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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Rhinestone

Rhinestone - a colorless transparent quartz, silica. Other names: crystal, diamond Arabic, Bohemian diamond. Hardness of 7.0 on the Mohs scale, density 2.6 g/cm3, the brilliance of glass.

Rock crystal - one of the most famous and popular in the world of gems. The things out of him did not do: and the dishes, and jewelry, and magical tools and fixtures ... Along with pearl and amber rhinestone was one of the favorite mascots past: most often from him made vessels and cups, for example, two crystal goblet was the emperor Nero, from a crystal dish drink the ambrosia of Greek gods of Olympus. Roman aristocrats chilled hands crystal balls or put her well as to lower the temperature of crystal pieces drink wine. The very name, coined by the ancient Greek scientist and physician Theophrastus, is derived from the word "kristallos" - ice. Like other famous scholars of antiquity - Pliny, Plutarch, Aristotle - he believed that the crystal - is fossilized water, heat loss. In the ruins of many Indian cities in South America is an unusual skull, carved from one piece piece of crystal - often called the most unusual find of the 20th century, as neither the origin nor the destination of these things have not yet established, and scientists continue to discover more strange properties crystal skulls. In the Middle Ages were made of crystal dishes and containers for perfumes, cosmetics and pharmaceutical potions, and jewelry. For example, a silver scepter of the Scottish King James IV Stewart decorates ball of rock crystal - and is the oldest royal regalia in Britain. A tarot crystal ball - an integral attribute of any decent fortuneteller ages 18-19. Ancient medieval Scottish legend has it that once a traveler accidentally wandered into a feast of elves and managed to pull out a beautiful crystal goblet - and now he allegedly kept in one of Scottish castles. Countless are the literary references crystal: it is the heroine of glass slippers tales French storyteller Charles Perrault's Cinderella, the Malvinas in the tale Tolstoy - crystal heart. The word "crystal" has long been synonymous with purity and grace, "teardrop crystal", "crystal sound", "crystal clear". Mined crystal, oddly enough, for the most part just on snowy highlands of the Alps, the Carpathians, the Himalayas, Tibet, the Andes, the Urals, the Crimea and the Caucasus Mountains, where there is eternal winter - so no wonder the ancients called this stone cold water.

Today, Crystal not less popular than ever - it is made, and jewelry and ceremonial dishes, and sculpture, and tools for meditation and divination lithotherapy. However, with the growth of new technology there are many alternatives to artificial crystal, which is also being called crystal, are in fact a mixture of silica sand, soda and lime and other auxiliary ingredients, and although superior to the real crystal transparency, are synthetic stones. Rock crystal with very few exceptions are not fully transparent, really like a piece of ice - it may be hazy "cloud" as pieces of ice in natural color ranges from transparent to smoky icy white. Inexpensive "crystal" dishes in huge assortment sold in any store household goods, and pendants to modern affordable chandeliers, made it out of a mixture of glass or special alloy - for vessels of this crystal is very expensive and require manual processing. Imitation of true well-known Swarovski crystal - originally used the real Daniel Swarovski crystal rhinestones to create - note that "fake diamonds" of crystal is not a new invention, and to Swarovski crystal jewelry using simulated in the Middle Ages. But soon he began to make a special quartz crystals from the mixture, which was financially more justified - because in order to create these toppers were up this brilliant shine of diamonds at the lowest possible price. Despite the attractiveness of Swarovski crystals, no relation to the natural crystal glass they have not entered the category of jewelry (jewelry made of base metal with synthetic inserts). Of this crystal also make jewelry - insert crystal surrounded by gems and gold used by such famous jewelry houses as Pomellato, Stephen Webster, H.Stern. Crystal vases, dishes, figurines, cups and offer domestic master stonecutters, and famous European suppliers Baccarat crystal trinkets and Lalique - not only do the last crystal jewelry and small decorative items, and even entire crystal tables. Note that the natural crystal is different from the simulations much more weight and not as "rosy" shine - today crystals with no need to pretend to be a diamond, because its value in itself. And, of course, no imitation does not have medicinal properties of the crystal and energy - and that this stone is one of the few minerals whose useful properties officially recognized by scientists.

