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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Rose quartz - a kind of opaque white quartz with pink, mixed with titanium. Hardness of 7.0 on the Mohs scale, density 2.6 g/cm3, shiny glass, crystal translucent or transparent.

Rose quartz - a modest mineral, not eager to stand out from the rest, but its obvious advantage for a long time made him one of the most famous consumer stones. First of rose quartz beads have been found in ancient Mesopotamia in 7000 BC - Even then it made of women's jewelry. Loved the rose quartz in the East - where he was called "the stone of the heart", believing that her soft color stone fills the heart with love contemplating his person. And used it for cosmetic purposes - in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome quartz pounded into a powder and added to a variety of creams and ointments that was to keep a smooth, youthful skin and prevent wrinkles. In those days, people believed that this stone is sent down a god of love Eros (Cupid) to pass through it and love energy to teach mankind to peace and compassion. Another mythological version - that rose quartz is the "juice" of the young Earth, with which you can feel the unity of the whole planet and live on her living creatures, plants and stones.

Rose quartz is of three types: "normal", milky-white patches of pink, translucent, and the star-shaped quartz, in the middle of which, after processing "lights up" a six-rayed star, as in star-like sapphire or ruby, and rose quartz "cat's eye" has iridescent effect as ocellar quartz. It should be noted that the rose quartz fade under too bright sunlight, it should be protected from direct sunlight, do not leave on the windowsill. Major products rose quartz has been preserved, the more there is almost no them now - the fact that the stone that is rare in the Friends and large crystals, mostly placer pebbles, suitable for the manufacture of jewelry and small craft. Use a rose quartz and Florentine mosaic panels, as it is quite strong and very decorative. Occasionally you can find large pieces of rose quartz in Brazil. Interestingly, the rose quartz is often set into precious metals, including gold, complemented by small transparent precious stones, and is used by high fashion houses in jewelry de luxe - for example, Pomellato, Jilbert Albert, MIMI, Giorgio Armani. It is popular for all kinds of insertions and female ornaments middle price class - earrings, rings, necklaces, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, in addition, it is made out of beads, trinkets, small sculptural figures.

Litoterapevty called Rose Quartz, "a symbol of health": it is believed that this stone emits a powerful energy waves that can cure almost all diseases of the body and spirit. Judge: Rose Quartz disease affects the ovaries and uterus, STDs and impotence effectively relieves swelling, heals and builds kidney function of the excretory system, purifies the blood and lymph, reduces suffering with diabetes or pancreatic cancer at any stage. Of special significance is the rose quartz for those who suffer from heart disease in the true sense of the word - it normalizes the function of the cardiovascular system, it is recommended during rehabilitation after a heart attack. This stone is to cope with the various problems of the nervous system - sleep disturbances, depression, neurosis, high temper, and even stuttering to get rid of night terrors it is put under the pillow. Works fine pink quartz with diseases of the skeletal system - rheumatism, pains in the joints, helps to recover from fractures. It is used to improve the skin - it cleans the surface, rejuvenates, "reduced" pimples, warts and bruises, this can be like to carry a talisman of quartz, and to massage the affected areas with small stones, and add to the cosmetics pounded stone. In addition, the rose quartz promotes weight loss and regeneration - today it is often used for stone therapy facial and body spa-salons - and also helps with sweating. It is believed that the best pink quartz acts like beads or pendants that it was "closer to the heart." If you frequently use your computer, put a figure or bowl of rose quartz near or on the monitor - it will save you from harmful electromagnetic exposure and relieve tension with tired eyes from hours of work. The only "but" - Rose Quartz should not be people in the body that have tumors, as the stone can increase tumor. Mineral to "work" in full force, every two weeks, it should be washed under running warm water as well, "recharge" it by placing the night at friends or amethyst rock crystal.

Energy rose quartz, of course, primarily associated with the sphere of private life. This mascot sincere and warm feelings - not just romantic love, but also a friendly or a related attachment. Decorating with pink quartz is worn by women when dreaming attract into your life for true love and become more attractive to men, as it is soft and feminine energy. In addition, Rose Quartz helps to cope with emotional experiences, to forget old feelings and start over. He's very good for the melancholic - Rose Quartz teaches to enjoy life, to forgive, to see the world through the eyes of a child, to enjoy every moment. And the warmth and comfort of home, according to the rules of the art of Feng Shui, will guard the figure rose quartz, which must be put in the southwest of the apartment - it is best to get paired images of dogs or birds, but whether or not the crystal ball will work just as well. Useful to wear an amulet of rose quartz and during pregnancy. Men rose quartz also brings many benefits - it increases the potency, balance in nature, brings longevity and protect health. It is useful for those who are engaged in creative activity - it gives them success and inspiration, gives confidence, multiplies talents. The main thing - do not overdo it with the amount of quartz for the stronger sex fit ball, crystal or figure on the desktop, a small stick. If you want to expand your social circle and make new true friends, are suffering from a spiritual loneliness - and here rose quartz will help to cope with the problem, pulling his owner to meet new people or helping to deepen and restore the old guard of conflict and misunderstanding. Astrologically rose quartz is actually suitable for most zodiac signs. While astrologers disagree on what sign it affects the best - some call Aquarius, Cancer someone, someone Taurus and Libra. But to wear it is not recommended - it can immerse its wearer into the world of illusions, "close" the ugly reality of it, to bring optimism to the absolute, so it's best to keep in the house quartz figure, wearing a decoration "to the desired result."
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