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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Tanzanite

Another name for the mineral - blue zoisite. Blue and purple colors are due to impurity ions of chromium and vanadium. Crystals - transparent. Glitter - glass. Hardness - 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale, density - 3.1-3.5 g/cm3, perfect cleavage.

Opening tanzanite was as random and spontaneous, as a tropical downpour - in 1967, the African Masai herdsmen found at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania burnt glade - the fire along with grass and trees eaten topsoil, exposing transparent stones violet-purple. One of the warriors of the tribe brought a stone weighing 10 carats (2 kg) in the office Manuelya De Souza involved in the supply of rubies. First discovery in general took over a piece of glass, then felt the sapphire ... However, after careful examination of experts agreed on what they see in front of a brand new gem variety of zoisite - another African gem, hardly used in jewelry.

"Blue zoisite" quickly became interested in the famous American jewelry house Tiffany & Co - that's where the stone got its name, what is happening to the world's field, located on a plateau Merelani in northern Tanzania. The first collection of Tiffany appeared in the 70's. last century - the emergence of a new stone well matched to emerging fashion for African ethno. For a long time, tanzanite has remained relatively inexpensive substitute for blue sapphires, however, prices have gradually grow - this contributed to a competent trade policy aimed at underlining the rarity of the gem, the formation deficit jewelry with "African sapphire." Thus, the demand began to outstrip supply, and at the moment the price of tanzanite caught real sapphires, with growth rates are huge - up to 25% for the year, with a stone among the top five best selling gems in the world. The largest Tanzanite was discovered in 2005 - his weight was 16,839 carats, or more than 3 kg. Stone named Mawenzi after the second highest peak of Kilimanjaro, the same price it has not yet been evaluated.

In fact, the rarity of tanzanite - not a marketing ploy, because the small Tanzanian counterparts deposit have been identified, and existing reserves are gradually being depleted. It makes jewelry collectors and connoisseurs around the world seek to get a stone that will soon become a rarity. Furthermore, tanzanite jewelry fits perfectly into the trend of recent years, when famous jewelry houses are trying to find new non-traditional materials and colors, selecting a replacement overexposed "classic" gems. As a result, at the forefront of the most expensive jewelry suddenly there were such unusual transparent stones like tanzanite, morganite or chrysocolla, previously seen as a cheap stand-ins "first tier."

Color tanzanite can not describe in one word, because this mineral has a "alexandrite" effect - changes color depending on the angle of view, being in fact the tricolor. Bright blue cloudless sky, lilac purple southern nights, brown-yellow savannah, bright green green palm leaves, golden sun - Africa itself is reflected in the faces of this amazing mineral. Blue and purple tones have become major only those stones that are found on the surface of the earth - this kind of "tan" Tanzanite acquires, roasting in the scorching rays of the equatorial sun. However, the stones mined in the traditional way, start out with brown or green shades, so most tanzanite is subjected to heat treatment. And only when heated to 600 C? mineral that gets the hottest blue-purple with purple glow color. The most expensive royal tanzanite, which Daylight 80% of the primary color is a deep blue color, the remaining 20% ​​are purple. Under artificial light electric light tanzanite looks different - a red-streaked purple.

In Russia, Tanzanite is virtually unknown to the consumer - this is due to the fact that at a time when the fashion for tanzanite actively developed in our country reigned Soviet system and nip in the bud any penetration of "corrupting Western influence," and all of the proposed jewelery made exclusively domestic Yuvelirpromom. Therefore, what we know about the gems, we got more of the pre-revolutionary past, tanzanite also became a novelty not only for ordinary consumers, but also for jewelers.

The fact that Tanzania, differing awesome beauty, at the same time extremely fragile - it has perfect cleavage and requires great care: when cut and tack, one miscalculated the effort - and the gem splits pile of fragments. Tanzanite can only be washed with soapy water, it is not suitable for cleaning acid or in an ultrasonic bath. He suffers from extreme temperatures. All this causes the inability to everyday wear jewelry tanzanite - is an upmarket stone, designed for the most important and solemn publication, a symbol of elegance and high style. It is extremely important to purchase high quality stones to the seller with an established reputation in the market - it will save you from unnecessary worries because Tanzanite cheap short-lived, if not a forgery - cost him this comes to $ 1,000 per carat.

Medicinal properties of tanzanite is not fully understood, but found a lot of useful to human qualities. Stone indispensable for those whose work is related to the load on the eyes - it strengthens the vision and relieves nervous tension, especially useful while closely scrutinize the mineral - like stone pulls fatigue. It is believed that tanzanite helps relieve colds, reduces fever, and fever. In some countries it is used to treat skin problems - products of tanzanite improve complexion, relieve acne and teenage acne. Suggest that tanzanite is suitable for the treatment of spinal disorders. Tanzanite energy associated with the frontal chakra.

Tri-color glitter tanzanite symbolically reflected in the spheres of influence of the stone. Tanzanite - symbol of love and luxury. In America and Europe it is considered a universal talisman, attracting both two of the most sought-after and coveted things - material wealth and family happiness. Good luck in business matters brought brooches and pendants tanzanite, tanzanite ring helps business successfully sell goods. Women tanzanite ring will attract attention of the opposite sex, and earrings will enhance sensuality, intensify female charm and sexuality. Tanzanite - amulet for couples, it is recommended to give 24 years of marriage as a sign of the indestructible happy union. Thus at the tanzanite is a third side - it increases spirituality, stabilizes the aura, evokes the ability of clairvoyance and helps in understanding the mysteries of life. Gem shows most people water signs and Aries - the last Tanzanite gives composure and chastity.

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