystals are rarely caught. Transparent grenade clean water cost about $ 10,000 per carat, the beginning of the 20th century, the quality of grenades valued equally with natural alexandrite and noble opal. Treated grenades today stepped brilliant cut, down cabochon garnets entirely treated to stone represented himself in the literal sense of the word "drop of blood." In addition to the cut stones, you can purchase brushes and Druze green, brown-red and orange garnet - they are decorative and less popular than the well-known amethyst and quartz druses and geodes, and get through the game whimsical bright colors superb addition to any interior. One thing to keep in mind the owners of jewelery with grenades - that under direct sunlight stone gradually fade, and it must be stored in a dry place.

The name "garnet" immediately conjures up thoughts of sweet and sour southern fruit, filled with ruby-red seeds - and it is believed that it happened from the Latin word «granatus» - pomegranate seeds. Another version - that the name comes from the «granum» - grains are usually really, garnet crystals resemble its original form of grains, and even many varieties of pomegranate, like beans in a bag - and at the same time it is one and the same mineral ...

The most common one is called pyrope garnets (from the Greek word "piropos" - flaming). This is the most "characteristic" of the family - the color of dark-red with blood glow, sometimes with purple-brown shade, very similar to a pomegranate seed. Pyrope - the "old" from pomegranates, just loved him in Mesopotamia and Rome, it wore the Crusaders and the eastern lords, but today it is more story - pyrope have become quite rare.

A little-known species of pyrope - rhodolite, transparent and deep-pink or pink-purple stone, sometimes having alexandrite effect: Daylight has purple or blue, and the artificial raspberry. Rhodolite was discovered only in the late 19th century in the United States, and to this day remains a rare and expensive stone, often used today with gems I order jewelry de luxe.

Almandine - another well-known type of mineral garnet, he was the most "carbuncle" of Russian tales, almandine widely used in old Russian jewelry and ornaments Romantic period. His color is usually purple-red or cherry, dense and very beautiful - It is often confused with rubies.

Spessartite - rarely found a beautiful stone that has colors of honey-yellow to orange-brown, sometimes with the alexandrite effect. Most of its crystals are imperfect - they have a lot of natural cracks and muddy, so no stones over 5 carats are considered unique.

The name grossular garnet comes from the Latin «ribes grossularia» - gooseberries, because for the most part of this mineral has a color close to the gooseberry-green. This is quite a popular stone - known as its species, such as yellow-green tsavorite, raspberry pink and colorless rozolit with a bluish tinge leykogrossulyar grenades.

Hessonite - the most well known form of grossular, it features a bright orange-brown coloring, and from a distance it looks red, and near, as it were lighter and yellow. Hessonite is rather fragile and require careful handling it more dense translucent variety - honey-orange Rumyantsevo.

Andradite - a large family of andradite garnet actually has the color of the brown-brown to maroon and is very common. However, different types of andradite may be yellow, and orange, and green, and transparent, and opaque with a pearly sheen. To apply the same mystic andradite garnets - a rare blue-gray shorlomit and Melanie, a little-known in Russia, but popular in Catholic Europe, almost opaque black stone. Used to manufacture the Catholic rosary, it is used in religious ceremonies of mourning, love to his monks in Italy and France.

Andradite became famous after the discovery of its varieties - demantoid. First, to find him in 1868 in the Urals, he was compared to chrysotile, but after a few years found it belongs to grenades, and he was truly loved rock era of Russian modernism late 19th - early 20th centuries. Demantoid has unique grassy emerald color and crystal clear, and to this day remains the most expensive of the garnets. Variety demantoid - topazolit, light yellow tea color stone, similar in appearance with a golden topaz.

Uvarovite - another bright green garnet-like bottle glass, found in 1831 in Russia and named in honor of Count Uvarov mineralogist. For the beauty of it is called Ural emerald. Uvarovite is extremely rare and usually occurs in the form of small or very small brushes, crystal jewelry, which are highly valued in the market.

Gamma healing effects garnet is very large, with separate spheres of influence should be on the main color. Thus, green and yellow-green garnet soothe effectively treat central nervous system, restore the body after injury, surgery, strokes. They control the cardiovascular system and metabolism, detoxifies the body and treat eye and ear. Red and purple garnets affect the circulatory system - increase blood circulation, useful in anemia and other similar problems. They help with sexual dysfunction, infertility, frigidity and impotence. In addition, red garnets reduce inflammation, fever, reduce the severity of infectious diseases, enhance immunity and improve the complexion. It is believed that the yellow and orange garnets - it rocks the vital energy, they stimulate the brain, contribute to the regeneration of damaged tissues and organs. Orange garnets treated spleen and bone marrow, are useful for headaches, provides pregnant women an easy delivery.

Since ancient times, when there were only known garnet red scales, he was considered a stone that can arouse passionate desire - believed that the hand of its owner, with a great desire, grenades like engorged with blood. However, the effect of pomegranate rather beneficial - it not only develops the feelings and emotions of its owner, but also gives him the will to win, gives energy and power, opens up new horizons. Pomegranate has always been a talisman of love - it gave people dear to the heart to maintain the mutual warmth and candor. Red garnets help achieve victory and reach the pinnacle of power, protect the journey. They are shown to speakers and politicians, since they can help people to "light" crowd, give them your inner fire. Creative people red garnets give inspiration and new ideas. Yellow and orange garnets useful stubborn and hard-working people, they are presented with a desire for change and help implement these changes, improve well-being. Orange garnets stimulate the mind, this mascot of scientists and researchers, in addition, orange pomegranate protects against any negative impact and relieves depression. Green garnets - powerful amulets for business, they attract money and wealth, promote the beginning of new things, develop an innovative approach to business. It is also the stone of family happiness, to the house he brings peace and harmony, protects against negativity. Black and gray grenades - dark charms of magicians and seers, they develop intuition and clarify future link with the world of the dead.

Garnet should wear in the ring on the ring finger and little finger, as well as at the level of the chest or solar plexus or pendant necklace. Do not combine in one product red and green garnets, as their effect is opposite to each other. Astrologically grenades suits almost all signs of the zodiac - because he has enough variety to any type of energy. Red, purple and orange garnets are most suitable for Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius. Black, purple and brown grenades - stones Capricorn and Scorpio. Green garnets fit Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn. In addition, all the grenades - mascots born in 11 and 19 lunar days.
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