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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Rauchtopaz

Rauchtopaz - crystalline variety of quartz. Hardness of 7.0 on the Mohs scale, density 2.5-2.8 g/cm3, transparent, shiny glass, distinct plehroizm. Other names: smoky quartz, Smolyak, talyanchik, Roma, Scottish topaz, smoky crystal kerngorm, crystal-smazen.

The sacred stone of India and Tibet, where it is called the "stone of the Buddha", rauchtopaz always appreciated in these deeply religious and mysterious land above rock crystal - thanks to him the Eastern sages were in trance state or acquire a "nirvana", which means a complete purification of consciousness and a sense of absolute bliss. Smoky quartz has been a frequent member of meditation and "focus of force" regardless stone contemplation and rest, frees the body of toxins and negativity. And the myths featured magic bowl, carved from a single piece rauchtopas - drinking water poured into it, it was possible to cure any disease.

Interestingly, the history of smoky quartz in Europe originally ran parallel to the eastern surveys - before it was called kengorm stone, named after the mountain of the same name in Scotland, where it is found in large quantities. Scotland, the most cold, harsh and mysterious part of the British Isles - certainly suitable arena for the emergence rauchtopas, which became a favorite ornament mountain people of both sexes. In Russia, this stone has been known since the Middle Ages along with rock crystal, amethyst and citrine - "Quartz" was one of the major revenue sources of local residents of the Urals, which cut one necklace and some simple crafts. Since the bright yellow citrines valued slightly higher than rauchtopas, Russian masters invented an original way - brown quartz crystals on all sides were coated with a thick layer of dough, and then put into the oven and baked like a loaf as a result of this kind of heat treatment lightened stones, gold color is stronger, and the "smoke" would disappear if it was not, the meat "blanket" also protects the mineral from cracking due to heating.

However, the color rauchtopas good and without any additional tweaks - a stone seems like a little black soot from the invisible, as if covered with a thin grayish veil. Especially valuable are golden brown quartz with inclusions of rutile fibers - also called "Hairy" or "hair of Venus", such stones were extremely popular in the 18th century, in Catherine's time, when the high-society dandies wore jewelry with large Hairy. And Prince Potemkin, a great lover and collector of jewelry, there was a smoky quartz crystal weighing several pounds - then rauchtopaz along with other colored "Ural" stones in vogue, they were decorated snuff boxes, port-bouquets, rings, necklaces.

Gradually subsided thank smoky quartz, and it is no longer solely an insert for jewelry. In high society in the 19th century began the craze mysticism, occultism and the culture of the East, and then the light came to light energy properties of the stone, with whom he began to experiment the latter-day "Medium" and "hypnotists", because it was believed that it serves as a unifying thread between the worlds of the living and the dead, so that seances could not do without it. In the late 19th century, with the advent of an "era Faberge" rauchtopaz gained fame as a "jobbing material" for the household goods of luxury - from it carved handles of umbrellas, paperweights, ashtrays, small figurines, seals and other gizmos, then occupied the rightful place in the house of a nobleman.

Now smoky quartz is still used in the form of inserts in jewelry - mostly rings and earrings - as well as for the manufacture of small artifacts. Despite the fact that this stone is so common that it can not buy fake fear, and it is a gem in the world - a rarity, it is still included in most collections of the most famous jewelry houses. For example, most popular car cocktail rings with quartz inserts from Louis Vuitton and suspension of Stephen Webster, jewelry by Pomelatto and MIMI. Smoky quartz looks good in gold, and in silver, often combined with precious stones, however, and in its "pure" form, it looks great, especially if the crystal is large enough. Remember that this rauchtopaz always transparent, dark and opaque or translucent quartz or rock crystal is stained or morion - black quartz, which is considered a stone of "heavy" and even dangerous for ordinary people.

Curative effects of smoky quartz is primarily due to the psyche and nervous system. He shows hyperexcitability and overly emotional people, soothes, relieves the effects of stress, helps to get out of depression. Recommend it for rehabilitation after a suicide attempt or suicidal - that smoky quartz can arouse in a desperate man will to live, teach peace with themselves and with their own bodies. It is also one of the few gems that can be useful in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse especially - terrible scourge of our time. In addition, rauchtopaz prevents infertility, improves adrenal, liver and pancreas.

Smoky quartz energy is very powerful and is designed for people of strong spirit and prone to mystical revelations, philosophers, spiritual teachers, hypnotists, mediums, healers. I bear his gem is an irrational sense of responsibility for the world, helping to achieve high ideals. If the stone give a man selfish and callous, he teaches his master's kindness and compassion, deliver us from undue pride and jealousy. Clairvoyants with smoky quartz learn to interact with the thin world and improve their skills, not forgetting the duty entrusted to them. Rauchtopaz promotes more ascetic life, as if life removes all unnecessary and superficial, so it is not recommended for those who want to taste all the material goods - a talisman unselfish and highly spiritual people who want to leave their mark on the ground, to help others. A very dark smoky quartz crystals were previously considered assistants necromancy - the magicians, causing the soul of the deceased. Astrologically smoky quartz fit air sign, and Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio.

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