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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Serpentine

Coil - a group of minerals of the same composition but different symmetry. Includes several mineral species: antigorite (Mg, Fe2 +) 3Si2O5 (OH) 4 chrysotile (klinohrizotil, ortohrizotil, parachrysotile) Mg3Si2O5 (OH) 4 lizardite Mg3Si2O5 (OH) 4. Crystals - opaque. Glitter - silky glass. Hardness on the Mohs scale, 2.0-3.0, density - 2.6 g/cm3.

Serpentine or serpentine (from the Latin word "serpens" - snake) - extremely popular stone: sometimes it forms a whole mountain. Serpentine stone was used by the Olmecs in Central America long before the arrival of Columbus - used to manufacture jewelry and mosaic. In Europe, it began to be used about 400 years ago, and was particularly active treatment coil in Germany - of which did apothecary vessels, baubles, toilet and desk sets. In European countries, where the church was separated from the state, a legend that Adam ate the forbidden fruit, choked and spat it out, and the apple core into a serpentine. In Russia, the coil began to be popular after the discovery in the 18th century in the Urals extensive deposits of the stone. Used to manufacture sets, which are now preserved in Gatchina and Pavlovsk Palace, St. Petersburg, as well as table tops, vases, candlesticks, boxes, clocks ... In the 20th century coil Mares metro station "Shchelkovskaya" in Moscow. However, all of the same stone that was until recently in the shadow of his famous countrymen, such as malachite, lapis lazuli and rhodonite - for example, in the Urals coil was considered more affordable substitute malachite. Field coil and still prevalent in the world: the United States, Cuba, and in New Zealand, in Russia - in the Urals, Altai, the North Caucasus and Trans-Baikal region, in Europe - in Switzerland, Germany and Italy, and in Asia - in India , Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Afghanistan ...

Stone color really looks like a snake coloring - basic tone green, but it's not emerald green malachite, and muted olive or bright yellow-green shades. Smooth and shiny surface riddled veins, stripes and spots of brown, yellow, or even whitish, causing the association with volatile play of snake scales. He has many names - except serpentine, it is called toligor, antigorite, Mokhovikov, Korean jade in the U.S. it Boven, Mexico, and Switzerland - RICOL ... Coil perfectly polished and easy to work - this, along with the beautiful colors and still vast deposits that gradually leads him to the forefront among other decorative ornamental gems, whose reserves are drying up fast. Today coil among other ornamental stones - one of the most popular materials for interior decoration. This wall covering and interior decoration in the pools, bathrooms and toilets, and finish flooring and stairs, countertops and manufacture of fireplaces and window sills, as well as coffee tables, mosaics, decorative sculpture. Coil is used for creating furniture items - boxes, candlesticks, lamps, figurines, clocks, chess, ashtrays, writing and smoking sets. It is particularly well matched with the noble luster bronze or with a contrasting color details of other types of stone - white marble, black obsidian, pink rhodonite.

Yet another title coil should say especially - in the Urals was called asbestos, because of this mineral can be ... weave! As a result of the special crushing it easily splits in subtle elastic fibers, actually resembling linen - of which create a special fabric called chrysotile asbestos (chrysotile in Greek means "golden fiber" asbestos - "endless"), in the Urals is a fabric called "stone tow." Today it is used for the manufacture of fire-proof clothing - Asbestos can withstand heat up to 600 C. According to legend, the asbestos - Wool salamander fire lizard that lives in the underground fire. Not one of them a gold fibers were woven fine clothing Mistress of Copper Mountain, dwell in the depths of the earth, where ancient volcanoes are still alive?

In the old days the stone was considered a miracle substance that can surprise not only peasants, but also representatives of the supreme power. Thus, there is a legend about how the masters from the famous Demidov woven from asbestos mines amazing beauty tablecloth. And invited the Peter I, breeder Nikita Demidov specially filled tablecloth wine and fat, and then told the king that "wash" her on fire. Servants cleared the dishes, Demidov pulled the tablecloth off the table and under the astonished gaze of Peter threw a burning fireplace - spots quickly faded, and the breeder shook matter and again threw it on the table - the king was delighted with such wonders ...

The impact of the coil per person unique. In ancient times it was believed that the use of the coil can only sorcerers and magicians. Many consider him a treacherous stone of her own will - he only helps the person who he "liked." Like the biblical serpent, he can feel the will of its owner, but if you soak test and prove the purity of their intentions, the coil will be a loyal friend who will give you the ability to foresee the danger to their occurrence and suggest how to avoid trouble. Coil - strong energy, stretch film, soothing nerves and giving a sense of security. In addition, the coil increases the ability to learn, absorb information, develop intuition and analytical mind, provoking bursts of creative energy and imagination. Very well the coil on lawyers and business people - it helps them to achieve heights in their professional activities, gives calmness and ability to calculate the behavior of partners and competitors for a few steps forward. He also contributes to the attainment of great physical shape - a great mascot for athletes and those whose work involves frequent physical activities, such as water rescue, archaeologists, builders, mountain climbers.

Astrologically this stone is suitable for people born under the sign of Virgo - he awakens in the cool of the nature of the people of empathy, helping to know and love the world of nature. Capricorns coil brings love to an active lifestyle and sports, which is unusual for these passionate careerists who are difficult to once again lure of office. Pisces and Cancers mineral completely contraindicated: tender emotional soul serpentine water signs can lead to depression and moral decline. The rest of the zodiac signs the same coil can be used, but do not wear jewelry with him more often than twice a week.

The coil in the old days was called "Apothecary's stone" - he was a popular material for making vessels, mortars and other pharmacies accessories used in the manufacture and storage of medicines. This choice was confirmed in the 20th century - is now proved that the coil is able to enhance the effects of any drug, if you keep the composition in the container cut from green stone. Of drowsiness and headache help earrings with an inset of the coil, and the wearing of bracelets and rings with it promotes rapid healing of fractures, bruises and sprains, accelerates merging bones. Coil stabilizes blood pressure, calms the nerves, cure hysteria and neurosis, is useful for colds and inflammation of the kidneys and digestive system. It helps cleanse the body from all kinds of impurities and defects - both physically and on the energy level. In Europe, believed that the coil is able to protect against snake bite, and if this happens, the powder of stone, rubbed into the wound and are inside, pull the poison.
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