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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Talkhlorit

Talkohlorit - soft ancient (Proterozoic) slate, consisting of carbonates - calcite CaCO3, magnesite MgCO3, dolomite CaMg (CO3) 2 and layered hydro - talc Mg3 (Si4O10) (OH) 2 and a much more complex composition of chlorite. The melting point of over 1600 ° C. Hardness of 2.3 on the Mohs scale, density 2,6-3,3 g/cm3.

Talkhlorit produced mainly in Finland, which is the national stone, such as semi-precious symbol of the state, as malachite in Russia and pearls in Japan. His real name - vezolukivi, Tulikivi same - "nickname", meaning "fiery stone." He did a lot of names - in the language it is called mineralogy talkohlorit, talkomagnezit taklkokarbonat or, in the old days in Europe it is called soapstone, soapstone and gilshteinom, speksheytom or soapstone. Soapstone known in ancient Egypt, India and Sumer in a few thousand years before our era - but at the time it was mined in small quantities and make him a magical amulets, religious items and jewelry.

Tulikivi used Amuletyiz order to gain the favor of the Gods of Fire - because even in ancient times, the ancient found amazing properties of soapstone, sharply distinguishing it among other minerals. Tulikivi - natural refractory, to subdue the fire element. Its heat capacity and thermal conductivity are unique - it can withstand temperatures up to 1600 ° C, and is also able to retain the warmth for a long time. It has long been out of it folded pockets and oven - in the severe frost this stove will warm the house, even if the wood in the hearth long extinguished. The waves of the heat radiation from the heated stone, equal to the thermal radiation of the human body, so heat Tulikivi great pleasure for people, and the health and well-being, it is very beneficial effect. Mineral and endure exposure to cold - that its frost resistance and was the reason that the stone in the 19-20 centuries. became a popular material for cladding buildings in northern cities.

Another name Tulikivi very poetic - his name is "stumbling northern modern." In St. Petersburg, one can see many beautiful buildings from the late 19th - early 20th century, decorated with carved figures of animals, mythical creatures and plant ornaments.

Soapstone does not absorb water and therefore not subject to the destructive influence of the St. Petersburg climate, so it is still possible to see an owl in a former apartment house on Nevsky Prospect, 72, and ferns, fungi, and animals in the forest on the facades of houses on Kamennoostrovsky Avenue, 1-3. Tulikivi used for lining a set of buildings in Turku, Stockholm, Helsinki and the Baltic cities.

Soapstone named because in ancient times it was cut out of the most diverse dishes, including cooking, because it keeps it warm for a long time. Tulikivi has been a popular material for pots, jugs and other utensils, and dining utensils soapstone still doing in Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan. In Finnish restaurants cook roast in the pans of Tulikivi that no fire is heated in an oven. Another name firestone - "stone thermos," because it keeps the vessel from both heat and cold - beer and champagne remain in the tank of Tulikivi ice, and the food on the plate is a cool slowly.

Tulikivi neutralize electromagnetic radiation, so in our time is an indispensable thing for facing computer rooms to large companies. Acoustic properties of the mineral are unusual - it does not resonate and does not conduct sound, so half of this stone will drown out the sound of heels or loud music. Finnish firm Avalanche Audio Tulikivi even uses to create speakers.

Tulikivi decorative features still make it the perfect material for all kinds of sculptures, dishes, vases, dishes and lamps - its color can be yellow, gray, green-gray, brown and yellow, with yellow streaks of gray or bluish. It is perfectly amenable to chisel of the sculptor, and in the process becomes dull shine. Especially popular are fireplaces and stoves Tulikivi is a great finishing material for bathrooms, baths and saunas. Today, a mineral mined in the U.S., Finland and Sweden, but the most famous and largest field is located in the Finnish town Nunnalahti in North Karelia. In Russian Karelia, until recently, only low-quality quarried stone, often crack and crumble, but a few years ago it was discovered deposit a fine quality stones in Kostomuksha.

Medicinal properties firestone best manifested when heated - so it is especially good for a hot stone massage, at home the same conditions can be made self-massage of the hot water in the hot stone. Touch firestone rejuvenates the skin, removes defects - acne, wrinkles, roughness. Tulikivi boosts immunity, treats colds and strengthens the throat and lungs, lowers blood pressure and improves metabolism. Of Karelian mineral make stone heaters, suitable for self-treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine, joints, and respiratory system.

Tulikivi has a powerful "yang", men of active energy, close to the vibrations of the human brain - it is made and biostimulants that activate the brain, sharpen the mind and the thought process is accelerated, helping to concentrate, treat depression and melancholy. Product soapstone brings the power of fire to the house - the natural energy of the flame alters the space around you and promotes a favorable change, helps those who are starting a new business, as well as those whose way of life is associated with an increased risk - firefighters, rescue workers, climbers. This talisman active and cheerful people who like adventure and travel, those who are not alien to the spirit of adventure, who does not like to sit in one place. It brings good luck to the owner and ability to win always and in every situation. In the privacy of Tulikivi increases desire and a positive effect on the potency. Astrologers recommend firestone sign corresponds to the elements, as well as the earthly and the air signs, especially men to their representatives.

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