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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Sodalite

Among blue and blue sodalite stones stands apart - a rare and mysterious gemstone. Sodalite dark history - Europe sodalite first became known in the last few centuries, and was first described in the literature of the stone was in 1811 no Pliny, Herodotus of sodalite or do not mention it, and not in the medieval "lapidary" - and this in spite of that it was known to the ancient Incas in South America, which he faced the walls and floors of houses cut out of his jewelry and sculpture, were removed from the sodalite mineral powder blue paint ultramarine. For some reason, the Spanish conquerors passed sodalite - a stone that went only good, because otherwise the already not great its natural resources to date at all would be depleted. Now sodalite mined in areas of volcanic rocks, such as on the Kola Peninsula, in Russia, in the area of ​​Mount Vesuvius in Italy, and in the mountains in Portugal, Germany, Romania, India, Norway, Canada, USA, Brazil.

Sodalite color changeable, like paint the night sky - in addition to blue and blue shades with white streaks and spots, it can be yellow, green, gray, blue, red or pink. Sodalites red shades have a surprising twist: under the influence of air, they gradually change color to almost black - is the sort of sodalite is named in honor of Victor gakmanitom Gakmana who discovered it in 1903 This by heating in sodium vapor, followed by X-ray izlucheniemi can return the black stone original color, or make a gray and colorless sodalites blue. Today sodalites translucent, usually blue flowers are used to create jewelry in all price ranges, sodalites other shades are semi-precious materials for small furniture items - figurines, stands for the bronze sculpture, stone balls and eggs, parts, stone mosaic. Especially popular as a material for sodalite religious objects - such as Buddhist statues. Sodalite and use in industrial applications - in radio and television. In the last couple of years, when the semi-precious stones found "second wind" popularity of such jewelry meters as Stephen Webster, making jewelry for Madonna, Theo Fennell, serving Elton John and Naomi Campbell, sodalite called one of the most popular stones in 2006, along with tanzanite, tourmaline and morganite.

Sodalite - a stone of courage, he develops the mind and judgment, strengthens the will and endurance, helps to focus on the main goals and persevere for that path. If you keep the house out of the blue sodalite product or raw piece of stone, it will be an indicator of impending danger by changing color. Sodalite helps its owner to better understand the world around us, to find inner harmony, and develop intuition until superpowers. Modern mediums use it to achieve a meditative state, and call it "the third eye stone." Astrologically sodalite most suited for those born from April 21 to May 21, from 21 to 30 November, and in 12 lunar day. However, its power can be used by representatives of any zodiacal sign. Its impact most heavily on Thursdays and Fridays, planetary associations - Venus and Jupiter.

Of great importance is the choice of type of jewelery with sodalite. Thus, the beads or necklace sodalite make women more attractive to the opposite sex, and drawn to its owner universal sympathy and success in their personal lives. Male statue, clock, ashtray or other article of sodalite, placed on the desktop will help to quickly and accurately understand the complex situation, organize the working process, to focus on current affairs. Sodalite is the mascot of all businesses and people involved in research or teaching. Vibrations of stones actively affect the throat chakra and the frontal: help find common ground with others and learn to influence the situation in short, give the ability to foresee, eliminates irrational fears and helps to know the essence of things - for these purposes should be worn sodalite bracelet on the wrist or necklace neck.

Gemstone has a powerful healing effect on the spiritual and mental areas: it cures diseases caused by psychological and mental overexertion, stress, smoothes overflowing emotions, relieves anger and fear, clean obsessive guilt. It is used for nervousness, depression, headaches, mental illness. It relaxes and soothes, it is very useful for people sensitive and prone to self-flagellation. Necklaces and bracelets made of blue sodalite relieve its owner from insomnia and nightmares.

Sodalite normalizes endocrine and lymphatic systems, normalizes metabolism. Particularly powerful it affects the thyroid gland - treats related disease: inflammation, goiter, Graves' disease. Sodalite neutralizes effects of excessive sunlight or radiation exposure, and put on the sore spot, sodalite pulls tension and discomfort and even promotes the resorption of tumors. Sodalite lowers blood and blood pressure, regulate heart function, reduces appetite. It cures kidney infections, bladder and pancreas. In addition, wearing sodalite strengthens bone tissue, and the daily contemplation articles blue or blue stone is a great eye diseases.
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