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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Ruby

Ruby - transparent chromium variety of corundum. Gem I order, second in hardness after diamond. Hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale, density 4.0 g/cm3, the brilliance of glass. Other names: scarlet ruby, emerald, red corundum.

The first information about the ruby ​​is found in the ancient Indian tradition, dating from the VI century BC In the scriptures it is called the "king of gems", "leader of precious stones" - it was thought that the owner of the ruby ​​guarantee complete safety, even among enemies. Methods of rubies were truly exotic - in Burma rubies sewn just under the skin, after which the stone allegedly gave invulnerability in battle by the sword, the sword and the spear. Raji were rubies on clothing and hats, kept loose in the storerooms, encrusted their thrones palace utensils, furniture, was inserted into the eye socket of statues of the gods of war. Rubin was one of the most expensive gems along with emeralds and pearls - diamonds became really popular only in the late Middle Ages. Stone attributed truly magical properties - that he can bring the water to a boil, protects the plague is being powdered, cure any disease, brings love girls. Ruby himself according to legend was the frozen drops of blood fighting dragons. In Ceylon, it was the custom for a long time - during the coronation of the king was passing through the city, holding a large ruby, symbolizing the reliability of power, good health and the wisdom of the new ruler.

Rubin also mentioned in the Bible and in ancient mythology, rubies loved Cleopatra and Messalina. In Slavic chronicles rubies are called "rubies", and Indian stones are very popular - they decorate royal regalia, including the Cap of Monomakh and the cap of the kingdom of Kazan, robes, church furnishings, icon frames and the Gospels. Appeal "sapphire" took to "darling" - that's how love scarlet and purple stone in Russia! Rubies were covered with ornaments and fashionistas medieval Europe, these stones were considered talismans warriors crusaders and kings. Ruby loved the great Italian goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini and the legendary Marie de Medici, the notorious Mary Stuart and Cardinal Richelieu.

Gradually stocks Burma, India, and Afghanistan, where the stones came in a variety of up to XVI-th century. BC, ran low, they weakened the numerous wars and barbaric colonization, because every country wanted a piece of precious pantries. Perhaps that is why the first ruby ​​gem, which could produce an artificial way - it happened at the end of XIX-th century. in France, and since then, the era of artificial minerals. Grown in the lab rubies can also be found in antique rings early XX-th century., And you can tell them only by special action - they are identical in appearance and produced by mimicking the cycle of natural processes. In order to distinguish the artificial from the natural ruby, note whether there is a crack in it: a natural stone it will have a zigzag shape and will not shine in the artificial - will be direct, distinct, with a noticeable glow. Natural Ruby is always a little cool, check it out and attach to the stone age: a synthetic ruby ​​is heated rapidly. Under UV light turns orange artificial stone, the bubbles in it are white, round, often empty, and natural stone bubbles are rare and always have the same color of the stone. On the other hand, the presence of inclusions in ruby ​​rutile indicates natural origin. An interesting feature - if you put a ruby ​​in a glass jar, it will come out of a reddish color, and Ruby, put in a glass of milk, paints it in pink color, while the milk is usually yellow.

Ruby color range includes all shades of red, and the exterior concrete stone depends on the production site. Coloring most expensive rubies, called the "Burmese" - a rich red with a bluish tinge, bright, uniform in any light. Vietnamese rubies have a distinct purple, orange and red Siamese, Thai red-brown, the color of Ceylon has ripe raspberry, African red from light to dark color threshold. Not all rubies are transparent - translucent stones have the effect of "cat's eye", which is also called "dzhirazol" polished cabochon to get sparkling crimson "drop" and the most valuable and rare star-shaped rubies, which are located inside the "star" of the fibers rutile - after cutting cabochon on the surface of the stones off a six-rayed star.

Medicinal properties of the ruby ​​has long been known. In India, it was believed that the stone cures epilepsy and paralysis, nervous system disorders, flatulence and problems with the gallbladder. European Lapidarium argued that Ruby pounded into powder should be mixed with a heart drug, and the resulting infusion will effectively destroy blood clots and blood clots in the Russian Izbornik wrote that Ruby protects from nightmares and heart pains. Modern litoterapevty recommend Ruby for exhaustion of the nerves, asthma, anemia, bone disease, an inflammation of the tonsils and the third ear, and sleep disorders. It shows and all kinds of heart disease, and psoriasis. In this case, high blood pressure and total people ruby ​​is not recommended - it may unnecessarily increase the pressure and cause bleeding in the brain. You can not wear Ruby and haemophilia. A ruby ​​easily excitable person can bring to a state of temporary insanity.

Energy ruby ​​represents flames raging in the human soul. This is truly a royal stone, helping to perform feats and won brilliant victories, happiness in all areas of life. In this case, a good man will do another ruby ​​of good and noble, but the evil and ill will not "re-educate" and will only increase the negative natural tendencies. Ruby is useful for the melancholic, shy people - it gives them confidence and helps fulfill your lazy, gives the necessary vigor. Ruby - stone monetary success, and it is particularly well served by those who did not initially adapted to business - people dreamy, "head in the clouds." In addition, Ruby - talisman of love that makes its owner magnetically sexy in the old days it was thought that if you pour in a crystal goblet of red wine, touch his ruby ​​set in gold, and then give a drink lover, it excites passion in it, and dancers of the East adorned with rubies navel, to make the dance attractive for spectators. While in the house, Ruby protects against negative energy, placed under the pillow provides a peaceful sleep. He is an excellent amulet for those whose profession is associated with risk for life - fire, rescue, mountain climbers, soldiers, the guardians of the law. The most powerful defender - star-shaped ruby ​​with shining "star of David" inside. In this case, long look at the stone is not necessary - the ancient priests argued that it can cause a condition similar to the energy intoxication. Ruby recover better in gold, worn in a ring. Astrologically Ruby primarily associated with signs of fire. In addition, it has a favorable effect on the Capricorn and Scorpio, but these signs will have to get used to it for a long time is bad for the Taurus and Virgo.
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