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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Rhodonite

Rhodonite - a mineral subclass chain silicates, it includes a large percentage of manganese. Hardness - 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale, density of 3.6 g/cm3, the brilliance of glass. Other names: Orlets, tank, ruby ​​spar, Fowler.

Rhodonite known since the Byzantine Empire, but for a long time he was not in favor - and not because of "face did not come out," but because of the almost complete absence of a stockpile. However, in ancient India, this semi-precious midst of boundless wealth, rhodonite knew long ago - where he was referred to as "divine stone", awakens in man the very best love in the hearts of villagers and revealing dormant for the time talents. A poetic name "Rodon" received the stone already in the XIX century, from the Greek word «rhodon» - Rose, for his gentle, shy paint really reminds shade petals queen of flowers. In Russia, a rhodonite first called by another name - rhodonite-orlets, eagle stone was believed that the first samples of the mineral found in the nests of ... mountain eagles.

Addiction is a rhodonite in Russia began in 1780 - it was then a simple peasant Nikita Partin accidentally found mine pink stone in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg in the Urals. Certainly, it was not something new, but the delivery rhodonite in Russia, as in other European countries, have always been very poor. Now it becomes possible to create a larger craft than immediately took advantage of the young stone-cutting factories have mastered the product of malachite and jasper, rhodonite confidently entered in the "top three", and has become the second Ural gem. I must say that even with this production rhodonite greatly inferior in volume of other minerals, and objects from the rose-red stone valued particularly highly: the color red in Russia has always been important. "Red Sun", "maiden" lovingly say - in the very terms if the association is coded red with all the nicest and beautiful thing in the world and rhodonite, a rare "red" gemstone, instantly became a patriotic symbol, very favorite royal family.

Halls of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, show us the beauty of rhodonite - here are world famous mnogorozhkovye fixtures height of almost three meters, decorating a grand staircase, and "oval vase" diameter 185 cm, and besides - a lot of small gizmos: bowls, vases, clocks, coasters under statues, countertops and interior with Florentine mosaics, which includes a pink stone. The largest product of rhodonite - sarcophagus under the weight of 10 tons, carved from a single block of rhodonite weighing 47 tons are large pieces of the mineral are very rare, but now these examples and do not know. Unfortunately, the field of rhodonite, still existing in the Urals, is extremely scarce - now used to manufacture small plastic except: jewelry inserts, cabochons, jewelry boxes, desk sets, candlesticks, figurines, Easter eggs and clocks. As countertop rhodonite is rarely, but such examples can be seen on the arches arches station "Pushkinskaya" Moscow Metro - Soviet architects just could not pass by a unique color rhodonite as possible corresponded patriotic ideology of the state, successfully interface with a red flag and ruby ​​Kremlin stars.

Rhodonite uniform coloration, for example, found a kind translucent, dark crimson color, with bright "nests" ruby ​​color - such rhodonite, the most pure and free from impurities of other minerals, is called the "jewelry". The more common type - ornamental dendritic rhodonite, where on a pink background black and whitish streaks are complex, sometimes landscape paintings of this rhodonite and made famous stone cutting products XIX century, with its natural pattern is so interesting that the stone does not require additional bulk carvings. "Funeral" Orlets different ornamental that it is almost black inclusions dominate, and it has long been used to create the elements of monuments and tombs. And recently, in the Urals have found a completely new type of rhodonite - lilac-purple "Cobalt" Orlets. In addition, it is still "tape" rhodonite with alternating brown and gray and pink stripes Fowler - rhodonite with yellow-brown patches bustamite - pinkish-gray with black Orlets dendritic pattern, occurring mainly in Mexico ... All sorts of rhodonite easily polished, racks and durable, do not fade from time to time - such material happily running any master stone-cutters, and the only thing that makes rodonitovym products become popular - it is a relatively high price of the stone, related to its rarity.

Rhodonite - "male" rock, and it is believed that one who wears a ring or pendant of rhodonite, never loses potency and sexual power. In addition, this talisman protects man from prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases, fertility and healthy babies increases sexual activity. On the other hand, rhodonite effectively harmonizes the functioning of thyroid and pancreas, controls the activity of the pituitary gland and strengthens the immune system, improves liver health. Litoterapevty recommend impose flat pieces of rhodonite on closed eyes for the prevention of some diseases - a property quite atypical for red stone colors. Oriental physicians have long used rhodonite for cancer treatment in addition, Orlets has a calming effect in depression, stress and neurosis, and placed next to the bed, treats chronic insomnia and night terrors. Well exposed and rhodonite heart and cardiovascular system.

Rhodonite closely associated with the beginning of life's journey - notably the mascot of young people hungry for success and recognition it helps them to quickly absorb information, develop their skills and apply them successfully. Singer, musician, writer, designer, very useful rodonitovy bracelet on his left hand - it will strengthen in the host-confidence, recharge his energy, to give inspiration. Orlets fits all, engage in creative activities, it strengthens the desire for art, gives a keen sense of beauty, and at the same time struggling with laziness, which often accompanies a talent - for this it should be worn in the key fob. Gambling people, the players, who need to be subtle psychologists, strangely, rhodonite is also useful as doctors or teachers - the mineral helps to look into the soul of man, to know the future through the present, to see the essence of things, the truth, free from external layers. As a protective amulet Orlets shapes around wearing his invisible shield, do not miss any adverse impacts, and rhodonite with black veins protects property against burglary - for this place in the house, or a statue made of rhodonite, and choose the largest and most symmetrical pieces. Orlets help in family life - will save home from storms and upheavals return harmony and tenderness well and described in the previous paragraph, a beneficial effect on the health of the stone head of the family and the libido, of course, also largely contribute to onset of the second "honeymoon." A lonely young man rhodonite become a favorite of women and bring a happy love.

Astrologically rhodonite most close born under the sign of Libra, but in general the impact of the softness is not contraindicated for almost anyone, and especially a good sign of Earth, Air and Fire. The only "but" - Orlets takes effect immediately, with him we must "get used to" get used to his energy, but then becomes a constant rhodonite "battery", which gives the owner of fresh forces. Wear rhodonite best in a ring or pendant, but even if you just stick a pebble in his breast pocket, the effect will be worse.
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