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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Pyrite

Pyrite - iron sulfide, one of the most common minerals on Earth. The hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, density of 4,9-5,2 g/cm3, melting point of 1188 ° C. Metallic luster. Insoluble in water.

Name destructive elements that can both save lives and take it easy - the fire, the stone is called pyrite - from the Greek "Piros" fire. Pyrite - the first match of man, it is thanks to him that the fireplace in medieval castles and puffing tube gallant soldier of Hans Christian Andersen's still one name pyrite - Flint. With the force of impact on a small, well-kept hand, a piece of pyrite kresalom steel, carved a shower of sparks that ignited the dry moss fibers, linen or cotton - tinder. As Flint people know pyrite from the early Middle Ages, when the German miners noticed an unusual effect - with the impact of a steel pickaxe developed by the rock, pyrite crumbles and forms a set of red and yellow sparks. Interestingly, the steel must be dry - wet pyrite is not flammable, like water, the eternal antagonist of fire, do not give him to get out. With the advent of matches pyrite slowly become a regular guest mineral collections thanks to its beautiful crystal structure, and sometimes is used to manufacture pendants, necklaces and brooches. Pyrite is mined in the Urals, as well as in the U.S., Canada, Azerbaijan, Norway, Sweden, France and Germany. In South Africa, there is a significant deposit, where a number of pyrite adjacent uranium - this is not a small "explosion" of sparks, and the promise of all-consuming fire.

Pieces of solid brass-yellow stone looks a bit like gold nuggets - in good old England, he even gave a curious nickname - "fool's gold", as many unlucky miners bought with gold glitter pyrite crystals. But in fact directly related to pyrite in gold - for the miners is a kind of a sign that is hiding somewhere near Gold Ore. Loved pyrite medieval alchemists possessed a dream to provide a method of gold "out of nothing" - they believe that gold molecules are hidden inside the stone, and we just using a clever experiment to give them a "go" outside.

In general, pyrite is not one of those stones that are second to none "Doctor" for his master: that the lot of children land or water, fire the stone rather affects the nervous system, feeding it after strong exhaustion, healing depression and improving mood. He literally "lights" of the owner inside - does not remain empty regrets, no apathy or sadness. However, the already overly excitable and hyperactive people wear pyrite is not worth it. Litoterapevty argue that the properties of pyrite close to that of real gold and it fuels the body, normalizing all internal processes, increases energy and performance. More than three consecutive days pyrite wear is not recommended - its impact too much.

Magical properties of pyrite are huge - it is considered a "man's" mascot, who immediately began a powerful and even a sharp impact on the owner. It increases the sex appeal, greatly increases the potency and libido, makes a man eloquent and confident. This is the stone of leaders who strive to reach the top - he teaches "light" crowd, relieves fears and doubts, gives charisma and charm. Pyrite - one of the most effective money amulets - it really turns to gold in the hands of its owner, it is very suitable for those who start a new business or want to breathe new life into the old, who are able to fight with competitors pyrite provides unconditional victory. Its good to wear those whose activity is associated with risk, adventure, who has a "unceremoniously" wants to take all at once, does not like to sit back and wait - a man of a weak and indecisive pyrite push the unexpectedly bold actions. A creative person, which is in a creative impasse, pyrite bestow muse and inspiration. Interestingly, the pyrite is not like the neighborhood of other minerals, except hematite and coil, two more unsurpassed magical amulets. Energy pyrite is only suitable for people with a clear mind and an open heart, it is also the mascot of the missionaries and priests who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the common good, carrying the light to others. Pyrite crystal in the house enlivens the atmosphere, brings to family life forgotten romance and fiery passion, draws smooth flow of money and made short work of the enemies of the owners put it best in the south-eastern, southern and south-western part of the home. Astrologically pyrite is very suitable Aries, Sagittarius and Scorpio is not very good for cancer.
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