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Main » 2013 » April » 11 » Topaz

Topaz - aluminum fluorosilicate. Hardness of 8.0 on the Mohs scale, density 3.5 g/cm3, the brilliance of glass. Other names - Siberian diamonds (blue and white topaz), Saxon beryl (green topaz), Brazilian Ruby (red Brazilian topaz) killikransky diamond (colorless topaz Australian) Diamond mogoksky (colorless topaz Burmese), Physalia, Pickney.

The origin of the name of this multi-faceted stone is shrouded in mystery - according to one version, it was named after a desert island in the Red Sea Topazios where he claimed to have found for the first time according to legend, these lands have always been shrouded in a mystical mist, and only the most daring adventurers could penetrate the shimmering haze and get a shiny precious award. Another option - the name comes from the Greek word «topazos», which means "search." The third version - which is derived from sankritskogo word "tapas", which means "fire, heat, passion." Who is right and who is not - it is impossible to know, but what is surprising is that in the very properties of this mineral is an amazing sense of manifest old names.

Mist-shrouded island - the best place for the appearance of the stone, which is called "evening" - for his dislike of bright sunlight. Topaz is extremely sensitive to light - so purple and golden topaz, after a long stay in a brightly lit window can become discolored. Interestingly, the blue stones are more resistant to light. However, if your topaz brightened slightly, it is easy to regain the old color saturation, if you put it in a dark place. On the other hand, by heat or ionizing radiation can elevate colorless topaz, making it a golden or blue ancient Greeks changed the color of topaz with heat, or reinforce a pale blue to almost blue, and light orange to deep purple, so that " fever "in the literal sense, becomes an integral part of the beauty of the stone.

Topaz known to mankind since ancient times - the most ancient articles of topaz, plate-blade used in daily life and rituals, have been found at the excavation sites of primitive people in the Urals. Topaz - one of the twelve stones Chest high priest mentioned in the Bible, according to legend, these stones were decorated house Prester John, and the garments of Lucifer before his expulsion from Paradise. About Topaz wrote Pliny the Elder in the "Natural History", and in ancient India Topaz honored along with diamond and ruby ​​as one of the most precious stones. Become increasingly popular in the Middle Ages topaz when the Crusaders brought the golden-green topaz as a gift to the ladies hearts of long hikes. Purple topaz adorn Order of the Golden Fleece, which is the present day, is one of Europe's most prestigious awards - one such instance with five purple topaz is kept in the Diamond Fund. Pale, shimmering in the sun stone is easily confused with diamonds - as is known in the form of stone Braganza egg weight of 1680 carats adorning the Portuguese royal crown: for a long time it took for the extraordinary size of the diamond. The world's largest yellow topaz crystal is kept in Vienna and has a weight of 117 kg, the largest blue topaz from Brazil in Chicago and weighs 5,890 carats.

In Russia, topazes were always a lot of love, especially their golden variety - they were used during the time of the Middle Ages, decorated with yellow topaz salaries Gospels and icons, horse harness, armor, soldiers, the famous "hat kingdom of Kazan 'and headdress Irina Godunov. But already since the 18th century, when the topaz found in the Urals, they became a favorite material for the court jewelers - topaz inserted into tiaras and rings, whimsical bouquets of "Stone Flower" that ladies love to pin a ball gown. Glory topaz not faded and after the Revolution - still topaz in Russia is one of the most popular stones on a few reasons - the variety of colors, hardness and strength, the absence of internal defects, with which so many beautiful sin natural stones, and reasonable price, making jewelry topaz jewelry is quite accessible to the ordinary shopper. The rarest topaz today - those whose color varies in red-pink and purple tones.

With such a wealth of natural colors that topaz healing abilities are almost limitless. If you wear them for a long time, they significantly enhance the immune system and help fight off infections, malnutrition, chronic diseases. Topaz helps in diseases of the central nervous system and skeletal system - paralysis, arthritis, inflammation of the bone and spinal disorders. Topaz is very useful to women - in diseases of the uterus and hormonal disorders, infertility. Topaz is recommended to wear short-sighted people and those who have vision problems. Golden Topaz is particularly good for the throat and respiratory tract - for example, worn around the neck it eases asthma attacks. In addition, it sharpens the taste and increases appetite, accelerates tissue regeneration, healing spleen, gall bladder, liver, and digestive organs, as well as soothing for nervous and mental exhaustion. Blue Topaz, in addition, also has the ability to accelerate tissue regeneration and reduce stress, strengthens the thyroid gland, and Graves' disease is prevention. This stone has beneficial effects on the nervous system - it saves us from nightmares, insomnia, depression and mental problems, soothes and balances, and even reduces the frequency and severity of seizures.

This stone helps its owner to quickly adjust to the vibration of the world, developing intuition and insight, and learn to look properly evaluate Providence sent signs and signals. He develops a powerful mind and promotes a more optimistic view of life - it is not surprising that topaz is considered one of the greatest charms of wealth, as a wise and positive-minded man is capable of great things. Topaz - the mascot for the politicians, speakers, business people he does his master's popular, it attracts people around him friendship and attention of the powers that be, helps to objectively look at life and find the generosity and honesty. Topaz protects its wearer from evil and harm, keeps the lies and teaches how to plan time to unravel an opponent and take the right decision. Topaz well worn before and during an important meeting, where your fate is decided and where necessary to "take the fight", he reveals all his courage and eloquence. Yellow topaz helps to make the wildest imagination, makes a person a leader, able to influence the audience and inspire them the right things for him. Golden Topaz is only suitable for people is a strong spirit stone inner enlightenment, bringing peace and prosperity, which gives its owner the opportunity to enjoy life and quietly struggling with madness. Red Topaz - a love charm, exciting passion in your partner and increase your attractiveness. Lilac, or imperial, topaz promotes career, especially in the field related to the disclosure of secrets and environmental - is the investigators, criminalists, hypnotists, psychologists, he makes life wearing it more easy and simple. Pale pink topaz calms after the depression, restoring lost hope, and also protects against cheating and fears. Blue Topaz, the ancient traditions may influence the raging natural elements - rain storm or a stone-defender guarding you in every moment of overt and covert enemies, and the mascot of clairvoyants, promoting spiritual enlightenment. In addition, Blue Topaz attracts friends and makes its owner more sociable.

Topaz is best worn on the index finger of his right hand in a ring or ring the yellow metal, pendant or bracelet. Interestingly, the topaz from the neighborhood with other precious stones are not loose its properties, but instead works on his master's much better. Topaz meets the energy chakras, depending on the color. Astrologically Topaz - is primarily a mascot for the Scorpions (blue and purple varieties) and Gemini (yellow and clear stones), but generally favorable topaz all signs of the Zodiac, with the exception of December Sagittarius, Pisces and Taurus. Cancer topaz blue suit, blue and green palette, Aries and Leo - stones golden, pink, red and purple hues, Virgo and Capricorn - clear, purple, green and brown stones.
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