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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Selenite

Selenium - a translucent long staple variety of gypsum, calcium sulphate water. Hardness of 2.0 on the Mohs scale, a density of 2.3 g/cm3, a silky luster, pearl. Contains inclusions of sand, clay, hematite, sulfur and organic matter. Other names: dzhandarakand, moonstone.

Selenite soft not only on the physical qualities - his character, if I may say so on the gem, however mild and even moderate. It is extremely common, inexpensive, easy to process, and therefore known to many - but most are automatically classified it as "minor" ornamental minerals, whereas in fact originally selenite was the fourth largest stone Urals. By the way, by the middle of XX century in the Urals workshops annually produces up to 400,000 elephants, and that's not counting selenitovyh boxes, toilet sets, money boxes, figurines in our country selenite literally went to every house.

But the history of this mineral did not begin in Russia - more of selenite in Sumer and ancient Egypt of pink, sirenevato, waxy yellow and white selenite produced ritual vessels, canopic, household items and religious amulets. Hence went another name selenite, which is part of natural gypsum and plaster is a relative - "Oriental alabaster" or "Egyptian stone." The name mineral was named after Selena - the Greek goddess of the moon, for his strange, otherworldly iridescence that forces like the light from within the stone. In the ancient world selenite was a symbol of purity and modesty, and the priestess of the moon goddess used it for religious purposes. In the Middle Ages selenite also not forgotten - in Italy and France, it has become a matter of small figurines and small sculptures. Appointment of selenite was not only secular - so, from this stone carved special amulets, which the pilgrims were taken on a journey to the Holy Land. It was believed that when a righteous man or hermit, to which pilgrims came to seek advice and redemption bless selenitovuyu thing, she will get a tremendous healing power.

Surprisingly, in this superstition, there really was a certain sense: energy selenite is very strong, and the water crystals, which are enough of it, you have the ability to memorize and "record" external fluids, so very long selenite can radiate into space once received information. Certainly, charged holy stone has a powerful influence, especially as selenite itself deeply subliminal makes people more spiritual, develops intuition, up until developing clairvoyant abilities. In this population covers from antiquity to the "female" stones, keepers of hearth and happiness. Figure of the "moon rock" is able to bring to the house of peace and prosperity, to protect spouses from quarrels and misunderstandings, maintain mutual fidelity. This is a great mascot for a teenager, at the mercy of vague and conflicting desires: selenium protect against bad decisions, soothe, strengthen the moral principles that protect against evils, will strengthen and help to develop the mind and intellect. In addition, selenite is very useful for business - making a person prudent and cautious in words and deeds, teaching avoid arranged in life traps and snares of fate and envious competitors, it indirectly contributes to the attainment of wealth and success. Astrologically selenite suitable signs element Water, and Leos, Virgo and Gemini.

Selenium - a universal healer, helping literally from all diseases, particularly beneficial effect on the ladies, watching that cured the disease is no longer troubled his owner. The legend of the miraculous "selenitovyh" healings are prevalent all over the world - a stone used even doctors Tibet, claiming that it cures "heat bones" in the Caucasus with the help cope with the stones in the bladder, in Bashkiria alabaster powder sprinkled the wound received in battle. Current litoterapevty believe that selenium may help with headache or toothache, improve vision, cure inflammation of the liver, spleen and gall bladder, harmonize the immune system of the body, relieve swelling and balance the salt balance. Selenitovuyu therapy is used to reduce fever and heat. Selenite and good for the treatment of depression - it removes the apathy and despondency, evokes emotions, causes a rush of good memories.
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