Commonly used for the treatment of crystal crystal works best with two double-ended crystal sharp peaks, crystal ball or pyramid. In the form of crystal ornaments useful to wear on the ring finger in silver rings, a choker at the collarbone level or, alternatively, in suspended on long chains, the stone sank to the level of the heart. Crystal can cure almost all the body: it treats especially the lymphatic system, and any violation of fluid balance, edema and hydrocephalus. Crystal normalizes the heat balance of the body, a ring with crystal insert will not give you warm in cold weather or get heat stroke in hot weather, it is especially useful for people with unstable pressure, suffering from extreme temperatures. Fine stone disease affects the teeth and bones, respiratory system, helps with diseases of the kidneys, liver, pancreas and bladder, promotes the removal of stones from the body. Crystal gives the wearer his life energy, but not exciting, and soothing, and improves memory and speech. Nightmares and insomnia helps crystal crystal under your pillow. Crystals, crystal, carnelian pieces as you can treat burns and inflammation - it has unsurpassed cooling and regenerating effect. In Tibet, the healers are making crystal balls to the wound, so that through the stone to the wound being insolated - Recent studies show that going through the crystal UV rays completely kill the bacteria in the wound, which promotes fast healing. Aristotle argued that especially helpful to drink water from a crystal vessel, so as crystal "banishes illness out of the water" - at the present time, scientists have discovered disinfectant properties of crystal. Can be done a little differently: insist on a piece of crystal water for three days - a liquid raises the general tone of the body and helps with disorders of the liver, jaundice, kidney stones and bladder. On diseases of hair works well water, infused with a yellowish crystal interspersed with golden "hair" - in this type is called more "lady's hair" or "hair-worm." Darker, "smoky" variety crystal reduces drug and alcohol addiction.

Amazing abilities crystal pyramid - a collection of effects as a material that is versatile conductor of energy and pyramid-shaped contours of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. It is proved that if you put a pyramid next to or directly on the product, it will last longer and moldy, improving the taste of the water becomes refreshing, anti-inflammatory properties.

Coffee, standing over the pyramid, gets taste of natural cheap wines significantly improve its taste water acquires properties promote healing, tones the body, reduces the inflammatory reaction after bites, burns, and acts as a natural aid for digestion meat, fish, vegetables, fruit long does not deteriorate, milk long kisnet, moldy cheese. Positive effect on the pyramid and equipment - for example, setting a little thing on the dashboard, you have significantly reduced the percentage breakdowns of your machine.

Crystal ball - something symbolic, known to us for many films and books. In fact, to see in it, as in a mirror, "movie" of your past and future lives, of course, impossible. But this attribute does help to look into the future - rhinestone gives people the gift of clairvoyance, intuition awakens, makes us sverhvospriimchivymi to hidden, so long meditation with the crystal ball can help you to "open" the consciousness, to better understand what is happening, realize their mistakes and choose the most the right decision. Many pet owners are a talisman made of crystal, to better understand their pets and to be heard by them - it works particularly well with dogs and horses. Crystal and helps improve the relationship with your partner - helps overcome the "period of stagnation" in his personal life, enhances understanding opens up new ways of interaction. Especially good are needle-like crystals with inclusions, which are called "arrow of Cupid," or the already mentioned "Hairy" - they effectively harmonize family life, single people are attracted to potential partners, more attractive and confident.

According to the Chinese doctrine of the creation of a harmonious interior Feng Shui, rock crystal - a necessary thing in any home. Friends or brush crystal, "bristling" crystals, protects your home from negative energy attracts prosperity, purifies the atmosphere and harmonizes communication between the inhabitants of the house. The energy of rock crystal is not tough and aggressive - it is soft and emotional gradually envelops you like sea waves. You can purchase a single die and hang it on the window or in the center of the room - it will fill the house with joy, attract financial abundance and peace. Common practice for the night to put wearable jewelry for friends or amethyst crystal to the day gathered negative "stack" and disappeared into the quartz. Recommended to install the crystal, where it at least part of the day will be in direct sunlight, and put it under the full moon light of the full moon. Energy corresponds to the stone crown chakra Sahasrara. Astrologers recommend mineral representatives of all the zodiac signs, but especially Leos, Aries and cancers, and born in the 1st and 20th lunar days. Greatest impact forces crystal reaches on Sunday and Monday.
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